One of the things I love best about actor Osric Chau (Kevin Tran in Supernatural) is that he’s not only a total geek, but he loves to cosplay. Recently, Osric had the chance to take a gorgeous Assassin’s Creed Ezio cosplay made by Brent Roberts at Forcebewitya Cosplay all the way to Rome.

Photography by Laura Del Brutto at Le jardin des anges gardiens.

It took some serious tourist management and a lot of patience, but the results are simply gorgeous.

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mario guy

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This beautiful Belle from Beauty and the Beast captures the character with the perfect costume. The location is spot on as well. Kudos to cosplayer Ryoko Demon and photographer Kifir.

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raptor pratt prank

The man behind this awesome spider-dog prank just pulled off a Jurassic-sized cosplay prank on Chris Pratt himself. What I love best about this is how well they pulled it off and Pratt’s reaction after the fact.

I would have run away screaming.

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league of legends cosplay

Riot Games challenged Sneaky Zebra to make a League of Legends cosplay video, so they went off to MCM Comic Con and found some incredibly talented cosplayers to showcase. Trust me, these costumes are pretty spot on.

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Ashley Eckstein of Ahsoka Tano and Her Universe fame tweeted the pic saying:

I found my mini-me! This Ashley Eckstein cosplay just melted my heart!!!


Squirtle style is the best style. But that’s not all! The Akujinscos Etsy shop is loaded with wacky anime-inspired glasses. Check out more examples after the break…

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Momocon has come and gone, but we’ve got a new video from Beat Down Boogie to get you up to speed on the amazing cosplay that happened there.

I found myself grinning the entire time I watched this video because it’s so great to see people doing something they love and doing it so well. Hats off to all the great cosplayers and to BDB for putting this video together.

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This Diablo 3 Demon Hunter features Italian cosplayer Dario Cosplay. The photos were taken by Pugoffka at Otaku Festival at a gorgeous castle which makes for the perfect setting.

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These incredible steampunk costumes are works of art. Each was handcrafted from materials like copper, brass, steel, wood, leather, and glass. They were all made by Steampunker who also sells the costumes and components so you can create your own mind blowing steampunk look.

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