This is Maddie. She was injured in a car accident and needs to wear a brace due to a T12 fracture. She didn’t like the standard brace, so she decided to make the best of a bad situation. Her mother tells EPBOT:

My daughter didn’t like the brace she had to wear after surgery, so a friend helped her steampunk it. Best part, now folks are intrigued, and come up and ask why she has to wear it rather than just staring.

Her friend is named Sarah, and she’s one of those awesome theater nerds who does set design. They steampunked the heck out of that brace and the result is just amazing.

The brace has become something both fashionable and therapeutic, thanks to a little paint, some appliques, and a great imagination.

Check out more pics below.

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If you want to show the world just how cold it is, and wearing a plain ol’ scarf just doesn’t get the point across, you are in luck. You can now craft this thermometer scarf that actually works.

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kylo ren shirt

This Kylo Ren shirt was made by Redditor doitforthedoge using stencils and bleach based on a print design by Marko Manev. The shirt isn’t for sale, but damn…we really wish it was.

r6baton copy

Did the Z6 riot control baton in Star Wars: The Force Awakens catch your eye? Fancy official replicas will likely make their way into stores eventually, but if you can’t wait to add it to your cosplay, Make has a how-to video that covers all the steps required to make a replica Z6 out of PVC piping and some duct tape.

Check out the build videos below.

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star wars bedsheets dress

Jennifer Vetere’s husband Robert sacrificed his old Star Wars bedsheets so she could make them something awesome to wear to The Force Awakens premiere. He notes:

I would much rather see those sheets made into a beautiful dress for my stunning wife to wear than see them sitting in a box.

Agreed. Plus, he got a really sweet Boba Fett bowling shirt out of the deal. See it below.

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jessicajones edit

Netflix has been having a good time with their “Make It” series. The Netflix and Chill button came first, but now they’ve created a pair of socks especially for binge watchers who lack the endurance to reach the finish line:

We’ve based our sleep detection system on a popular method called actigraphy. An accelerometer detects when you’ve stopped moving for a prolonged period of time and triggers a signal to your TV that pauses Netflix. When it detects that you’ve dozed off, an LED light in the cuff of the sock flashes red, warning that the pause signal is about to be sent to your TV. Any motion will stop it from firing.

They’ve even included patterns for those of you who prefer to knit your own Netflix show socks in addition to the electronics DIY. See more about how the socks work in the following video.

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I mean, come on.

These heels are an ankle-breaker if I ever saw one, but if you would like to try and make them yourself, a full set of instructions from mikeasaurus is available on instructables.

Check out a short video below to take a closer look at the final product.

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In the following video, Dustin McLean will show you how to make a convincing X-Wing helmet for as little as $22.

It’s just the kind of low budget DIY project that will help keep you busy until the premiere of The Force Awakens.

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If I had free time, and the ability to knit, I would be all over this Star Wars: The Force Awakens hat project. The pattern is a free download!

Alas, I am left out in the cold on this one. Quite literally. Gonna need a Tautaun to survive I suppose.

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We were all impressed by the movie-quality Rocket Raccoon costume Christina Borchardt made for her 6-year old son. But now we get to see what actually went into the build.

Starting in June of this year, Borchardt chronicled her work as it progressed on the Replica Props Forum. Everything was entirely made from scratch, including Rocket’s head which she designed using a plaster mold of her son’s face. She then sculpted the entire face and cowl, attached faux fur which was shaped and painted, and affixed teeth to a movable upper and lower jaw.

Her work is so good that even James Gunn took notice and gave it a shout out on Instagram.

Check out more photos of this parenting win after the break.

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