Christina of Paint The Photography has shared a story about her 13-year-old son Antony and 5-year-old daughter Anabel (aka Belle) that is pretty much guaranteed to make you cry. [click to continue…]

I can’t say that I’m super familiar with the world of Olympic skiing, but you can count me in as a Mikaela Shiffrin fan now. Based on her accomplishments in the sport, she just might be a real superhero. [click to continue…]

Budget cosplay is often more amusing than it is accurate, but the cosplayer known as Stoosh has managed to create a top-notch Mega Man cosplay for only $50. [click to continue…]

Cosplayer Knightmage can transform into just about anything, but he specializes in Spawn. In fact, he creates a new version of the cosplay every year based on the comics and toys. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]

The cosplayer known as Doctor EX-Girlfriend created this awesome The Dark Crystal SkekTek the Skeksi scientist costume from scratch. We’re talking the whole nine here—right down to sculpting and casting the head in latex. It is a stunningly impressive piece of work. Check out more pics from Sarah Hillier Photography below. [click to continue…]

If you love anime and the cosplay that it inspires, you’ll want to check out the following video and photo gallery from Mineralblu. They captured all of the best cosplay from Anime Matsuri 2017 in Houston. [click to continue…]

Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva won over Japan last year with her adorable Sailor Moon routine, and now she’s brought it back for the World Team Trophy in Tokyo. This time, there’s a video of the entire performance. [click to continue…]

We don’t know who the cosplayers are (yet) but I LOVE the high school spin these three put on their Star Wars cosplay for C2E2. However, you haven’t experienced the full glory of this cosplay until you’ve seen their Breakfast Club dance: [click to continue…]

The absence of Carrie Fisher was deeply felt at this year’s Star Wars Celebration, so one tiny Jyn Erso (aka Harley) made it her mission to pay tribute in the cutest way possible. Armed with a stack of specially-made data cards, she handed out Death Star plans to every Leia cosplayer she met. [click to continue…]

Reddior ocularis01 and his wife are expecting a sidekick! Batman looks thrilled.