rey cosplay

Keira looks awesome and adorable in her Rey cosplay. Clearly, @voodrew has this whole nerdy parenting thing down.

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Batman V Peacock

batman vs peacock

Batman can’t back down from a challenge, even when it’s a peacock plumage battle. Who will emerge as the alpha male?

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little magikarp

This is almost too cute to process.

Kudos to dad for his Goku cosplay—and, you know, helping to bring this powerful cuteness into the world.

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When you get an ocarina for Christmas, the only sensible thing to do is make a tunic, buy a Deku and Hylian shield and dress up your son as Link for an adorable photoshoot.

That’s exactly what John of City Light Studio did with his son Parker.

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black widow tattoo

Original artwork by @elsasketch and tattoo/smoke addition by @emsloman.

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I was thinking that it might be mean to make super cute totes about the tiny arms of a T-Rex, but then I realize that I’m pretty bad at some of these things even with normal arms and that a real T-Rex would eat me.

Sometimes, fanciful recreations are much more fun than the real thing.

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disney quote dress front

Y’know, I like this Disney Princess Quotes dress. Somehow, it’s both classic and cute. This simple ivory dress has Disney princess silhouettes and quotes. It actually reminds me a bit of the Disney Silhouettes you see at the park.

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crazy dragon lady

This Crazy Dragon Lady tee design by Threadless artist queenmob is all kinds of cute. I think the 4th panel with the skull presentation may be my favorite part.

The tee comes in men and women’s sizes and it’s in stock now.

Product Page ($25)

mario pipe

Inspired by the art of René Magritte, this “Not a pipe” design by AlexMDC puts Mario in a bit of a bind. Then again, this may just be one of his mushroom hallucinations.

Product Page ($25)

crazy cat lady

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