zelda 1

It seems as though Princess Zelda has stepped out of all her games and embarked on her own adventure in Finland. Eisy Cosplay spent about 30 hours planning the Zelda ensemble and 92 hours making it. The finished costume is absolutely striking and worth every second, and the setting in the above photo (the Nuuksio National Reserve in Espoo, Finland) adds to the wow factor.

Photos by Askar Ibragimov Photography and Degre Digital.

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Kim Possible 1

What’s the sitch, Kim Possible fans? Whatever you’re up to, we think you’ll appreciate this costume of the teenage crime fighter from the Disney series. AmberSkies Cosplay looks adorable as Kim Possible, and it looks like she’s got all the character’s signature moves down. Amber is planning to wear the costume at Comic-Con.

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kill la kill 3

Satsuki Kiryuin is one of the main characters of the anime series Kill la Kill. She begins as an antagonist, and cosplayer Jovi Heartilly definitely communicates a villainous vibe with her fierce expressions. She seems to have the character’s angry scowl down perfectly.

Photos by Sazon Rob and Kim Mantos.

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She might seem all cute and innocent hanging out with the dwarfs and singing with the animals, but this version of Snow White is ready to kick some Evil Queen butt. Cosplayer Amber Arden has created a fantastic mashup of Boba Fett’s Mandalorian armor with her own princess duds and she looks fantastic. Photos by Estrada Photography.

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Dick Grayson is charming as Robin, but he’s amazing as Nightwing. The hero is fierce, sure, but he also has a much cooler costume. Cosplayer OkumuraFin captures the blues and blacks of Nightwing’s ensemble perfectly. He looks like he belongs in the pages of a comic.

Photos by UselessDevice.

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Now here’s how you throw an epic pool party! This fun photoshoot by The Will Box features group of League of Legends cosplayers ready to hit the beach or the pool and have some fun in the water. Can you identify everyone?

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assassin's creed cosplay

During the gaming convention E3, the makers of Assassin’s Creed caused a bit of a stir when they said there wouldn’t be any female assassins in the next game. Ubisoft’s creative director said it was too costly and too much extra work. These cosplayers at GaymerX are doing their best to prove Ubisoft wrong by pointing out how silly it is.

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peter griffin cosplay

A man dressed as Peter Griffin from Family Guy attended Allentown Comic Con in Pennsylvania last weekend and entertained the crowd during a break in the cosplay contest. He does some stand-up and is absolutely perfect as the character. It’s hilarious.

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malthael cosplay 1

The archangel Malthael of Diablo has a striking countenance. The reaper of souls is scary, and Sakura Flame didn’t have trouble replicating that tone with her wickedly awesome Malthael cosplay. I am amazed by all the details on the armor, and that she designed the ensemble in such a way that she’s able to move in it.

Above photo by Madaj Production.

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We first brought you this Lego Boba Fett cosplay last month, but now we have details on how it was constructed. It was built by The Dented Helmet member CGS1 for his six-year-old son. CGS1 has been a graphic designer for 20 years and decided to replicate the Lego Boba Fett that was featured in the 9496 Desert Skiff lego set.

He wrote extensively about the build process over at The Dented Helmet saying,

“The entire costume is built from scratch using photo references and scans I took myself. The costume is built primarily out of sintra with pink insulation foam used to carve the helmet dome and a small amount of plastazote foam used on the tips and base of the jetpack rockets.” Which jetpack, it bears mentioning, is removable – just like the one on the minifig.

It’s really incredible the amount of thought and dedication that went into making this costume perfect for his little son.

All elements of this costume were approached the same way – photos, measurements, 2D drawings, scale, proportions. I used Adobe illustrator to hash out linear drawings of the helmet. Once I had the correct size of the dome, I was able to start. After a couple failed attempts at creating the dome with plastazote foam (making wedges to form the dome) I decided to carve it the old fashion way and simply used pink insulation foam from Home depot. Once I completed the dome, I began building the helmet using the antenna mount as my anchor point. I used a heat gun to shape and form the sintra, and glued layers to create the details throughout the helmet. After a few revisions ( the dark green concave section wasn’t deep enough and I had to redo it) the helmet was ready for bondo glazing putty. I use this to fill the seams and rough spots in order to achieve a seamless plastic molded look, much like a Lego minifigure.

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