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Nothing brightens a design like fiber optics, and Instructables user Natalina put that theory to the test. She created a gorgeous dress that swings and glows like the most elegant jellyfish ever. The fiber optic whip she used has one central light source, and she designed the dress to include a pouch for it on the back of the dress. Perfect.

In her tutorial, Natalina goes into detailed explanations about the fiber optics, the pattern and sewing of the dress, and making it all work together. Since the result is so stunning, I have no doubt others will bookmark the instructions and put making the dress on their to-do list.

See the enchanting dress in action in the video after the break.

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Fit ‘n’ flare style dresses are awesome. They look flattering and most importantly for me, they’re comfortable. WeLoveFine has been expanding their offerings in this area (some of their dresses were even worn by a bridal party), and they’ve just added a Lumpy Space Princess dress to the line.

Though I’m sure the Adventure Time character would like to see more lumps, I think it looks awesome. The top fits like a t-shirt, and the bottom is all tulle and sparkle. It’s such a fun look and adding it to your wardrobe is great justification for purchasing purple shoes.

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Photo by Donna Granata. Model: Kristen Dalton.

From intricate chainmail dresses to armor-like leggings, it’s hard not to be amazed when we see fashion designers inspired by unique materials like chainmail and plate armor. Each style might conjure images of a medieval age when knights would have been more likely to be seen sporting these materials, but instead contemporary designers make us see how they can work and be extremely stylish in the present day.

It’s not easy creating elegant designs from metal materials or printed patterns that look so much like the real thing. So how do designers actually do it? We spoke with Elaine Unzicker of Unzicker Designs and Holly Renee of Shenova to find out.

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Most of the time, when you see an amazing karate stunt, the person doing the stunt is wearing a traditional gi. However, Japanese actress Rina Takeda is wearing a lovely pink frock with pearls when she uses her head to break a stack of roofing tiles. It’s all for a credit card commercial airing in Japan with the tagline, “It depends on how you use your head. It depends on how you use your credit card, too.”

Oh, and that’s no double breaking those tiles. Takeda who has been studying karate since she was ten and is a black belt in Ryukyu Shorin-ryu Karate. She made her acting debut in a film called High Kick Girl! where she did all her own stunts.

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We all know Catbug from Bravest Warriors is cute, but this photoshoot proves he has an attractive side. Model Laurie Foster put together this ensemble with WeLoveFine’s stylish Catbug fit ‘n’ flare dress and their bestselling Catbug plush. She added some ears and a bright wig for the finishing touches, and the final look definitely works as an easy and adorable costume.

Photos by Erek Foster.

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This beautiful dress is designed after Daenerys’ Qarth gown from season two of Game of Thrones. It’s made to order with hand-painted gold details on blue silk and comes with a removable belt and a corset that ties up the back beneath the cape. There’s a three month lead time on orders so don’t delay if you want to have this in time for your next convention adventure.

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Add some old school gaming to your style with dresses designed after the games you used to play in the arcade. These fitted dresses are available with all-over prints of either Pac-man or Tetris. There’s even Pac-man leggings if dresses aren’t your thing.

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This incredible gown was spotted on Taiwanese singer Mei who wore it to a New Japan Philharmonic performance by Joe Hisaishi. It’s just stunning with a the dragon’s bones going all the way down her back right to the end of the train.

(Black is Cheerful via BoingBoing)

Boba Fett tank dress

Even if you own Mandalorian style armor, you probably don’t want to wear it every day. It’s awesome but not so comfortable. If you want to look like Boba Fett but also be able to move around easily, try this tank dress from Her Universe. The cotton/spandex blend has a close fit and is printed with Fett’s armor and jetpack. It’s pretty on its own but would look extra adorable paired with a red sweater and some colorful tights.

Check out the jetpack on the back of the dress after the break.

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We’ve moved beyond an age where the only available apparel for gamers is t-shirts and baggy hoodies. This stunning dress by Koala Art & Design proves it. We recently saw a Super Mario dress by her, but I think this Majora’s Mask style tops it. I love the design and bold colors. It’s just the thing for fashion-forward Legend of Zelda fans.

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