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The Doctor has worn many hats over the last 50 years of Doctor Who. Cowboy hats, fezzes, fedoras – the Doctor’s tried on plenty of them and they’ve mostly been cool. Though I will always remember the Eleventh Doctor’s fez the most, this infographic from reminded me of ones I’d forgotten about and also points out which Doctors never wore hats.

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doctor who picardo

Sitting around and thinking of people who can play The Doctor is just one of those things we geeks like to do. Speculation and suggestions are fun and, considering The Doctor does regenerate, we know he (or she) can end up being played by anyone.

Here’s a suggestion we came across. As John at Neatorama said, “Robert Picardo, who played the Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager, would do an excellent job of playing the Doctor on Doctor Who. He has no name and already has the job title!”

He also has the t-shirt apparently.

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There was some great cosplay on display at Fandomfest in Louisville, Kentucky last month, including this adorable little Doctor. The kid totally looks like a young Matt Smith! There was also a very muscled Thor along with Loki, and Deadpool foolishly trying to pick up Mjolnir.

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It’s the time of year when we’re all stuck inside trying to find something to do while we wait out Old Man Winter, which means it’s the perfect time to knit. This collection of Doctor Who knit projects has something for everyone. There are dolls, messenger bags, socks, scarves, and the cutest Dalek baby outfit in the universe.

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Is it a witty play on the obtuse nature of modern man, disclosing his inability to grasp the irony of his vernacular foible?  Is it a joke for linguists, those who would appreciate innate humor of the mixed metaphor?  Or is the humor in the visual contradiction, the interplay of two entities which, by their very nature, should not intermingle.

Maybe it’s just funny, bitch.

Product Page ($14.95)

Playing Doctor In The Future


The future of child’s play lies in updating your playmate rather than playing doctor. It may sound like a healthier choice, but those kids could be programming each other to enslave what’s left of the human race.

Product Page ($15)


Although originally intended as an accessory for a doctor or nurse costume, a syringe handbag can be a useful product all year long. For example,  if you’re looking to get a cop’s attention or want to subject yourself to more drug tests at work, this type of bag would probably be a great place to start.

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