Kaylee’s fancy party dress from the episode “Shindig” has seen a lot of action. It’s a popular choice for Firefly cosplayers and, if this comic is any indication, it’s managed to sneak its way into the wardrobes of geeks everywhere.

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These cartoon versions of the crew of Serenity are even cuter than their real-world counterparts. If we can’t have more Firefly with the original cast, maybe we can get an animated version instead. Please?

At least we have this t-shirt.

Product Page ($19.95 via TeeCraze)


Jayne Cobb is a lovable brand of mercenary. Or maybe “tolerable” is a better word. He takes center stage in this Firefly t-shirt design from QMx and is featured in front of one of the character’s best quotes: “Shiny! Let’s be bad guys.”

The unisex tee comes in sizes from small to 3XL.

Product Page ($19.95)

gender bent cosplay

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baby jayne

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When it comes to fashionable shinies for Browncoats, QMx really has some of the best. This time, they’re holding up your pants (no expectation that they’ll be brown) with their new Engineered By Firefly belt buckle.

This molded pewter-finish belt buckle sports an exact replica of Serenity’s builder plaque, measures 4 inches across and 2.5 inches high, is made of a strong, lightweight metal alloy, and fits belts up to 1.75 inches (4.45 cm) wide.

QMx currently has a waiting list for the item and you’ll be notified once it’s available for ordering. Y’know, for those days when you’re not up for wearing suspenders.

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“Oh, shiny!” If there’s one sci-fi engineering lady that stole my heart, it’s Kaylee from Firefly. She was always so positive, even when Reavers were inbound. So, if you’d like to show off a little Kaylee positivity, you might want to pick up this “shiny” Firefly T-shirt. As you can see, the whole crew (even Vera!) spells out Kaylee’s favorite saying, and there’s also a unisex tank version too.

Check out a pic of the unisex tank as well as a close-up of the front of the shirt after the break…

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Nathan Fillion recently did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter’s Marc Bernardin and the thing that’s so cool about it is that you can totally tell that Nathan’s as excited to be a geek as we are to geek out over him.

You can read the interview in the August 1st THR issue but, in the meantime, you can check out a teaser video after the break and see Nathan all dressed up as Captain Kirk.

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You’ve got your choice of two different Firefly-themed trucker hats to keep things all shiny. The brown hat features the Independents’ patch with the star upside down just like on the show. The white hat has the builder plaque that’s on the bridge of Serenity. Each has six panels with an adjustable snapback closure.

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What’s a Browncoat without a brown coat? You won’t ever have to find out thanks to this officially licensed Firefly Brown Coat replica by AbbyShot. This new version of the coat features a smooth leather lining on the inside. From the product page:

  • Ultimate browncoat for browncoats
  • Officially-licensed Firefly merchandise
  • Recreated by AbbyShot
  • Brass buckles are replicas custom-created from the actual jacket
  • Materials: 100% leather
  • Suede exterior; smooth lining
  • Dry clean only (use a leather specialist)
  • Imported
  • Weight: 4 lbs.

Order yours now and be ready when Captain Mal comes by looking for some new addditions to the Serenity’s crew.

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