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She-Ra Princess of Power is one of the most awesome characters to come from the 1980s. She’s fierce, powerful, and has an awesome costume. Désirée Cosplay loved the character when she was growing up and came up with an original design inspired by She-Ra’s outfit. She looks awesome.

Photos by Mirage Images.

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This incredible Atomic Wonder Woman cosplay features Feisty Cuffs Cosplay in a costume that she created using lots of worbla. She was photographed by Malificent Images who captured it all perfectly, including the sparks which were actually real.

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There was some great cosplay at NekoCon 2014 and much of it is captured in this fantastic video from the convention. There’s an adorable Master Chief, along with Joker, Harley Quinn, and even more, all having a great time hamming it up as the characters they love.

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Kallen Kozuki of the anime Code Geass is also known as Kozuki Karen and Kallen Stadtfeld. She leads a double life in the series; she’s both a student and a member of guerrilla resistence group that participates in terrorist activities. Cosplayer SarinaAmazon wore the character’s R2 flight suit in a recent photo shoot, and she nails it – especially the spiky hair.

Photos and makeup by Ol’ga, a.k.a. Mellefuielle.

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Clobberella futurama costume

Clobberella is The New Justice Team superhero identity of Leela in Futurama. She has super strength, super speed and invulnerability and all she had to do to get her powers was apply a miracle cream. Cosplayer Markie Gaddis definitely had to put more effort than that into making her take on the Clobberella costume. It’s colorful and is a close match to the one from Futurama.

Photo by F. Santos.

(via ComicsAlliance)


Death Note’s Ryuk is a Shinigami. He has blue tinted skin, retractable wings, crazy hair, and an appreciation of apples. Actually, it’s more like an addiction. Foxxi Loxxi Cosplay came up with a femme take on the character that manages to be creepy while being a little cute. She did an especially great job with the makeup and hair.

Photos by CMOSs Photography.

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frozen world of warcraft

The cold doesn’t bother this Elsa Lich Queen from World of Warcraft. Cosplayer Chubear came up with a beautiful way to mash together WoW’s Arthas and Frozen’s Elsa into a stunning ensemble for BlizzCon. She did a positively amazing job with this unique design.

Photos by Darshelle Stevens and Saffels Photography.

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There is plenty of Star Trek cosplay at your average convention, but this is cleverer than most. CaptCash chose to dress as a redshirt who is on an away mission at Comic-Con. He staged every single one as though he was in dire straits from being eaten by a dragon to being run over by a truck. As much as the convention wanted to kill him, he managed to survive every ordeal. Next year he might not be so lucky.

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That’s right—you can turn yourself into HAL 9000 with some simple supplies like cardboard, paint, scissors, glue, and a tablet for the red eye effect.

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Cosplaying kids are always adorable, but this little girl is just stunning. She’s La Muerte from The Book of Life and her Mom didn’t miss a detail while making her costume. It’s covered with candles, skulls, and loads of flowers. Plus, the awesomeness of her makeup is off the charts.

She’s currently in a costume contest at OurKids Magazine so if you’re as impressed as we are, head on over and give her your vote.

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