Daredevil Dog [GIF]

daredevil dog

Or, as one Reddit user noted “Mutt Murdog”. Check out the GIF below. [click to continue…]


The northern part of SDCC apparently.

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Jesse and Katherine Oldfield of Eugene, OR are hardcore Harry Potter fans, and we should know – we’ve covered a few. Several years ago they had their first baby, a boy named Sebastian, whom they took to a graveyard for a Potter-themed photoshoot (as new parents tend to do). Now Sebastian has a little brother, Theodore, and they figured a new set of photos was required.

The inspiration for the shoot is, of course, the Mandrake scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, a perfect choice as any parent of a newborn baby will attest. Photographer Kelsey Clouse took the set and posted some of the photos on her Facebook Page where, quite understandably, they went very viral.

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I have no idea who this Batman baby belongs to so I don’t know which magical parents I have to thank for this image, but it’s just so glorious that I’ll just thank the collective universe for bringing it into the world.

More adorable pics below.

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prom cat

Clearly, this guy made the right choice for his prom date. None of the other girls would look at him the way his cat does in this photo. That’s true love right there.

Plus, she looks stunning in that dress.

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tmnt picture day top

“My cousin’s friend let her son wear this hoodie on picture day if he promised to take it off for the photo.”

Thankfully, he didn’t listen.

Check out the entire pic below.

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cute bb8 cosplay

Meet little cosplayer Kayla Miyamoto and her adorable BB-8 cosplay. No one could resist her cuteness at WonderCon in this costume made by her dad Ken.

See Also: BB-SK8 Rolled Through C2E2 And Won All The Hearts

I’ll bet she was tired after a day of this, but she’s just too cute for words. See her in action in the videos below.

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kylo ren calvin

I think Geek & Sundry spotted the real Kylo Ren Calvin at WonderCon. Looks like he finally had enough of his father’s crap.

See him in action below.

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clumsy clone trooper

I’d honestly be ashamed of how many times I watched this (and laughed every time). I’m a terrible person. Then again, I know that most of you will probably do the same thing.

Watch it below—and may the Force (oof!) be with you!

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Back in October, we told you about a dad who customized a Jakks 48 inch First Order Stormtrooper and turned it into a costume for his son.

Well, RPF member Jim Brock took the idea to the next level and the results are pink perfection.

Her smile is absolutely priceless.

(via io9)