The War Boys in Mad Max: Fury Road spray silver paint on their mouths and noses when they’re about to bite the dust. This way they go on to Valhalla all shiny and chrome. It’s a great look to cosplay, but spraying silver paint on yourself could actually send you to Valhalla. Enter, Wilton Edible Silver Color Mist.

This spray on food coloring is available on Amazon and the reviews it has received since the movie hit theaters are fantastic. Not only are the reviews wonderfully Mad Max-themed, but the seller even took some time to respond to a few of them in kind.

See another picture and some of the comments after the break along with an amusing video demo.

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Korra and Asami are ready for a night on the town in this flapper-inspired Legend of Korra cosplay. The pair were at this year’s FanimeCon in San Jose, California in this photo captured by David Ngo.

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cosplayer creed edit

This Assassin’s Creed cosplayer took dedication to new heights when he was photographed perched on a window ledge with a rather long drop.

How long? Check out the full pic after the break.

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This beautiful Leliana cosplay features PippiStix in a costume she created. She decided to make the costume after being challenged by Allegra Clark, voice of Josephine, when they met at PAX Prime last year. In an email she noted:

I was thinking of doing a Leliana cosplay for a while and was chatting with Allegra Clark at PAX Prime last year. She voices Josephine from the game (and is a completely entertaining and hysterical person in RL). Anyways, she challenged me right then and there to create Leliana’s full on chainmaille look in the new game Inquisition. Soooooo, I had to do it. I had no idea how much time creating the chainmaille would actually take and it was insane!!!! Not going to lie, I was finishing it in the car on the way to PAX South and I wound up vomiting in the car. Twice.

There I said it! I upchucked for the Inquisition! ;} Aaaand it was worth it.

That’s what you call dedication.

Pictures by Cnidarium Photography, Becka Noel Studio, and Vontography.

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steampunk fair

The 2015 Steampunk World’s Fair was recently held in Piscataway, NJ and it featured some incredible cosplay. All manner of clockwork costuming from hats and goggles to limbs and even an adorable dragon were on display. Beat Down Boogie found so much to share, they made not one but two videos to highlight the event.

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One of the most frustrating things that can happen while cosplaying is having a wardrobe malfunction during a convention. This “Tailor’s Assistant” from Mardigan Enterprises can definitely be a lifesaver.

The beautiful handmade leather bracer is accented with rivets and brass filigree to match perfectly with your Renaissance-steampunk-knight-warrior-pirate-whatever cosplay. And check out the giant list of sewing essentials:

-replica vintage crane sewing scissors, very usable and quite sharp!

-removable brass thimble with a cut slot for attachment via a strap

-wooden needle case with needles and pins

-handmade red felted pin cushion

-removable wooden bobbins with decorative colored thread; thread and bobbins could be replaced for practical use

It’s even tied together with a cloth measuring tape. Just lovely.

Check out more views of this brilliantly designed bracer after the break.

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Lina Arcana is the Fiery Soul of the Slayer in Dota 2, and this cosplayer has taken the fiery part of that description to heart. Táy Máy Tò Mò appears to have fashioned a budget costume with Coca-Cola labels and the like, but then he sets his hands and his head on fire. The flames burn and he looks to be completely unharmed.

After the break you’ll find a video of the Lina Arcana cosplay along with another video that explains the secret behind the trick. Apparently, the flame effect was produced using a concoction of dishwasher soap and Axe body spray. This is definitely in the “don’t try this at home” zone.

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This motorized patriot cosplay from Bioshock Infinite will blow you away (perhaps literally). The costume and hair are perfect and the make-up is expertly applied. It features cosplayer Erri Kitten Cosplay in photographs by Whiskey and Rye Photography.

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The CSPLYeu photobook is a wonderful Kickstarter project developed by Kyman Cheng, a photographer from The Netherlands. Partnering with Stefan Dorresteijn, his mission was to unite the European cosplay community through a stunning display of vivid images:

“CSPLYeu will contain pictures from over 50 cosplayers originating from over 12 countries. Cosplay is a form of storytelling so our photo shoots will put cosplayers in their character’s natural environment to capture the complete story in a single image. Alongside the book we’ll be creating and selling prints of images featured and not featured in the book.”

For $33 you can back the project with an early bird signed edition of the 11 x 11 (in) book, expected to ship February 2016. And for $67 you can get the book plus 4 prints of your choice.

Check out some of the photo shoot images and a video after the break.

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Redditor miasundance totally nailed this adorable Bulma cosplay from the Dragon Ball series.

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