han solo boots

As you can see, we’re not talking about Han Solo’s equestrian-style boots for cosplay. These clever and cute boots are actually dressed like Han Solo.

The process is actually pretty simple, and you only need some basic materials to get the job done.

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When I was a kid, I wanted to be a mermaid because I thought they were beautiful, amazing creatures. Of course, when I got older, cold hard reality ruined everything.

Maybe you can’t be a real mermaid, but you can definitely pretend in a very realistic way. There’s even a hobby called Mermaiding, and one part of that hobby is all about tailmaking.

This silicone tail tutorial gives you an idea of just what goes into tailmaking and it’s pretty impressive! Tails can weigh 35lbs or more and custom tails can run into the thousands of dollars. But a skillfully crafted tail is definitely beautiful.

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Holy crap. Look at that!

And how about this…

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toothless dog

There aren’t enough treats in the world to get my dog to sit patiently through the process of building this Toothless costume (or wear it for that matter). It’s a real How To Train Your Dragon Dog kind of situation.

However, if your dog is cool with it, the results can be pretty spectacular.

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Buckle up Etsy, because Joann Fabrics has unveiled a selection of Star Wars fabrics and TFA is among them in both cotton and fleece.

Whether you want to make a dress, shirt, bag, sheet set, or a comfy throw, they’ve got you covered.

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Crotchet is one of the first skills required in evil mastermind training. Oh you didn’t know? I’m glad we had this talk.

While you’re waiting for your real army of minions, you can crochet slippers and bags to look like the adorable little goggle-wearing workers. Check out more knitted cuties after the break.

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tardis jewelry box

Wow. Redditor ashe7 does some damn fine work with a CNC machine. This aluminum TARDIS jewelry box separates into three sections—two of which are lined with adhesive felt to hold jewelry.

Unfortunately, it’s a one-off piece—but you know it would kill on Etsy. Then again, it would probably be cheaper as an official product. Take note BBC.

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The impressive Iron Man arc reactor you see here started out life as a sink strainer. Seriously. Dustin McLean of DIY Prop Shop demonstrates how it’s done with a super easy step-by-step video. When all was said and done, it only cost him around $30 in parts.

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star wars bags

Writer, podcaster and all around geek girl Holly Frey likes to get crafty over on the Star Wars site from time to time. This time around, she’s put together a tutorial on how to make your own Star Wars bags.

The tutorial gives you details on how to make three different Star Wars bags featuring R2, Ahsoka, and the Rebels.

You can check out her full tutorial at the Star Wars blog.


These unique knits are the work of Anna Mo who uses crazy thick strands of wool and equally gigantic needles to make her creations. The stitches are each three inches thick and will make it look like you’ve been rummaging around in a giant’s closet.

She has blankets, bags and other items available in her shop and you can buy the yarn and needles if you want to stitch a chunky creation of your own.

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