We’ve seen lots of Mass Effect cosplay but none are as cute as this Commander Shepard Jr. looking ready to take on all comers. This picture was snapped right before the Pittsburgh Comicon costume contest, and we hope he won because he’s just precious.

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There’s plenty of excitement about the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor, and some Chinese players set about creating hilarious cosplay just to get early access. It’s all thanks to the Sina World of WarCraft weibo page which started accepting cosplay pictures on September 26th and will continue to take submissions through October 7th.

Photos are entered when they’re submitted with a Chinese hashtag that translates to “Have Cos Have Beta Key” which has already reached over 8 million users. I don’t even know what most of these are, but every single one is wonderfully laughable.

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Sometimes a mask is all you need for a great Halloween costume. This alien mind control mask from The Horror Dome definitely fits the bill. It’s filled with foam so it’s lightweight but will still retain its shape as you go to parties and hand out candy. Add blood and a dirty costume to make it even more frightening.

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It’s rare that we come across cosplay that we haven’t seen before, but this Kvothe ensemble by Ishere Lartnec is something new. The character is from The Kingkiller Chronicle, a fantastic fantasy book series by Patrick Rothfuss. Kvothe is a musician and adventurer, and Lartnec has presented a cool interpretation of the character with his costume.

Photos by Iván Méndez.

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I Am Groot Body Paint Cosplay

groot body paint 1

Several people have made their own dancing baby Groots from Guardians of the Galaxy, but only a handful of folks have cosplayed as the character. Northern Belle might be the first to attempt a body paint version. The body paint looks like bark and while the lack of a nose throws me off, I’m impressed with all the details and shading.

Photos and makeup by ArtistiCurves.

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Great things happen when cosplayers coordinate their efforts, like this beautiful Dragon Age: Inquisition cosplay. What makes this unique is that there’s not a single guy in the bunch, just women playing the lead characters from the game.

Morrigan: Tarah-Rex Cosplay
Cassandra and Leliana: Armed and Dangerous
Sera: Emmabellish

Individual Photos: The Will Box
Group Photo: Photosassin

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raven 2

When the Halloween costume shop in your area doesn’t have the costume you want, it’s time to get crafty. That’s what Katie did when she couldn’t locate a Raven outfit for her daughter. The costume they made looks awesome, and the little girl is so wonderful as Teen Titans’ Raven that I can’t even deal with it.

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The Grady twins are one of the many creepy parts of The Shining and now they’re even creepier thanks to this cosplay. It features Kyla P. and her boyfriend Brando at this year’s Saskatoon Entertainment Expo. Looks like I’ll be sleeping with the lights on again tonight.

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This Is How To Cosplay Astrid

astrid 1

Hiccup’s an okay guy, but as far as I’m concerned, Astrid is the star of the How to Train Your Dragon movies. Okay, Toothless is the star but Astrid is a close second! She’s a skilled and brave fighter, and CynShenzi’s cosplay of the character captures those elements.

Photos by Shudan Pictures.

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batman renfaire

When Redditor AltReaper was invited to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, he didn’t just pull out some peasant attire and call it a day. No, he went all out. He became the hero the renaissance festival deserves. He spent a week building a sword and shield for his Batman cosplay and called himself Sir Bruce. He explains:

I kept in character as Sir Bruce “The Dark Knight” of Gotham to anyone that was willing to roleplay with me. The Queen accepted me into their ranks as a Knight. Good times were had by all!

You, sir, rule.

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