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The Millennium Falcon, the USS Enterprise or Serenity–which ship do you think would win in a race? Sure, the Falcon made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, and the Enterprise has that powerful warp drive, but Serenity has a few sly tricks up her sleeve too (Crazy Ivan, anyone?), so it’s really up in the air (or in space).

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firefly leggins

While Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of Serenity never wanted any undue attention, those of us who love Firefly know that they’re the best in the ‘Verse and we want to show our Browncoat pride whenever possible.

To that end, this shiny design by Buzatron is available on everything from leggings and shirts to a duvet.

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Kaylee never had much opportunity to dress up, but this adorable dress from Darling Army would have been a perfect choice on her days off. Her mechanic’s jumpsuit has been reimagined into a vibrant green dress with the teddy bear, flower, and heart. It’s not as fancy as her shindig dress, but it is cuter.

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firefly shirts

If Firefly and its fans represent anything, it’s undying love. Love is what keeps Serenity flying. It’s what brought Firefly back to the big screen after a cancellation. It’s what keeps Browncoats believing, despite all evidence to the contrary, that Wash does, indeed, live.

It’s also what keeps merchandise flowing for a series that had a one season run over a decade ago.

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While QMx makes all sorts of collectibles, their heart belongs to Firefly and they’ve got some shiny new debuts for SDCC. The first is a 14k gold and sterling silver version of their Leaf On The Wind pendant which also comes with a sterling silver plated 24″ chain and a velvet-lined wooden box that looks straight out of The ‘Verse.

The other item is an official replica of Jayne’s cunning hat. Both Firefly costume designer Shawna Trpcic and actor Adam Baldwin have said that the pattern and colors are very true to the original.

Both the pendant and the hat will be available at SDCC and online.

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Well, by my pretty floral bonnet, Malcolm Reynolds looks fantastic with pink hair.

Cosplayer Shailey R. took Serenity’s captain and gave him a whole new look. Nathan Fillion ought to give this a try.

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Fashionably Geek reader EmmaLee previously sent us pics of her Firefly Serenity tattoo in progress, and followed up with these updates.

Working with artist Aarron Laidig at Red Region, her “Leaf on the Wind” watercolor tattoo has been joined by beautifully dramatic flowing leaves. Next month she plans on adding blue wind elements, paint brush platters, and the words “Watch How I Soar”. I can’t wait to see her completed piece.

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rebel paths

The latest shirt in our Nerd Approved Shirt Store features three of our favorite rebels crossing paths. Grab it for only $14 while you still can!

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I like these Firefly leggings for two reasons –– well, beyond the fact that they’re Firefly. The use of the comic book as the print is interesting. Also, the decision to make them black and white, save for the Kanji is interesting as well. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll have something to read when you’re sitting around.

Just don’t be surprised is other Browncoats stop you on the street and try to read you as well.

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Wearing a Jayne hat while also wearing a Jayne dress is like the double rainbow of Firefly cosplay. Rebel Among The Stars crocheted this dress, and it only took her three days to finish. There are 55 tassels on the hem that used 330 strands of yarn and it looks beautiful—with or without the matching hat.

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