This light catching dragon necklace is made from multiple layers of acetate that give it a unique iridescent quality. It reflects rainbow colors and the delicate organza tied ribbon definitely completes the look. Etsy shop owner Mad March Moon also makes iridescent dragon and faerie-inspired earrings and ear cuffs.

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After seeing this pic I realize you’ll need no convincing, but let’s just talk about how friggin’ cute this Toothless hip bag is. Etsy shop owner Capall Mara makes this green-eyed dragon from felt and faux leather with enough room for your cell and wallet. He’ll sit snugly on your belt, just waiting for all the compliments to come rushing in.

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These stunning and super shiny dragon ear cuffs are hand made by the talented Francis Prachthauser  a.k.a. Bronze Smith. Working with metals for over 30 years, his art work has been exhibited in galleries across the globe.

Lucky for us, his passion for beautiful fantasy designs has inspired a jewelry shop with almost 200 items. His beautiful bronze and copper creatures take the form of dragon jewelry, octopus hair buns, faerie circlets and more.

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This musical dragon jewelry is a bit unexpected, but a beautiful combination nonetheless. The ancient-looking carved dragon sits perched on and also blends into a treble clef, as if the two were one.

Etsy shop owner Rare Crafts hand makes each pendant by carving the knot-work creature from brass then covers it in a dark patina to give it a wonderful antique finish.

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This is the best How To Train Your Dragon wearable fashion I have seen so far. Etsy shop RozaBracelets hand fabricates each adorable pet dragon from black leather and decorates it with a burning technique for lasting detail. I especially love that it differs from other dragon accessories in that the dragon is perched on your arm ready to take flight.

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dragon-cuffsEtsy artist Liana Turnbull Bennett of In Art Studios sculpts beautiful, magical creatures into stunning cuff bracelets. They are not only extremely detailed and life-like, but also made to last.

Using what I can only assume is magic, she casts the turquoise cuffs in super strong resin to make them water proof, heat proof, and chemical resistant. And each dragon’s spirit is represented with fiery golden yellow Swarovski rhinestones.

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toothless necklace

As a member of the fierce Night Fury breed of dragons, Toothless is a magnificent creature. I mostly think of the character from How to Train Your Dragon as cute, but he’s so much more. This necklace design by Falcon Moon Studio really captures the majestic nature of Toothless. It features black wings with an iridescent blue glow along with the tail that comes complete with the prosthetic Hiccup made. It’s a beautiful design.

(via Falcon Moon Studio)

toothless necklace 1

When How to Train Your Dragon made its debut, Toothless moved into the spotlight as one of the cutest dragons ever. The Night Fury was cat-like and sweet, and I wanted one of my own desperately. Etsy seller The White Mandara is making that possible with her tiny Night Fury necklaces.

Her dragon pendants are about 2 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide, and they are made to order from polymer clay. You can order Toothless holding a fish, a crystal, a piece of candy corn – you name it. Turnaround time is about one week.

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We first posted about this Smaug cosplay last month while it was still a work in progress. Now, the costume is (mostly) complete and it made its debut at AnimeCon 2014. It features Kialna Cosplay as Smaug in photography by Jeroen Weimar Photography and Jacky Cheung. As good as it looks, she plans to improve upon it by adding details like scalemail before it’s truly finished.

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You’ll always know exactly where your dragons are with these dragon hair clips. Each is handmade from resin by Etsy seller Aisha Voya then air-brushed, painted and sealed. You can get your dragons in a variety of colors and even work with her to create a one-of-a-kind dragon of your own design. She’s also got a little griffin hair clip for those days when the dragons need a break.

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