These clever earrings feature Chain Chomp from the Super Mario Bros. games. Each earring measures approx. 1″ in diameter and dangles from a silver-plated chain that connects it to a cuff. Chain chomp himself is printed on laser cut acrylic and then secured to silver-plated posts.

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Sadly, these cuffs only come in the Tolkien and Cummings quotes. I was hoping for:


On the plus side, you can remove the plate and attach your own accessories to the hooks.

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Tron Jewelry From TomTom

I would like to have been in the meeting room when someone first said, “Hey, let’s make a sequel to Tron.” I suppose the first film was a box office success, so it was a reasonable jump. But the jump to create a plethora of fashion accessories based on Tron? It’s taken me by surprise. I had no idea that the pool of serious Tron fans was large enough to justify a whole jewelry merchandising line. Nonetheless, Los Angeles based TomTom Jewelry has partnered with Disney to create just that.

But maybe these pieces have a broad enough appeal to extend beyond Tron fans. The lines are simple. The pieces are low-key enough to wear to the office but also perfectly suited to pair with a simple (read – sexy) black dress. Also? They look neon. Check out more in the gallery after the break.

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The Chinese finger trap is a devious little item. Whether handled by children who have never seen them or naive adults, the initial reaction is to be confused and scared about how to get out of them. Just think how a dinosaur with a brain the size of a pea feels.

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