bunni pokemon swimsuits 3

Last time we wrote about Blue Bunni Cosplay’s swimwear designs, she was inspired by Disney. This time, she’s all about Pokemon.

These designs aren’t available for purchase on her Etsy store yet, but Bunni is working on getting them made. Demand has overwhelmed supply—and with cute designs like this, I can see why.

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fluid hair painting top

Mermaid hair, galaxy hair, multi-colored hair—if this is what you’re into than find yourself a salon that knows a thing or two about Fluid Hair Painting. The technique was developed by stylist KL Christoffersen of Cheeky Strut and it is undoubtedly the best way to achieve these looks. He tells Modern Salon:

Because their hair is fanned out, it gives me the ability to thoroughly look over every strand to see how the color melts from top to bottom. Plus, no matter how the client parts their hair you’re able to give them a tailored, multidimensional color because you can visually see how everything will collapse together.

See more pictures and a video after the break to see how it’s done.

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the huntress

The Fashion in the Capitol has always played a part in the Hunger Games series and the team behind the marketing for the movies has been hard at work in the run up to Mockingjay Part 2.

Part of their social media campaign has included a Capitol Couture collection and a site to showcase it. The final issue is out, and this gem by Susanne Bartsch and photographer Steven Klein is a spiky stunner. She’s described thusly:

The huntress. A strong and savage leader who isn’t afraid to take down her adversaries. Inspired by “defense mechanisms in nature,” her outerwear is a blend of trophies collected in the wild and found materials that function as protective armor. She is adorned in a crown of fabulous porcupine quills complemented by a whimsical leopard capelet. And yes, her armor is comprised of—elastic cords and zip ties! (I’m sure few of you are wondering what these are, to be honest, we hadn’t even seen these until the arrival of our emergency kits.) Take a moment to stand in awe of this wild beauty, she is a testament to the power within us all.

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stormtrooper animal helmets

If there’s one thing we call all agree on as Star Wars fans, it’s that Stormtrooper armor is just cool. Especially the buckets. Stormtrooper helmets are iconic.

New York City designer Blank William has put a crazy spin on the Stormtrooper helmet design with versions for wild animals. His collection called “The New Order” reimagines those iconic white helmets for a Disney Robin Hood army filled with elephant, hippo, and rhino soldiers.

The addition of gold and silver accents makes these helmets even more beautiful, so do yourself a favor and check them out after the break.

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sketch tattoos 5

Vancouver-based tattoo artist Naomi Chi has an awesome style that looks like pencil drawings in progress. I love the idea of a tattoo that looks like it came out of a sketchbook—a drawing that you loved so much, you had to make it permanent.

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These amazing Celtic battle costumes were created by expert cosplayer and LARPer Onirium Studios – Ivalysse Leatherwork.

Vanessa (a.k.a. deakath), the talented 28-year old designer behind this cosplay, is an avid RPG gamer and creates every costume from concept to completion. Inspired by characters from her LARP group, this self-taught artist hand makes each costume, including all the leatherwork, for herself and her friends. She also designs the props, applies make-up, and styles the hair for each model. It’s an insane amount of work for one artist and we are super impressed.

See Also: Original Fantasy Armor Cosplay Takes LARP To The Next Level

Vanessa is proud to be a female costume artisan and has “a dream about working for the movie industry as a final goal”. Seriously, somebody give this talented lady that job!

Check out more amazing photos of this celtic cosplay (with a pack of real wolves) after the break.

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cat armor top

Tremble before Bobo the Battle Cat!

Wait…get up Bobo. This isn’t the time for napping! Come on – don’t turn your back on the enemy! Stop licking yourself!

Okay, so Bobo isn’t cut out to be a warrior cat—but maybe your cat is. Fortunately, his human Jwall has provided all of the files you need to 3D print the cat armor yourself on his Thingiverse page. There’s also a video after the break that details the process (plus you can get a better look at Battle Bobo).

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A year ago we wrote about an Indiegogo campaign for Axent Wear headphones that had cat ears, LEDs, and external speakers. Ever since then we’ve waited eagerly for them to hit the market.

Today’s the day! Features include:

-Enjoy your music privately—or turn on the cat ear speakers to share with friends
-LED accent lights on cat ear speakers and earcups make a statement anywhere
-Speakers and lights are controlled independently
-Over-the-ear cushioning for noise reduction and a secure fit
-USB rechargeable—up to 5 hours of playing time per charge
-Detachable gaming boom mic
-Inline volume control plus forward & back buttons

Cat Eat Headphones are now available for purchase in blue, red, purple, and green thanks to their partnership with Brookstone.

Product Page: ($149)

(via Rocket News)


Artist Jason Adelinia transforms his beautiful watercolor paintings into vibrant tattoos. From wildlife to origami to Star Wars, these tattoo designs looks like they were inked with a paintbrush.

Check out more of his stunning permanent paintings after the break.

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slash code scarves

Dedicated to sharing their love of geek culture, SlashCode offers digitally printed scarves featuring some of the most iconic titles in literature, gaming, comics, and television.

“SlashCode has extracted the emotions and beauty of some of the most iconic Geek Culture figures and integrated their vision in a truly one-of-a-kind premium scarf with hidden details and twisted codes.”

Each scarf has been gorgeously designed to pay homage in the most subtle and intricate way. Some of the styles looks like ancient, delicate paintings while others boast bold and vibrant graphics. With three sizes to choose from, the cotton and silk scarves feature tributes to The Walking Dead, Super Mario Bros.The Never Ending Story, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Wonder Woman, Pokemon, and more.

Check out some of our favorite designs along with an exclusive discount code after the break.

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