darth vader cello

This is 7-year old Ryan and he studies cello at the Suzuki School of Newton. Star Wars fan that he is, he not only dressed up as Vader, but he can play The “The Imperial March” on a cello that’s almost as big as he is.

If he can play this well now, I fully expect him to be playing using only the Force by the time he’s in his teens.

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corgi cosplay

This Welsh Corgi is named Wally and he loves to cosplay. Recently Wally took on the challenge of cosplaying all 13 Doctors and, in honor of Back To The Future Day, one adorable Marty McFluffy.

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cap spidey love triangle

This little girl can’t choose between Captain America and Spider-Man, so she decides to marry them both. This love triangle is going to spark Civil War round 2.

Wolverine doesn’t have to worry about it though.

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rey cosplay

Keira looks awesome and adorable in her Rey cosplay. Clearly, @voodrew has this whole nerdy parenting thing down.

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Batman V Peacock

batman vs peacock

Batman can’t back down from a challenge, even when it’s a peacock plumage battle. Who will emerge as the alpha male?

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little magikarp

This is almost too cute to process.

Kudos to dad for his Goku cosplay—and, you know, helping to bring this powerful cuteness into the world.

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When you get an ocarina for Christmas, the only sensible thing to do is make a tunic, buy a Deku and Hylian shield and dress up your son as Link for an adorable photoshoot.

That’s exactly what John of City Light Studio did with his son Parker.

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black widow tattoo

Original artwork by @elsasketch and tattoo/smoke addition by @emsloman.

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I was thinking that it might be mean to make super cute totes about the tiny arms of a T-Rex, but then I realize that I’m pretty bad at some of these things even with normal arms and that a real T-Rex would eat me.

Sometimes, fanciful recreations are much more fun than the real thing.

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disney quote dress front

Y’know, I like this Disney Princess Quotes dress. Somehow, it’s both classic and cute. This simple ivory dress has Disney princess silhouettes and quotes. It actually reminds me a bit of the Disney Silhouettes you see at the park.

Head after the break for a close-up.

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