armored batman

Cosplayed by AltReaper.

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The 12th Doctor is just days away from taking the stage, and now you can look just like him with this costume t-shirt. It’s time to move on from the fez and embrace the new Doctor and his black coat with snazzy red lining. Preorder now for shipping on August 23rd.

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501st ice bucket

The 501st Legion is no stranger to combining charity and Star Wars, so they really rose to the occasion when J.J. Abrams nominated them for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Many members participated, and they edited a sampling of doused Stormtroopers, Tusken Raiders, and more together in a video. Some of them even use their helmets, a.k.a. buckets, to dump icy water over themselves.

Don’t forget to visit the ALS website to donate and learn more about the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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sith elsa

Never one to rest on her laurels, cosplayer Amanda Dawn, who we’ve featured here before, has created a Sith Elsa cosplay based on the Sith Disney Princess art by Ralph Sevelius.

If you’ll be at DragonCon, keep an eye out for her. Just try to stay on her good side.

(via Amanda Dawn)


As far as robot-smashy-bang-bang video games go, Titanfall is one of the best. It has a pretty intense following, and it’s becoming a new cosplaying favorite. Case in point: Malaysian cosplayer Craft Access pulled out all the stops and made an incredibly detailed Titanfall pilot costume. All of the details are absolutely perfect, and I’m honestly pretty stunned. You can actually check out a view from the inside of the helmet (it’s a little claustrophobic in there!) after the break.

Photo Credit: Black Rabbit

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Kei Yuki cosplay 1

Kei Yuki is a navigator and science officer in the manga series Space Pirate Captain Harlock. Nikita Cosplay made a costume based on the character for the recent Nippon Nation anime convention in Vienna, and she pretty much nailed the costume.

Above photo by Nikita Cosplay’s boyfriend.

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As complex and amazing as this Metal Gear REX cosplay looks, the most challenging thing about it was getting into the costume. It was designed by Pro Voltage Cosplay who showcased the effort at Otakon 2014. There’s one person inside the costume, but it took three people to put it all together. The person inside had to walk up a ramp, half-costumed, and sit on a bicycle seat before it was all complete!

Image via funkalismo.

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pikachu maid 1

A Pikachu Cafe is currently open in Tokyo, and the restaurant recently hosted an event that featured a Pikachu maid. Celebrity Rika Adachi dressed as pocket monster maid for the event (maid cafes are apparently a thing in that part of Tokyo), and her appearance makes sense since she’ll be appearing in the latest Pokémon movie as Marilyn Flame. I’m not sure why she didn’t dress as her character, but I guess it is a Pikachu themed restaurant.

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new batgirl

As soon as DC Comics showed off the design for the new Batgirl, my first thought was about cosplay. I knew creative folks would jump all over making the ensemble before the first issue of the new series hit shelves in October, and I wasn’t disappointed. EPBOT spotted this new Batgirl cosplayer at Tampa Bay Comic Con, and she looks just like the concept sketch that was released. Amazing.

(via EPBOT)


If you need a rocking Xena: Warrior Princess ensemble, Todd’s Costumes has a highly detailed, screen accurate version. Actress and model Jessica Crouse shows off the awesome cosplay in this series of of badass portraits.

Photos by FirstGlance Photography.

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