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The team at Wasted Props isn’t screwing around with their Fallout 4 Tesla rifle build. It clocks in at over a meter in length, and the finishing touches are being applied right now to make it “work”. You can get a little preview of what it will be able to do in the video below. [click to continue…]

Let it be known that MrZ does not screw around when it comes to his Fallout cosplay. Back in October he completed his power armor, and no detail was overlooked. You really need to see the video below to fully appreciate this amazing build: [click to continue…]

piper cosplay

I have to say, we are super impressed with this gorgeous Piper cosplay from Ver1sa. Check out additional images below. [click to continue…]


ThinkGeek is getting into the functioning Pip-Boy game in a big way with their Deluxe Bluetooth Edition. Let’s see what this baby can do shall we? [click to continue…]


This Fallout photoshoot from Viverra Cosplay and photographer BSTEphoto is pretty spectacular—especially when you consider that all the leather accessories and weapons were handmade.

Then there’s Rex from Intrepid Productions as Dogmeat. No Fallout cosplay is complete without a good Dogmeat. Check out more pics below…


Question: If you’re launching yourself as a maker of prop replicas, what’s the best way to get people’s attention? Answer: Bring a ruddy great big weapon to life. That’s exactly what newly-minted group Show and Tell Props have done, kicking the doors in and announcing their presence to the world with a very detailed replica of The Last Minute, one of those one-of-a-kind weapon variants from Fallout 4.

Revealed on a thread on the RPF forum, the replica is entirely hand-crafted. The frame is built from a combination of MDF and oak, and the nixie tube charge indicator seen in-game is simulated with electrical components. a Sculpt Nouveau finish gives it that lovely aged, rusting look. 

Take a closer look in the photo gallery below.

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Maybe it’s unfair to say that women get all the cool clothes. Sure, they get a greater variety of snazzy ensembles but, sadly, there seems to be a lot of pressure for women to look 1,000% marvelous all the time. Well, that’s society for you. Blow it all up and start over, that’s what I say.

And speaking of blasting civilization from the surface of the planet, check out this gorgeous Fallout Ladies Angl Hoodie. Sporting the recognizable blue and yellow of the Vault-Tec jumpsuit and emblazened with the designation of Vault 111 – the Vault your character originates from in Fallout 4 (sort of) this officially-licensed hoodie features a hood which doubles as a cowl neck, and a headphone feed in both pockets, so lefties and righties can have the wire running up through the hoodie and have immediate access to their Zune.

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preston garvey top

This is some top-notch Fallout 4 cosplay. I won’t ruin the joke for you – just check out the Vine below.

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fallout mario top

Mario’s been a doctor. He’s raced cars. He’s even gone to space. But he’s never experienced a Fallout-style apocalypse—until now. Redditor 3dbdotcom recently cosplayed as a Fallout-themed Mario, and his costume is on point (all that scrap metal!). He also made his friend and wife equally awesome Fallout-themed Luigi and Princess Peach costumes, which you can check out in the gallery below.

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Fallout 4 is populated with a seemingly endless array of characters ranging from the kind of heart to the morally dubious. Falling distinctly into the former category is detective Nick Valentine, a Synth (read: android) with a mysterious past and the personality of a ’50s gumshoe. Classy!

Classier still is this amazing Nick Valentine cosplay by Arcanum Order, who has done a spectacular job of recreating the character’s worn-away aesthetic. Arcanum Order also says on his Facebook page that the cosplay is still a work-in-progress, so we may see yet further improvements to an already astounding job.

Oh, you want to see more? Alright then, there’s some more photos of his work below.

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