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sailor tardis scout

The look of the TARDIS can be combined with just about any kind of dress including the Sailor Scout uniform. Instagram user atomictronic sported the ensemble (which appears to be from Darling Amy) at Sakura-Con, and it’s such a fantastic design. I love that she made the crown with a blue jewel and that her eye shadow even matches. The tattoo is awesome too. Gold stars all around.

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hallion who

We’ve featured shirts from Karen Hallion’s “Fairy Tale Who” series many times in the past, but when you can grab two designs for just $11 each it’s worth mentioning. Grab them while you can!

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adipose change purse

Have loose coins rolling around the bottom of your purse? Remedy that problem with an adorable, squishable Adipose change purse. The creature from Doctor Who may be made of fat, but this wallet isn’t – it’s silicone! Known as the Adi-Purse, this two inch tall purse with a snap closure would be ideal for change or even a few hair-saving accessories like ponytail holders and bobby pins.

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tardis oxfords

Shoes with geek flair make me happy, and though I’ve seen plenty of decoupaged and painted footwear, I haven’t seen anything quite like these nerdy oxfords by Sew What By Monica before. She buys oxford style shoes in the size you specify, paints and seals them, and adds Doctor Who fabric. They’re beautiful and even though the patterns are obvious, they have a more classy look to them than painted shoes.

She has styles featuring the TARDIS and Gallifreyan writing. The shoes even come with a matching bow for your hair! Turnaround time for the oxfords is 3-4 weeks.

See more pics of the shoes after the break.

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doctor selfie

I think the Doctor has finally broken down and set up a Twitter account. I bet his Instagram account would be amazing.

Grab “Doctor Selfie” and “Let’s Play Doctor” for just $11 each today only!

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k-9 slippers 1

Are your dogs barking? Take a load off, remove your shoes, and slide into these cute and fuzzy K-9 slippers. There’s nothing quite like a mechanical dog to help you relax. If he’s good enough for Doctor Who, he’s definitely suitable for your home.

The slippers come house-trained and ready to wear, and though they look just like the robot from the series, they’re made from much more comfortable material – polyester doesn’t have sharp edges!

See what they look like on the feet after the break.

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t-rex tardis

Remember the time Doctor Who had dinosaurs on a spaceship? Luckily they didn’t try to eat the TARDIS like this guy. This bizarre yet cool t-shirt design features a tyrannosaurus rex vigorously chomping on the blue box. He’s going to have a hard time swallowing the TARDIS since it’s bigger on the inside, but he’ll figure that out soon enough – if the Doctor doesn’t stop him first!

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the blue box of cats

We have another walzaman design on Shirt Woot and it’s got a serious case of the Doctor Who adorbz.

I haven’t seen anything this cute since the Adipose were wandering through London headed for the mothership.

Plus, a fez or 3D glasses on a cat is always a hit.

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Turn yourself into one of the most destructive races in the galaxy with this Dalek hoodie. Its got graphics on the body with all those little balls and the plunger and whisk attachments down each arm. There are even fake lights on his head to make the look complete.

Order now for delivery in July 2014.

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fantasy lit tattoo

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