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David Tennant may not play The Doctor anymore, but he’ll always be The Doctor in our hearts. This comically overpriced shirt turns the Tenth Doctor into a typographic version of some of his most famous words. Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead.

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Finally! I think the world may have discovered a look that doesn’t work for David Tennant: a ponytail! The actor recently showed off his long locks at a BFI Doctor Who event. The ‘do looks okay in the front but as soon as he turns his head, watch out! It reminds me of an overgrown mullet.

Now before you freak out or feel the need to lecture Tennant about proper hair care (the ponytail looks super unhealthy), keep in mind that it’s only temporary. The extensions are for his role in Richard II which runs until January 25.

Check out a couple more pictures of the monstrosity after the break.

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David Tennant Neckacle

Take David Tennant, add the power of Shrinky Dinks, and this is what happens: Tennant ends up dangling over your boobs. It’s a fantastic place for him to be. Just think of all the places you could take him when he’s pocket-sized! Yeah, we all need to go buy some Shrinky Dinks and report back.

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Take a look inside, it’s a Doc in a box!

I can’t type anything about this t-shirt because I’m too busy laughing. I will not look at the TARDIS the same way again.

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Amazing 10th Doctor Tattoo

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