This beautiful little girl is named Giselle. You wouldn’t know it from this picture, but Down Syndrome left her shy and non-verbal. That all changed when her mom, Kristina Bewley, began sewing costumes for her and taking the family to Disney. The magic she found there had an amazing impact on her life.

Kristina, who professionally photographs special needs children, has been able to capture each precious moment. Her Facebook page is a beautiful album of each costume and smile, with a little sparkle added in:

“She is non-verbal but you can see the way she lights up when we arrive. Each time we go, Giselle becomes more and more confident. She speaks what little words she has more, she isn’t as shy. It’s not just amazing photo ops for us, but watching her bloom is worth the trip.”

Giselle has taught Kristina how “to slow down and really enjoy the little things in life.” With most families rushing around the park to get to the next attraction, Giselle is taking time to smell the flowers, look at the ducks and truly enjoy life. The family uses their season pass to visit Disney every month, and each visit comes with a new costume and new opportunities for Giselle to blossom.

“I don’t want people to not see her Down syndrome, because it’s a part of who she is. But it’s not all that’s there, she is so much more.”

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In an effort that spanned the globe, cosplayers gathered to set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as DC Comics Superheroes. The event took place over 24-hours with thousand dressing up to be a part of the record. Fans from United States, Brazil, Australia, and more all set up events in their own countries to make the day a success.

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Darth Hound [Cosplay]


Fashionably Geek reader David B. swapped Vader’s helmet and gloves for the Hound’s helm and metal gauntlets. I wouldn’t want to cross this guy in any universe.

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Oogie Boogie gets a feminine twist in this cosplay by Weeze Cosplay. It’s mostly made of burlap, but what really sets it apart is the corset with stitching at the edges that makes it match the rest of the outfit perfectly.

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Etsy seller Kalbelia is selling this gorgeous pixie-style vest and a matching skirt.

They’re made of velvet and are available in a variety of colors. Although the vest was sold out at the time of writing, they do take custom orders so you can contact the shop to have something made especially for you.

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This awesome cosplay features Riri as the Moogle Queen from Final Fantasy XIII. She showed off her costume at Sakura Con in Seattle, Washington and was photographed by Elite Cosplay.

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The family that cosplays together, stays together. This is Fashionably Geek reader David with his son Max and wife Shannon doing a little Game of Thrones “Hound and the Pup” cosplay. The trio appeared at WonderCon and look absolutely amazing together.

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Kamen Rider is an iconic Japanese superhero and he’s been spotted riding his bike in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Both his bike and his costume are made to look just like the real deal from the 1970’s show. He’s been spotted elsewhere in Japan, identified as the same rider by his armband which reads “Stop Drunk Driving.”

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Reports indicate that the man in the costume is an artist named Shinjiro Kumagaya who makes sculptures from empty cans. So it seems that this is performance art with a higher purpose.

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The daughter of redditor ConnellyPhoto decided she wanted to cosplay as Captain America so he was tasked with making a shield. In typical superdad fashion, he went all out. It looks like it could be a movie prop!

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archer 2

This Archer cosplay brings the show to life with Archer, Cheryl, Krieger, and even Krieger’s Virtual Girlfriend. It’s great that she’s the only one who looks real when in the show she’s the only one who’s not real.

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