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These gorgeous Gallifreyan pendants are the work of Washington State-based artists Illyana and Kristen. They use a fan-made version of the language created by artist Lauren Sherman to hand-paint each 1.5″ pendant. They’re glossy sealed to protect the finish and come on an 18-20″ silver chain.

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This shiny silver TARDIS hair clip is perfect for the stylish companion. Etsy shop owner Smitten Kitten Kendall hand makes each clip just for you and even offers free gift wrapping.

“The perfect hair piece for your Dr. Who themed wedding, party, or to make a Sunday afternoon Who marathon on your couch even more fancy!”

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This stunning and subtle Doctor Who-inspired jewelry set is a perfect blend of fandom and high fashion. Using tungsten carbide as the base metal, this jewelry is ten times stronger than 18k solid gold and completely scratch proof. For long trips around the galaxy, this set will last for many regenerations.

The ring is engraved with the quote “Together Forever Through Time And Space.” You can also request to have the inside engraved free of charge. The rose gold and cubic zirconia of the pendant tiers down like a message from Gallifrey. And if you prefer one item, they can be purchased separately.

Product page ($49.95)


Batman is an authority on two things:

1. Vengeance
2. The Night

Given point #2, he knows a thing or two about sunglasses. These custom, hand-painted Batman-themed sunglasses from Etsy seller ketchupize feature Robin, the Joker, Catwoman and the Dark Knight himself. His shop is filled with all kinds of nerdy styles, including the Doctor Who-themed glasses after the break.

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There are days I wonder if the Internet conspires to keep me continually broke because I keep seeing things like these adorable Baymax Adipose leggings and I can’t help but want them. The design is also available on t-shirts and hoodies.

Two of cutest characters on the planet together in one place, with a TARDIS? No fair!

Product Page ($49)


This Doctor Who cane is the perfect thing for Whovians who need a little help getting around. It’s made of aluminum and collapses for easy transport. It can support up to 250 lbs of weight and features a TARDIS design with Gallifreyan symbols that encircle the whole cane. I just may get one of these now and be ready for when I’m older.

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Teefury’s mission to take over the world continues. Now they’ve added leggings and your closet may never be the same.

The first two designs are Doctor Who and Star Wars-themed and they’d both make a great addition to your wardrobe. Head after the break to get a closer look.

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girl who waited tee

We liked this take on Doctor Who’s “The Girl Who Waited” so much that we added it to our Nerd Approved Shirt Store!

Product Page ($20)

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Would Groot make a good Time Lord? I’m not too sure. Honestly, the Doctor has to do a lot of talking, and Groot doesn’t exactly have a large vocabulary. He would definitely need Rocket’s help as a companion to get by. But, if you’re fixated on the idea of a Time Lord Groot, then you should definitely pick up this “I am Doctor” t-shirt, which features Groot as the 12 Doctors. Plus it’s only $10 at the moment.

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Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord might kick butt and save the galaxy, but here they are nothing but cute. The pair has been turned into chibi earrings that are metal charms attached to hypoallergenic ear wires. They’re just two of the styles available through Etsy seller laminartz.

There are also characters from Pokémon, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z and more. There’s even a pair with the TARDIS.

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