Doge: Wow. Many Cosplay

doge cosplay

Twitter user C_Suzuki has two Shiba-inu that love to cosplay (or at least tolerate it).

Yes…much amaze. Such cute.

See more examples below.

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cosplay kids

It doesn’t get any better than kids in cosplay.

From Mario, to Deadpool, to the Avengers, these cosplaying kids will make you want to step up your game.

This compilation was taken over the course of the past few years by our friends at Beat Down Boogie, and the craftsmanship and pride that goes into these little ones’ cosplays will impress you.


Check out the video below.

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lightsaber battle

The Jedi Training Academy is one of the cutest things you can watch at Disneyland, but this little Padawan came to kick ass and take some names.

I still can’t tell if the Stormtrooper on the left is wounded or laughing so hard he can’t get up.

You tell me.

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Hare Wars: A New Hop


Matt Christensen recently cast his rabbit, Roger the Grump, as the star of a new series of Star Wars cosplay photos dubbed “Hare Wars: A New Hop”.

Thanks to his abundant fur, the Grump was fitted with a bandoleer and transformed into an adorble Chewie before taking his place alongside plastic examples of the franchise’s most memorable characters.

See him hanging out on the Millennium Falcon, Death Star and forest moon of Endor in the pics below.

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I’m about to take a few days off, so I’m sending you wishes for a happy holiday (whichever holiday it is) with some adorable Star Wars cats and dogs cosplay videos.

Its probably the best gift ever.

Without further ado, I present Interactive Legendary Yoda’s Jedi Cat Training and Star Wars Wieners:

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little rey

See what Daisy Ridley had to say about this cute little Rey below.

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littlest mermaid

(via colordollzbytoni)

slimer pug

I applaud this move. Slimer Pug is a pro.

(Reddit and Chris Hallbeck)


Move over, R2-D2 an BB-8, because there’s another contender for the Cutest Little Buddy award in the Star Wars universe. Say hello to Arya the Corgi, who’s officially the most adorable X-Wing pilot I’ve ever seen.

Arya’s dressed up in Skywalker’s “Red 5” jumpsuit–the one he wore when he took down the Death Star–but I think it’s safe to say that Arya wears it better.

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darth vader cello

This is 7-year old Ryan and he studies cello at the Suzuki School of Newton. Star Wars fan that he is, he not only dressed up as Vader, but he can play The “The Imperial March” on a cello that’s almost as big as he is.

If he can play this well now, I fully expect him to be playing using only the Force by the time he’s in his teens.

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