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There are several different ways you can make a Maleficent costume, and cosplayer ÁLI decided to go with a fan art design. Artist Claire Hummel imagined a period, historical look for the villain’s dress, and ÁLI brought the illustration to life with her costume. She made the horns from Worbla and the houppelande (the outer garment) from over ten meters of fabric. It is absolutely packed with detail.

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Cosplay was everywhere at Dragon Con, and that included a ton of little kids. This one made an adorable Nightcrawler, but the best part is that he held up his hand and insisted on posing properly before I took a picture. Yeah, I melted into a puddle.

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Guardians of the Galaxy is all the rage (it just crossed the threshold to become the highest grossing film of 2014 so far) and so are costumes from the movie. Fashionably Geek reader Jill decided to dress as the one and only Peter Quill, and she rocks as a gender swapped Star-Lord. She crafted the Orb from a styrofoam ball and fancied up a $20 toy version of Star-Lord’s gun.

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You might remember the wild-eyed and fierce Zangief from Street Fighter. Well, Kayla Rose Cosplay put a freaking awesome femme take on the character for Anime Revolution. She says she felt tough in the costume, and she looks it. She did a great job with scar makeup and the chest hair is hilarious. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of her Spinning Piledriver moves.

Photos by Micktography.

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We already brought you the news that actor Donald Glover will be getting a crack at Spider-Man by voicing Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. Now there’s a cosplayer who has absolutely nailed the real-world version of the character.

Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey is a 22-year-old comic book artist from Lansing, Michigan who first found out about Miles Morales’ Spider-Man when his friends said that they looked alike. Boy, they weren’t kidding.

Draper-Ivey hopes that this will encourage the powers that be to make a live-action Miles Morales Spider-Man movie. Sara Pichelli, who designed and co-created Miles Morales Spider-Man commented on one of his pictures saying, “You’re perfect,” so it looks like people are noticing.

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Microsoft employee Christopher Wilcox married wife Anna Piechowski at a ceremony in Redmond, Washington that was a Whovian’s dream. It wasn’t just a matter of adding a few Doctor Who touches, but of making sure every last thing featured a touch of Time Lord.

The bridesmaids wore dress of TARDIS blue while the ushers were other characters, including Captain Jack. The bride wore the same wedding dress as Amy Pond and the groom opted for the Tenth Doctor.

The rest of the wedding was just as well-themed with TARDIS glassware, the Seal of Rassilon sealing the invitations and adorning the table number cards, and the tables themselves numbered and labeled to the corresponding Doctor. And to top it all off, the bride’s father made a full-size TARDIS.

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It doesn’t matter how badly your day started because this little cosplaying Corgi will put a smile on your face. His name is Kiba and he’s cosplayed everyone from Link to Mario to an assassin. He is adorable and I would very much like to steal him and make him my own.

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This super-cute Sonic and Tails cosplay features two sisters who go by the name Opposite Cosplay. Their gender-swapped versions of the characters are adorable and you’ve got to love those matching shoes.

Photography: Meg Super

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Just imagine looking out the window while you’re driving down the highway and seeing Batman. On his Batcycle. That’s what happened to Ryuuchan this weekend in Chiba Prefecture. He snapped these pictures of Batman speeding down the highway, apparently on his way to fight crime somewhere.

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Fairy Tail’s Erza Scarlet is a mage with some kickass armor. Koralene Cosplay cast some spells of her own when she made this striking Erza costume because she made craft foam and posterboard look metallic. Even with the lightweight materials, it must have been a challenge to move in the bulky costume.

Photos by L Exposed Imagery.

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