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I dig westerns. I dig steampunk. And heck, I dig me some Deadpool. So imagine my glee at seeing these Steampool pictures! What a great and fun idea. The cosplayer is Todd B. Lacey. The photos are by AnimazeGuy-PhotosNXS.

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This very sexy Lady Deadpool body paint cosplay features Shelle-chi as photographed by ArtistiCurves. She’s a big Deadpool fan and was excited about the challenge of trying to get an accurate bodysuit with body paint, and the end result is stunning.

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While Deadpool isn’t the kind of character you should look up to, he does have an awesome costume. His red and black face mask seems made for designs like the one featured on this backpack from Hot Topic. Take it to school or use it to hold your stuff while you’re cosplaying Deadpool at a convention. It would blend right into your outfit!

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While Boba Fett and Baby Predator duked it out, another battle was taking place elsewhere at WonderCon: Squirrel Girl vs. Lady Deadpool. These two little girls look absolutely amazing, and I love that they’re cosplaying two completely different female characters from comics. No matter who won this fight, they both rock!

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Fans of the Mouthy Merc will love this Deadpool Question Mark t-shirt. Why? Well, it’s red. And if you flip the shirt inside-out over your face, it’ll look like you’re wearing Deadpool’s mask. What more could you honestly want?

Product Page: ($16.99 / Pre-Order for April 2014)


These work shirts will give you a job in the places where all your favorite characters like to hang out. There’s an Empire Construction work shirt or Jawa Junk Removable for Star Wars fans or try Stark Industries, S.H.I.E.L.D, Xavier’s School Security or even Deadpool’s Chimichanga Shack.

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We came across some (appropriately) crazy new Deadpool shirts today where our hero can be seen dancing with death and swimming with sharks. Kind of the same thing really.

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Congratulations! You’ve survived the first two weeks of 2014; you should treat yourself. Indulge and buy a new t-shirt from WeLoveFine! They have several new Marvel designs to ring in the year, and you may need to add one or several of them to your t-shirt drawer. You can choose from designs featuring Deadpool (I adore the squirrel-riding style pictured above), Hawkeye, Galactus, Rogue and Gambit, and more.

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deadpool issues shirt

Sure, Lil’ Deadpool has some issues. But cuteness and an affinity for comics and pancakes overcomes all negatives in my book.

Product Page: ($21.99)