Liliana 5

One of the key parts of selling a Liliana Vess costume from Magic: The Gathering is her tattoos. They’re an iconic part of the character, and though it was necessary to scramble to get makeup artists to paint on all the intricate lines, it worked out beautifully and cosplayer Mickey Walkup was able to fully become the character in this photo shoot. I’m guessing she didn’t wield black magic.

Photos by Eldritch Allure, makeup by California Face & Body Art.

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magneto costume 1

It’s no secret that we love seeing kids in costume, and I about fell out of my chair when I saw a photo of this tutu-wearing Magneto from Heart of Texas Comic Con. Her name’s Monk, and her mom Christina said this costume was Monkneto for her. She even has a spoon that she controls with her mind in some of the photos. She completely owns it.

It looks like Monk attends several conventions, and her adventures are documented with the hashtag #haleycon on Instagram. Can I be her when I grow up?

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This Titan costume is the work of one Bruce Carr who is quite the balloon artist. He was a guest at Omni-Expo in Orlando, Florida and he made this Titan for the event. He actually fits inside the suit and wanders about freaking out everyone, like you do when you’re a Titan.

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cyclops 1

Some kids are born to cosplay, and Teri Christine’s son is one of them. He recently donned a Cyclops costume, and it looks like he was the hit of the party. Clearly, he could teach Scott Summers a thing or two about having fun and give him a few pointers on wooing the ladies. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go melt into a puddle.

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This year’s Montreal Comic Con boasted some incredible cosplay, with some rather well-known names in attendance. Yaya Han was one of the big names as a very sexy Retro Space Girl. She was joined by Indiana Jones and Henry Jones Sr, Gordon Freeman, and more. Geeks Are Sexy Was there to capture it all.

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Kaylee’s fancy party dress from the episode “Shindig” has seen a lot of action. It’s a popular choice for Firefly cosplayers and, if this comic is any indication, it’s managed to sneak its way into the wardrobes of geeks everywhere.

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While we’re all still holding out for flying cars, we can at least have these sneakers that look just like the self-lacing ones worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II. Plus, they are a million times cheaper than the Mags Nike released on eBay back in 2011.

In fact, these are officially licensed by Universal so they look exactly like the real deal complete with LED lights in the insoles. If only they actually laced themselves, too.

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evil queen

One of my favorite things about ABC’s Once Upon a Time is drooling over the gorgeous costumes the characters wear when they’re in fairy tale land. The Evil Queen, a.k.a. Regina, has especially fabulous outfits, and cosplayer Amazon Mandy came up with a dress Regina would love to borrow. She couldn’t find the right fabric for the dress, so Mandy painted on all those roses by hand. Wow. Regina’s ability to wield magic would definitely have come in handy for that.

Photos by LJinto.

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captain marvel dress 1

The Carol Danvers version of Captain Marvel is beyond awesome, and it’s been amazing to watch the Carol Corps grow over the last couple of years. I see more and more cosplayers wear the red, blue, and yellow, and Tumblr user pineapplesquid made a fancy dress version of Captain Marvel’s outfit. This design is much cooler than any of the poufy dresses I wore to high school dances; in fact, I think it would make a pretty rad wedding dress.

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kantaicon vid

With all the conventions on the calendar these days, it’s imperative that each con figure out how to stand out among the crowd. Anime convention KantaiCon manages to do that by taking place on an aircraft carrier, specifically the USS Yorktown. Talk about a unique setting for cosplay photos! Beat Down Boogie was at the convention and put together a cosplay video that shows just how epic the location is.

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