There’s always plenty of Halo cosplay at conventions, but you won’t often see one this large.

This full-scale Hunter cosplay was built by Alexis Smith and stands about 12′ tall. You can check it out in action along with a whole posse of fellow Halo cosplayers in the Cosplay Boom video from Emerald City Comic-Con after the break…

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This stunning cosplay features Luxlo of Cloak & Dagger Cosplay as a Guild Wars 2 warrior. This is only the second full set of armor she’s made and the first time she’s worked with worbla. It took her five months to make and she’s already thinking about her next project.

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One thing’s for sure, ECCC brought out the variety in Han/Leia cosplays. Points for originality and skill to both this genderswapped Han and Slave Leia and a cosplay that reminds us that true love never grows old.

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This Captain America costume was knitted by coslayer FangirlPhysics. She got it all from the boots, to the belt, to the star on her chest. She also had two knitting needles on hand to serve as weapons should the bad guys cause trouble.

Photo: David Alvarez Photography

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Super cosplayer Yaya Han has an Etsy shop filled with awesome accessories for your convention wardrobe. The shop’s latest adorable accouterments “designed by Yaya and lovingly crafted” are these mechanical-looking steampunk wings.

Though the wings look like they are sharp steel-cut blades, they are actually made from lightweight, flexible foam to resist bumping (and slashing) people and walls. So they are perfect for crowed conventions and steampunk events. The layered 3 dimensional design is mirrored on both sides so the wings look amazing from any angle.

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During the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, friends and family pay homage to loved ones that have passed on and help guide their spirit through the afterlife. The festival includes customs of cooking the departed’s favorite foods, building ofrendas, and making decorated sugar skulls in honor of Mictecacihuatl, the Lady Of The Dead.

Inspired by this beautiful tradition, California-based photographer Tim Tadder created a stunning photo series called ‘Las Muertas.’ His subjects adorn intricate makeup from artist Krisztianna and evocative costumes from designer Julia Reeser.

Macabre and mezmorizing, check out more pics from the series after the break.

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This ridiculously good Samus cosplay is the work of d-slim. Photos by Andrew Mori.

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Etsy seller Electric Candy Couture makes wild cosplay accessories from laser-cut acrylic. This impressive “Paleotron Spine” has nearly 50 individual vertebrae held together with stainless steel split rings.

Using chains clasped by a circular gate ring, the spine below your hips allows for free movement to “whip” the tail back and forth. And the acrylic pieces are glow-in-the-dark, but the two battery powered black light LEDs included provide an awesome additional glow effect in any dark space.

“Electric Candy Couture fuses neon with Neolithic to blend ancient themes into futuristic fantasy. It’s innovative costumes and distinct accessories evoke a fantastic other-worldliness where acrylic is transformed by robots and lasers into an iridescent shimmer of color edged by a glint of articulated steel. Wearers of Electric Candy Couture are transformed into epoch-bending visions of radiance evoking surrealist urban nomads and hallucinatory tribal superheroes.”

This Etsy shop makes spines, valkyrie helmets and even fairy wings. Check out more glowing pieces after the break.

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The next time you’re out LARPing, you need to take something like this fantasy elven hood with suede leather maple leaves. It’s medieval nerd camo!

This hood is made made to order and is completely customizable; from the colors of the wool, lining, and suede, to the shape of the leaves, the fabric, and the pattern. That’s pretty cool, if you ask me.

Product Page ($145.66)


Aside from the inspirational speeches and proud moment of receiving that college diploma, most graduation ceremonies as we know it are super snore fests. But Kyoto University and Kyoto City University of the Arts let their pre-alumni have fun with cosplay. And why not? Students work their butts off for four (or more) years and this moment should be fun.

See Also: Last Year’s Graduation Cosplay From Kyoto University

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