You’ll be ready for Halloween with this Kragle costume from The Lego Movie. It all starts with a couple of inexpensive shower curtains that form the bulk of the costume. Then it’s just a matter of tracing out the letters and gluing them to the shower curtain once it’s formed into a tube. Cheap and clever…just like we like it.

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cosplay couture 1

Courtney Coulson and Luke Milton are taking costume photography to a new level. Their Cosplay Couture project merges cosplay and fashion photography with stunning results. They focus more on the “couture construction technique” rather than one hundred percent accuracy, and the effort means they’ve come up with designs that are both creative and impressive.

They’ve tackled costumes from comic books, shows such as Doctor Who, and movies like The Lone Ranger. They offer insight on the costume and the shoot with each of their posts, and I highly recommend following them on Tumblr.

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snow white derby 1

Most Disney princesses may seem timid and meek, but I bet if you gave them skates and put them into a roller derby arena, they’d let all of their aggressions out on the rink. Well, they’d do that after they learned how to skate.

Artist Amanda Robinson imagined several princesses as derby girls, and cosplayer Shreddy Krueger got inspired and became Snow Fight. Snow White looks fierce and badass as a derby princess.

Photos by J.Reid Studios.

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It’s October and time is running short to create the perfect costume. Don’t worry though, because Digital Dudz has you covered with a line of clothing and masks that are super clever. They feature special pockets that will hold your smartphone. All you do to make them amazing is download an app either for iOS or Android and then insert the phone into the built-in pocket for instant Halloween fun.

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hoodie cap 1

You don’t need to be injected with a super soldier serum or kidnapped by Hydra to be brainwashed in order to look like Captain America or the Winter Soldier. Just pull on these new exclusive costume hoodies from ThinkGeek. Purchasing your superpowers is the easiest way to get them.

The zip-up designs are based on the costumes used in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and will be available to order on November 20th.

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delirium header

The siblings who make up the Endless in The Sandman comics are a special bunch. They’re all captivating, but something about Delirium just charms me. Cosplayer Vixi LaVamp completely nailed the character’s costume and wacky but endearing nature in a recent photo shoot. She made the headpiece and did her own makeup, and I hope she finds an entire group of Endless to cosplay with one day.

Photos by Four3five.

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The best Transformers costumes actually transform, and this Grimlock cosplayer at New York Comic Con delivers. The movement on this Dinobot costume is seriously impressive. I bet he or she transformed all day long.

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This Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Scouter is an officially licensed product that will make you look like you’re checking out everyone’s power levels. It even makes little beeping noises and comes in red, blue, or green with two cards that can be read by the scanner.

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This wicked looking femme Darth Maul features cosplayer Kayla Rose Cosplay in pictures captured by Micktography. Kayla is a huge Darth Maul fan and created every aspect of this costume from the outfit she designed and sewed to the bald cap and makeup. The fact that she had no prior makeup experience makes this even more impressive.

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Han Falcon costume

You never know when you’re going to have to escape from the Empire, and this Han Solo cosplayer at New York Comic Con is ready to run at the first sign of trouble. He designed his outfit so that he has the Millennium Falcon and Chewbacca by his side at all times. Talk about being prepared!

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