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Clearly, Nick Sisto aka meerkatprops didn’t hold back with this Halo: Rech Emile suit build.

Top Photo: Rulison Photography

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marvel accessories

Good news cosplayers! Marvel and Hasbro are teaming up to release a line of role play accessories that are highly detailed but won’t cost anywhere near as much as a typical movie-accurate replica. The line starts with Cap’s shield and Iron Man’s helmet

The Iron Man helmet has a removable faceplate, light up features and sound effects. Marvel Legends Captain America shield measures 24-inches across (the same size as the movie shield) and comes with a faux-metal finish and adjustable straps.

Both are priced at roughly $100 and will be available in the Fall. Check out more pics below.

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She’s cool, calculated, and above all, deadly. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate‘s Evie Frye is awesome and Elanor-Elwyn totally nailed the cosplay.

Kudos to Shaadorian for the fantastic photos.

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With X-Men, Deadpool and X-Force making headlines recently, this new music video from Superhero Pop is super timely. Lila Cheney and Dazzler are part of the coolest band in town in this new video for “I Will Steal Your Heart!”.

It also features New Mutants Cannonball, Cypher, Karma, Magik, Magma, Mirage, Sunspot, Warlock, and Wolfsbane as well as Stevie Hunter and Strong Guy.

It’s an ’80s style superhero adventure with awesome retro style and a killer soundtrack. Watch it below.

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flying nimbus

By now you’ve probably seen a video or two of Goku cosplayers modifying those not-really-hovering hoverboards to look like the Flying Nimbus, but this video from Taiwanese YouTuber Yes Ranger is, spoiler alert, a little more intense than most.

What’s more, Yes Ranger has also uploaded a behind-the-scenes video showing the creation of his Flying Nimbus.

Check out both videos below.

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Catpool Wants Dat Chimichanga


Good thing Catpool has a superior healing factor and nine lives—because that chimichanga is going to take it’s toll.

See Also: This Ruby Rhod Cat Cosplay Is Super Green

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Drag queen Phi Phi O’Hara (of Rupaul’s Drag Race) combined cosplay, great makeup, and My Little Pony in a recent photoshoot and it’s created quite a stir. It also led to a comment that I’d never thought about before. According to Phi Phi, “Drag is “Cosplay”….WE COSPLAY AS A FAKE LADY EVERYTIME WE GET UP IN THIS GIG!”

In addition to the Ponies, O’Hara has also mixed in a series of cartoon characters like Daria and DiDi Pickles as part of a “365 Days Of Drag” project. Apparently, a Sailor Moon series is on the way as well. Personally, I think it’s fantastic.

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Time was you could get away with simply spending months and months assembling one stunning costume. Cosplayer Enayla has raised the bar. Not content with simply recreating the costume of Guild Wars 2 character Asura, she’s only gone and built a nine-foot tall Golem as a prop.

Besides being astoundingly tall, the Golem designed to that Enayla can climb inside. It also has light-up gems, which is pretty golly gosh darned spiffy. Clearly a tremendous amount of work has gone into creating both the outfit and the accompanying behemoth.

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3d printed armor

3D printing master Melissa Ng of Lumecluster recently contacted the goddess known as Felicia Day with an idea for a project that would involve creating “a full regalia of armor” for Day to model.

With the help of Shapeways, this is the result. Ahem…holy crap.

Check out a video about the project below.

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In Psycho Pass, a cyberpunk-crime anime, cops carry a futuristic sidearm called the “Dominator”–which, as you can see above, is a pretty apt name. Needless to say, cosplay props don’t get much better than this.

This amazing replica is a one-to-one scale recreation and it features a whole mess of crazy features like 217 RGB LEDs, built-in speakers that play sound effects (as well as 100 quotes from Noriko Hidaka, the actress behind the voice of the gun in the show), a small camera that provides real-time streaming capabilities to a smartphone and touch sensors on the grip that enable you to lock the gun.

However, the main feature is the gun’s ability to shift between “Paralyzer” and “Eliminator” modes just like in the show.

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