A gorgeous Catwoman cosplay (with her kittens) by don_q_de_la_mancha. Photo by York In A Box.

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Meet your new fairy godmother, Allen Gale. Inspired by his grandmother who was a professional seamstress for over 60 years, Allen became passionate about theater and costume design. Although mostly self taught, he earned his degree in Costume Design and Construction to make his passion and unbelievable talent a career.

His Etsy shop currently has magnificent costumes made with high quality fabric that look like they just came off the set of a live action Disney princess movie. The detailing is incredible and Allen models almost all of them himself! Actually, he makes princess Aurora, Belle, and Ariel look stunning. I’m absolutely in love with all his dresses and he completely captures the character at heart.

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20140626_MG_5481_bilderbube - Kopie

This sexy stormtrooper cosplay is the work of model and latex designer Amy Grey with gorgeous photos by Sven Rödig of BILDERBUBE.

A Star Wars fan club from Nuremberg helped out with the shoot, which took place in a Christian youth church of all places. Sven notes that they were “open-minded to our nerdy photo shoot and helped us a lot.”

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Etsy shop owner PresStartNrdEmporium has made this super cozy Pokemon Snorlax dress with monster paw pockets. Monster. Paw. Pockets!

This is the first design for her Pokemon line and it can be worn as a costume or a regular afternoon hang out dress. Did I mention it has pockets? Really this would be my weekend go-to dress forever.

“It is made with stretchy material and has elastic along the top. It also ties in the back so it can fit different sizes.”

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Photographer Adrian Gibbs captured an amazing battle between Sharon Rose’s Captain America and Kayley Marie’s Thor. Their stunning costumes are matched by the natural strength and beauty that Sharon and Kayley express in this shoot. Although Thor would probably win this fight, does it really matter?

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groot woods top

The setting couldn’t be more perfect for this Groot cosplay by Redditor stooch5. It’s just a wonderful photo.

Apparently, the costume is made from EVA foam and pool noodles. Stilts give it the extra height. He’s even working on a Rocket costume for his daughter.

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The second I opened the email for this Mass Effect Commander Shepard cosplay by Freya Willia, I gasped audibly at how good it was.

Willia says this cosplay took two years to build, including the omni blade. In addition, the Carnifex pistol was painted from a kit by Punished Props and the N7 Rifle was built from a kit by Volpin Props. That’s a lot of amazing craftsmanship in one cosplay!

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anime face 1

Or maybe 93% better? 128%? A more modest 78%? I’m not going to crunch the numbers here, but I can definitely state that Twitter user @kasyuu’s trick for adding a face to anime cosplay—best when you’re posing for pics and not walking around, but hey, maybe swinging around foam weapons has left you with high arm endurance—is pretty damn spiffy. Just load a pic of your character’s face onto a tablet, line it up so it matches with the rest of your cosplay (still gotta do that hair), and voila! Instant giant eyes/practically non-existent nose/anime tears/blush lines/tiny mouth/huge screaming mouth (circle as applicable).

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Sailor Moon cosplay doesn’t have to be just for conventions anymore. In Japan, the ubiquitous sailor uniform fashion trend is considered  “nanchatte“, as in “just for fun.” And with super colorful prints like “Heavenly Flash” and “Glowing Jellyfish” these outfits are too friggin’ cute!

Costume party store Clearstone just announced their line of Sailor Moon inspired uniforms which will be available in March and priced at 7,990 yen (US $66). The ensemble includes the top, skirt, and iconic matching neck ribbon.

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katsucon 2015

Didn’t make it to Katsucon? As always, Beat Down Boogie has you covered with his latest series of videos. He notes:

The videos include party Borderlands bunnies, cosplay from Blizzard’s new Overwatch game, Monster Hunter cosplay, tactical Pokemon costumes, a Sailor Moon / Kill La Kill mashup, Shovel Knight cosplay, an armored My Little Pony warrior group, Falcon with moving metal wings and much more.

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