deadpool castle corsetry

Castle Corsetry is celebrating the release of Deadpool with new corset and skater dress designs inspired by the Merc With a Mouth. Plus, they’re kicking things off with a huge sale in their Etsy store. Use code DEADPOOLVD through Saturday, February 13th to spread the Valentine’s Day love on everything in their store.

Check out the new designs below, along with some bonus pics of their Merc-inspired outfit from their recently released fitness wear line.

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deadpool eye

Well, of course he would. We’ve already established how awesome Tal Peleg is.

See what Deadpool himself had to say about her latest work in the Instagram post below.

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kylo smashes stuff

Even Deadpool doesn’t want to mess with Lil’ Kylo Ren.

Check out the tweet fro D-Piddy below.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens may be everywhere right now, but Ryan Reynolds isn’t letting us forget about the Merc with a Mouth. Reynolds is counting down the 12 Days of Deadpool to spread holiday cheer. From Deadpool’s Christmas list to this lovely sweater, he’s keeping it lively.

If someone doesn’t make this sweater, I’ll be shocked. Of course someone will make it. It clearly needs to be a thing we can buy.

Check out his tweet after the break.

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“I really wish we could sew his mouth shut again”.

We now have an answer to just what was going on in that Deadpool/X-Men picture Ryan Reynolds recently posted and it’s f*cking hilarious.

Never, NEVER let Deadpool babysit.

Watch it after the break.

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ryan reynolds

There’s no doubt that Ryan Reynold’s twitter is a general source of delight, and he was at it again this Halloween.

It appears that Deadpool happened upon a group of young X-Men cosplayers while trick-or-treating. He used the opportunity to send a message to 20th Century Fox that was pretty perfect.

Check it out after the break.

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Who do you think would win in a dance-off between Spider-Man and Deadpool? That question has burned in my mind for years. Fortunately, Deadpool recently met Spidey on a rooftop in L.A. to settle the matter.

Honestly, my money was on Spidey, and he looked like he was going to win, but then things got weird. You’ll see.

Check out the dance-off after the break…

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deadpoolryan copy

Ryan Reynolds had quite a surprise during an interview at Comic-Con. A group of Deadpool cosplayers wandered up to Ryan right in the middle of the interview, but as you’ll see in the video after the break, he took the entire thing in stride. He chatted with the cosplayers, asking them about their costumes, posing for pictures, and he even had a chance to talk with Sam (aka Little Deadpool) who mentioned that meeting the actor was the best part about his SDCC experience.

Check out the video after the break…

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domino vs harley

The new episode of Super Power Beat Down features a Joker and Harley vs Deadpool and Domino super battle. Definitely NSFW for language and a couple other things, but that’s pretty much expected for Deadpool, right? The Harley/Domino fight is especially epic and the ending is perfect.

Check it out after the break (jump to the battle at the 5:00 mark):

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nerdy tote bags

Tote bags are great for the summer, and Etsy seller PandorasProductions has you covered with tons of nerdy options that include Zelda, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Star Trek, Deadpool and Doctor Who.

See more examples after the break…

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