princess mononoke

I’m not sure what I like more about this Princess Mononoke cosplay by redditor Aventurine_808; the cosplay itself or the use of her Japanese Spitz as her “fierce” wolves. Poofy wolves!

Either way, it’s awesome.

Photos by Dallas Nagata White.

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powerpuff dog

You can see more adorbz pictures of Boots over at Instagram.

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Teeny Puppy Princess Leia

puppy leia

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spirited away

By JFCespedes. Send your cosplay pics to

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tron arcade dog

(Space Ghost Zombie via Kotaku)

r2d2 baby helmet

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yoda baby

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baby ninja turtle

What happens when the dad who likes taking pictures of his cute baby meets Tumblr?

You get people like Anthony Stuart who takes adorable and unique pictures of his daughter and a tumblr called Daddy’s Little Prop.

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Looks like @joejoe_the_capybara is the hero Gotham needs.

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Photo by David Ngo.

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