Looks like a certain Time Lord parked his TARDIS in the middle of a forest light show with a sparkling city in the background. This pretty underbust dress from Etsy shop Fan Plus Friend is perfect for a convention or grabbing a cocktail after hours.

The skirt is made from a fully lined imported thick moss crepe, decorative double-breasted front, shoulder belts with adjustable buckles, and a matching detachable waist belt. The back of the dress also laces up like a corset for a sweet vintage appeal.

This is probably one of my favorite TARDIS dresses I’ve seen. Check out more pictures below.

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This long sleeve R2-D2 dress is the new protocol fashion for Star Wars fans. Printed with the droid’s iconic white and blue design, this dress is perfect for a fall season closet.

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Kaylee never had much opportunity to dress up, but this adorable dress from Darling Army would have been a perfect choice on her days off. Her mechanic’s jumpsuit has been reimagined into a vibrant green dress with the teddy bear, flower, and heart. It’s not as fancy as her shindig dress, but it is cuter.

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kawaii dresses

These skater dresses by Etsy seller thekawaiimachine take ghosts and witches out of the fall and into the summer. The ghost version has happy little ghosts flitting about the sky with clouds and moons. The witch version features the tools of the trade including potion bottles, crystals, and daggers. The magical weapons dress features all the weapons and transformation items a Sailor Scout needs. All are a 90/10 nylon/spandex blend available in several colors.

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homework dress 2

18-year-old Erinne Paisley is an advocate for global education and wanted to help bring attention to the issue at her high school graduation, so she found a fashionably geeky way to do it.

She made her dress out of her old Calculus homework, black satin, and some velvet trim and added a message (in red ink, of course) that read: “I’ve received my education. Not every woman has that right. Malala.org.” She then donated the money she would have spent on buying a dress to the Malala Fund and created an auction for the dress after her graduation to raise even more money.

Erinne’s advocacy doesn’t end with fashion. She’ll be attending the University of Toronto where she’ll be one of 11 National Scholars to study International Relations. She hopes to study international law, with an ultimate goal to work at the UN. I hope she makes it. I have a feeling she will.

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You can wear the beautiful Tatooine sunset with this maxi dress. It’s a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend with tank top styling and a slit on the right side. There’s also a landspeeder in front of two setting Tatooine suns across the front.

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This adorable pinup dress is full of pizzazz and just perfect for sassy math/science geeks.

“Featuring and all-over print of equations to strike fear into the hearts of middle schoolers, this cotton dress offers a cute white collar, white trim, and pockets big enough for small calculator (not that you’d need one, right?!?). Finished off with a back zip and intelligent design from top to bottom”

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You know I’m a sucker for dresses with a hood and/or pockets, and this elvish-style dress from tatoke hits me right in my weak spot…my wallet. I love everything about it! The hood is the perfect size, the inkle trim finishes the edges just right, and there’s a rainbow of color availability.

This dress would be adorable paired with leggings and boots. There’s even a matching Nordic viking brooch.

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Gold Bubble appears to be first out of the gate with this “Mechanic” A-Line Dress.

It’s listed as “hyper limited” so it might be a good idea to pull the trigger on it sooner rather than later. Still, we expect to see lots of (official) BB-8-themed dresses and clothing down the line either way.

Product Page ($79 via The Mary Sue)

death star dress

This Death Star dress is fully operational and ready for a night on the town or a quick trip to the store. Just keep in mind that wardrobe malfunctions involving thermal exhaust ports are unspeakably catastrophic.

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