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Hot on the heels of their Once Upon A Time fashion collection, Hot Topic has launched a new line of jackets based on the DC Comics television universe. You’ll find styles based on Arrow, The Flash, Gotham and Supergirl. Take a closer look at the designs below. [click to continue…]


Bundling up for winter doesn’t mean you can’t represent your favorite Marvel and DC heroes thanks to these officially licensed winter coats. This collection has everything from snow jackets and pants to peacoats with both adult and kid’s sizes (they may be using male models but I think all of these styles would look good on ladies, too). Plus, the jackets are 20% off during the pre-order period.

They even have a few secret identity coats that fall into the stealth geek category like some of the suits we featured previously.

I so want to see people snowboarding in the Marvel print snow jacket and pants. Check out more items from the collection below. [click to continue…]

superhero business suits

Oh my God.

Earlier this month we teased a line of Marvel and DC business suits. It was…unexpected. However, we can assure you that they are very real. The full lineup has been revealed—and some of them are totally nuts.

I mean, the full-on Batman, Iron Man, Joker, Riddler and Superman cosplay suits are probably not suitable for the boardroom. I’ll bet we see them at a wedding or two down the line though. And they have kids suits too! Check out the entire lineup below. [click to continue…]


Fandom fashion has been creeping into the formalwear space for some time, but now things have officially stepped up to the next level.

Fun.com has partnered with Marvel and DC to release a line of business suits featuring subtle comic book prints. There isn’t much in the way of details at this point, other than the pictures below and the promise that the suits will be up for pre-order later this month. [click to continue…]


If you’ve been to SDCC in the last few years, it’s possible you saw cosplayer Tony Kim running around either at the show or helping people get ready for the con. I’ve known Tony for years, and he’s a passionate and super helpful person and cosplayer.

He’s also has a great eye for style, so it didn’t surprise me in the least when he announced his new, officially licensed Hero Within clothing line, which he describes as a fashion brand that blends sophisticated style with pop culture. [click to continue…]


Everyone is ramping up for the release of Suicide Squad, and this includes Harley Quinn from the comics. As you’ll soon see, Harley’s new look is clearly inspired by Margot Robbie’s costume from the film.

Take a closer look below.

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dc comics xmas sweatshirts

Well, sweatshirts. Still…so festive.

Merchoid has unveiled the DC Comics Christmas sweatshirt lineup for 2015, and you can check out all of the new designs after the break…

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The inclusion of female superheroes on merchandise has become a topic of conversation in the last couple of years and t-shirts like this give me hope that our voices are being heard. It features DC faves like Wonder Woman, Zatana, Vixen, Woman, Black Canary, and Hawkgirl looking badass and ready for battle.

Product Page ($23.99)

trinity main

DC Comics characters are no stranger to costume changes and artist Stephen Byrne has thrown his hat into the ring with new looks for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman that appear to take some cues from Denis Medri’s work. That resulted in this Trinity image, which combines the three perfectly (though the Wonder Woman design is our favorite).

See more of his art after the break.

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I love silhouette tights, but I really love these DC Comics Batman silhouette tights because I already know I’d put them on and be singing “Na na na na na na Bat TIGHTS!”

What? Don’t look at me like that. You know you’d do it too.

Product Page ($11.60)