If I had free time, and the ability to knit, I would be all over this Star Wars: The Force Awakens hat project. The pattern is a free download!

Alas, I am left out in the cold on this one. Quite literally. Gonna need a Tautaun to survive I suppose.

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We were all impressed by the movie-quality Rocket Raccoon costume Christina Borchardt made for her 6-year old son. But now we get to see what actually went into the build.

Starting in June of this year, Borchardt chronicled her work as it progressed on the Replica Props Forum. Everything was entirely made from scratch, including Rocket’s head which she designed using a plaster mold of her son’s face. She then sculpted the entire face and cowl, attached faux fur which was shaped and painted, and affixed teeth to a movable upper and lower jaw.

Her work is so good that even James Gunn took notice and gave it a shout out on Instagram.

Check out more photos of this parenting win after the break.

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This super kawaii Totoro bag is just waiting for you to create him. Etsy shop HELLO happy has a downloadable pattern that’s doable for anyone that’s “very comfortable” with amigurumi.

I can’t even with the leaf closure and the pom-pom susuwatari. For crafty fans of Hayao Miyazaki, this is totally the crochet project for you.

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Etsy shop Wintercroft has loads of plans for geometric papercraft masks that you can print at home. From dragons to panda bears and everything in between, these DIY masks are perfect for Halloween.

After you download and print the templates from the site, you’ll need some scissors or a craft knife and some tape and glue to affix the polygon shapes to the cardboard. Then you can paint and decorate the mask to make it your own. And most designs, the site explains, are easy enough for anyone to build.

I think this would be an excellent friend or family weekend project too – turning 2D prints into 3D masks. Check out more designs after the break.

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elsa jacket edit

We all enjoy wearing clothes that show off our favorite fandoms, but not everyone can afford some of the expensive fashion we see at retail. Luckily, Holly Frey of Sew-Nerdy has found ways to take everyday patterns and turn them into nerdy clothes.

Her Elsa sweatjacket is a perfect example. Armed with a McCalls pattern, some fabric and a little imagination, she’s created an every day casual wear version of Elsa’s coronation dress that you can make at home.

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han solo boots

As you can see, we’re not talking about Han Solo’s equestrian-style boots for cosplay. These clever and cute boots are actually dressed like Han Solo.

The process is actually pretty simple, and you only need some basic materials to get the job done.

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When I was a kid, I wanted to be a mermaid because I thought they were beautiful, amazing creatures. Of course, when I got older, cold hard reality ruined everything.

Maybe you can’t be a real mermaid, but you can definitely pretend in a very realistic way. There’s even a hobby called Mermaiding, and one part of that hobby is all about tailmaking.

This silicone tail tutorial gives you an idea of just what goes into tailmaking and it’s pretty impressive! Tails can weigh 35lbs or more and custom tails can run into the thousands of dollars. But a skillfully crafted tail is definitely beautiful.

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Holy crap. Look at that!

And how about this…

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toothless dog

There aren’t enough treats in the world to get my dog to sit patiently through the process of building this Toothless costume (or wear it for that matter). It’s a real How To Train Your Dragon Dog kind of situation.

However, if your dog is cool with it, the results can be pretty spectacular.

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Buckle up Etsy, because Joann Fabrics has unveiled a selection of Star Wars fabrics and TFA is among them in both cotton and fleece.

Whether you want to make a dress, shirt, bag, sheet set, or a comfy throw, they’ve got you covered.

Check out more available designs after the break.

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