frozen world of warcraft

The cold doesn’t bother this Elsa Lich Queen from World of Warcraft. Cosplayer Chubear came up with a beautiful way to mash together WoW’s Arthas and Frozen’s Elsa into a stunning ensemble for BlizzCon. She did a positively amazing job with this unique design.

Photos by Darshelle Stevens and Saffels Photography.

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There is plenty of Star Trek cosplay at your average convention, but this is cleverer than most. CaptCash chose to dress as a redshirt who is on an away mission at Comic-Con. He staged every single one as though he was in dire straits from being eaten by a dragon to being run over by a truck. As much as the convention wanted to kill him, he managed to survive every ordeal. Next year he might not be so lucky.

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That’s right—you can turn yourself into HAL 9000 with some simple supplies like cardboard, paint, scissors, glue, and a tablet for the red eye effect.

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Cosplaying kids are always adorable, but this little girl is just stunning. She’s La Muerte from The Book of Life and her Mom didn’t miss a detail while making her costume. It’s covered with candles, skulls, and loads of flowers. Plus, the awesomeness of her makeup is off the charts.

She’s currently in a costume contest at OurKids Magazine so if you’re as impressed as we are, head on over and give her your vote.

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This badass corset is the work of fashion designer Rei Narumiya who is also a photographer. She’s designed incredible military-inspired pieces that could be the foundation to your next cosplay. There’s a corset, skirt, and pouch which are each sold separately and look fantastic when worn together. She initially just made these as prototypes, but they were so well-received that they are now being made-to-order for each customer. The weapons are just props, but they give you an idea of the possibilities.

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Redditor wlp0604’s two little girls wanted to be Cardcaptor Sakura and Kiro for Halloween (from the Cardcaptor Sakura manga), and since those aren’t costumes you’ll find at the store, their Mom sewed them these beauties. She made every part of their costumes herself, except for the little one’s shoes and her leggings which were a last minute addition because it was chilly outside.

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last unicorn costume 1

For my money, The Last Unicorn is one of the best fantasy novels and fairy tales out there. I enjoy the book and the animated movie very much and am always glad to see costumes inspired by the story. Cosplayer Evie E made a gorgeous version of the unicorn in her human form as Lady Amalthea. She based the design on the one in the movie but added her own touches to make it more fitting for a unicorn. She did a fantastic job.

Photos by Anthony James Bultinck.

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This Rocket Raccoon cosplay is so impressive, you’d swear you’re looking at a stuffed figure. It’s the work of Shoko and Jérôme Cosplay and took about a month to create. That sounds like a long time, but considering how good this looks, it’s hard to believe this didn’t take even longer. On that note, Rocket really needs to hang out with this guy.

Photography by CG Pictures.

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stay puft dog

Luke Skywalker (yes!) the Great Dane just saw his first ghost, and he is not a fan. Luke’s owner dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (well, woman) from Ghostbusters for Halloween, and when Luke sees her in costume, he heads the opposite direction. He does everything he can to be as far away from the puffy costume as possible, and I can’t say I blame him for being afraid of ghosts.

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You should be warned, particularly if you have kids, that the feels in this video are off the charts.

Mike Wilson’s 5-year-old son, Jayden, has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. The little guy is only expected to live a year, so Dad gave him the surprise of his life with a visit from Spider-Man for his birthday. It’s short and sweet, and simply beautiful.

The family has also set up GoFundMe and Facebook pages for those wishing to lend their support.

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