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Stunning Aquawoman Cosplay

aquawoman cosplay

Cosplayed by Cc: Demoness Leria.

Photography by Jason DeSomer.

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bombshell batwoman 1

Ant Lucia’s bombshell designs for DC Comics attracted plenty of attention and sparked new costume plans left and right. Cosplayer GillyKins loved the Batwoman design and decided to style the full costume like a woman’s baseball uniform a la A League of Their Own. She told Geek x Girls that she made a few updates to keep the outfit looking like something Batwoman would wear. The finished costume is gorgeous, and I like that she went to a baseball diamond for a photo shoot. It’s perfect.

Photos by Think.Nu.

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Steampunk Wonder Woman

DC Comics goes steampunk with these new ThinkGeek exclusive t-shirt designs. Currently, they have The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and Superman. Could Batman be far behind?

They’re available in unisex sizes XS to 3XL. From what I can tell, people are already hoping for a ladies cut on that Wonder Woman tee.

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Are you brave and ready to fight evil? Then you might be worthy of this Legion Flight Ring. The DC Comics’ Legion of Super-Heroes team wears rings like this replica from Think Geek. The snazzy accessory is made from gold plated stainless steel so it’s a lot sturdier than the plastic ring that came with the action figures.

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black milk superheroes collection 1

Black Milk Clothing has been launching product left and right. Their Batman line recently hit the web, and in just ten days, they’re expanding their superhero collection. While it’s still all about DC Comics (this Marvel girl has a sad face), it focuses on non-Gotham City heroes.

You’ll be able to choose from Wonder Woman and Superman suits with capes, a Rorschach tee, a Black Freighter tee, and star covered leggings that look like they’d be at home in Wonder Woman’s closet. The line also features shiny blue and silver pieces, and a sexy and fun Catwoman bodysuit design. You’ll be able to acquire these items at 9am AEST on March 27th.

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The DC Comics line of Bombshells collectibles is nothing short of beautiful, and I like the different spin the statues put on each character. The costumes are drool-worthy. We’ve seen takes on Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, and now cosplayer SpacePizza has shown off her DC Bombshells Supergirl. I pretty much love everything about this look. From the colors to the boots to the scarf and oh my goodness, those gloves! She looks stunning.

Photos by Indiglue.

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dc comics underwear 1

Even if you’ve maxed out on nerdy t-shirts, you’re probably not there yet with bikini, robes, dresses and nightshirts. Brazilian company Thais Gusmão has a wide range of DC Comics design to help you round out your geeky wardrobe.

You can find shiny bikini tops with Batgirl and Wonder Woman motifs, slinky robes, bras and panties, boxers, camisoles, long johns, and the list goes on. The styles that stand out the most feature colorful prints as pictured above. I adore the Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman art, and they also have a cool Wonder Woman tattoo design I’m drooling over. I’ve not seen anything quite like it before, and I love the look!

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There is no such thing as too much geeky jewelry. That’s what I keep telling myself. It’s good that I rationalize because look at all these lovely pieces from Guild Jewellry Design! The Australia-based company has the license to make sterling silver jewelry for DC Comics and Star Trek, and they do impressive work. Guild Jewellery absolutely nails geek chic, and the collection includes a Batman ring, Flash cufflinks, a Star Trek pendant and a Lantern Corps charm bracelet.

The only negative is that no U.S. shops currently carry the jewelry. However, where there’s the internet, there is usually a way. Happy hunting.

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dc cosplay group

So many cosplayers gather at Dragon Con – you have to see it to believe it. Photographer and videographer Distractotron offers a look at what the experience is like with his epic video displaying all the costumes on display during the DC Comics meet-up. You’ll see familiar faces like Joker and Wonder Woman but also characters you don’t see as often such as Donna Troy and Bronze Tiger. The creativity on display is awesome.

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Here’s a perfect way to keep warm and show off your DC knowledge. Hoodies inspired by DC characters such as Young Justice Dick Grayson, Artemis, Red Hood, Damian Wayne, Kid Flash and more.

Created by Sandra over at TheLittlestBat.tumblr.com, these hoodies can range in the $180 – $200 area when they go up on ebay, but when you’re talking hand made, custom pieces, that’s not too bad.

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