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Roughly three weeks ago, the Internet was introduced to the goth fantasticness of a black bath bomb sold by Bella Muerte clothing and promptly lost its everloving mind. Myself included.

Because of the popularity, the black bath bomb (aptly named Black As Your Soul) and other bombs like Nightmare (purple/black), Bathory (red) and Hell Fury (black/orange) have all sold out.

However, don’t cry and mess up your eyeliner yet because the lovely and talented Corinne over at ThreadBanger made a tutorial so you can DIY as many of these bath bombs as your dark little soul can handle.

She also made a couple of bathtime bonus items that are ready to blacken the rest of your body as you soak.

Check out the video below. [click to continue…]

cyclops visor

Fire, ideally, belongs in three places – in a fireplace, in a grill, and far away from Southern California’s many forests and brushes. Of course, it appears Sufficiently Advanced didn’t get the memo, as they’ve only gone and made a bloody mask that shoots flames out of your eyeballs.

Drawing inspiration from Cyclops, X-Men’s fearless leader and occasional whiny crybaby (in the movies, at least), this helmet shoots two streams of fire in whatever direction the wearer happens to be looking.

It makes this seem like a sensible DIY project.

Check out a video of the contraption in use below. [click to continue…]

upcycled ant man helmet

Ant-Man has a lot going for him: he can shrink down to the size of a penny, he can ride flying ants, and he’s got a kick-ass helmet. If you’d like to make your own Ant-Man helmet, then check out this DIY guide from Mikaela Holmes. It’s pretty straightforward, and it’s made out of some odds and ends that you might already have lying around the house.

Check out the video below. [click to continue…]


Cosplaying as a sword-wielding character but don’t have the wallet-fruit for a proper sword? Not to worry – one ingenious cosplayer has come up with a practical and affordable solution.

Fukuoka, Japan based cosplayer Maxi posted the instructions to his Twitter page and, because we’re the sort of nice people who like sharing that sort of thing with people who might find it useful or even just cool, we’re going to share his instructions with you now. So let’s dive in. [click to continue…]

bombshells patterns

DC Bombshells have been added to Simplicity’s costume pattern lineup with options for Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. The patterns are based on the outfits worn in the comic series by Marguerite Bennett and include everything you need to DIY in sizes 6-22.

Check out the rest of the series below. [click to continue…]


Here’s a fun project for you. Spell scroll earrings with hidden messages! All you need are some basic odds and ends and a UV pen.

Write down potions or secrets that only you and everyone you meet at the nightclub will know. Check out more pics after the break…


As we enter Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Infinity Stones have become increasingly important. We’ve seen a few pop up over the course of the first two phases, but it’s all going to come to a head once Phase 3 concludes in, oh, a billion years, or whatever.

Of course, all this focus on the Stones in the films has led to people craving a set of their own. People like Reddit user JarvisLatteier, who has designed a set of rings inspired by the Infinity Stones that glow in the goddamn dark thanks to the radioactive isotope tritium. [click to continue…]

mccalls wave 4

McCall’s has just launched Wave 4 of their cosplay pattern lineup with two new patterns dubbed INTREPID and NOTCHED.

  • M2051 Intrepid: Perfect for Game of Thrones and Shannara-esque fantasy characters.
  • M2042 Notched: An overcoat that can be used for everything from a Doctor to a Dashing Intergalactic Captain.

Both designs are priced at $18.95 and are available starting today at Cosplay by McCall’s. As always, multiple views are included, along with step-by-step instructions and guide sheets. The outer envelopes are also designed with more room for additional information, sewing tips, line drawings and photo references.

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

diy star wars dress

One of the things I like most about Holly Frey is the sheer delight she takes in things like her fabrics—the geekier the better.

When she found a First Order Star Wars fabric print a few months before The Force Awakens, she grabbed it without having a plan for it. She just knew she wanted to make something.

Cut to the acquisition of a pattern she’d been coveting and, with a couple hours of sewing, she made herself a dress she’s in love with.

I can totally see why. You get to wear Star Wars and twirl to your heart’s content.

Head on over to Sew Nerdy to see more on how the dress was made.

diy harley mallet

Last month we revealed that plush versions of Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad bat and mallet are coming this fall for a fairly reasonable price. However, if you’re into DIY projects and want to make something more elaborate for your cosplay, Vinny Logozio of DIY Prop Shop has produced a tutorial on how to make a simulated wood grain Harley hammer on the cheap.

The final product is actually pretty fantastic—much better than anything I’ve seen available for sale. See how it’s done in the video below. [click to continue…]