super mario cuff 1

Square rhinestones make wonderful pixels – who knew?! Instructables user mactothefuture was aware of the trick and used tons of rhinestones to make a cuff bracelet featuring the question block from Super Mario Bros. She wrote a how-to, and to make your own, you only have to make or purchase a leather cuff and buy tons of rhinestones (okay, like 300 of them). Then you carefully apply them to the cuff with a rhinestone picker. It might be tedious work but just look at the finished product! I love sparkly and geeky combos.

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fiber optic dress 1

Nothing brightens a design like fiber optics, and Instructables user Natalina put that theory to the test. She created a gorgeous dress that swings and glows like the most elegant jellyfish ever. The fiber optic whip she used has one central light source, and she designed the dress to include a pouch for it on the back of the dress. Perfect.

In her tutorial, Natalina goes into detailed explanations about the fiber optics, the pattern and sewing of the dress, and making it all work together. Since the result is so stunning, I have no doubt others will bookmark the instructions and put making the dress on their to-do list.

See the enchanting dress in action in the video after the break.

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sub zero top

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dany cosplay top

Talk about commitment to cosplay. Amanda Dawn‘s Daenerys cosplay includes her very own Drogon.

Amanda told us that Drogon took 200 hours to create and was made completely from scratch using foam (craft and upholstery), hot glue, wire, wire mesh, paint, fabric, and lots of love.

Photography by Kacey Slone.

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super mario shirt main

While the fashion world has definitely opened up to a variety of geek fashion, there are still lots of clothes we may wish we had but can’t buy off the rack.

Say, for instance, this stylish Super Mario shirt.

Instructables contributor mactothefuture not only made it, but has given the world a tutorial on how to make you own, right down to custom printing the fabric, which opens up the possibility to anything you can imagine.

For now, you admire the keen style and epic nature of this Super Mario shirt in more pictures after the break.

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jayne bag 1

Jayne Cobb can be a tool from time to time, but you can’t deny the Firefly character has some damn funny lines. I think Jayne made me laugh out loud the most. From the song about the Hero of Canton (about him rather than said by him) to his cunning hat, I can’t choose a favorite. Craftster user Sharre captured her adoration for Jayne on a tote bag covered in his lines.

She designed the bag in Photoshop and printed it onto Iron-On Transfer paper. That was put onto a calico and cotton homespun bag. Yes, that simple. This makes me want to make quote bags for all my favorite characters.

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exploding tardis heels

These Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Heels are custom made by Made By Bunny and you can have a pair for your very own.

Bunny’s business model is a bit different than you may have seen before. The customer is asked to send in their own shoes. As the description explains,”that way you have the option of choosing your preferred style, heel height, and size. Not carrying shoes in stock helps me keep my prices lower, gives my customers options, and avoids any sizing issues.”

It’s also a great option for people who may want custom painted heels but don’t have the ability to craft their own. In addition, Bunny even includes links to shoes that would work well for the design.

Check out more pictures after the break. They really are a work of art.

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Here’s the perfect reason to start drinking more beer. Josh made the whole thing from different kinds of beer bottle caps. Just how much beer did he and his friends have to drink to make this costume? Well, he says it took 3,284 caps which translates to 330 gallons of beer!

The caps come from 81 breweries and represent 62 different types of beer. After all that drinking, he still had enough wherewithal to spend 250 hours over the course of three months to construct the armor. The finished suit, dubbed The Capped Crusader, weighs in at 16.5 pounds and cost $240. That doesn’t include the cost of the beer.

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Don’t just walk down the street, light it up. Becky Stern has figured out how to incorporate LEDs and a Flora motion sensor into a sparkletastic skirt that will dazzle passersby as you sashay past (that’s the only way you can walk in skirt like that).

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spidey suit 1

Spider-Man costumes can be tricky to get exactly right, but Reddit user MoonSpider nailed it. He fully committed to crafting the most perfect Ultimate Spider-Man costume he could, and the final result shows it. He used The Replica Props Forum for information and resources including the pattern for the costume. The pattern was printed on 4 way stretch lycra by a specialized company, and it was put together by a seamstress. He worked on the eyes, went over all the weblines by hand with markers to make them stand out more, and crafted the footwear. Well freaking done.

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