Don Wright is a life-long geek, but he only recently started getting into cosplay. With that said, it looks like he’s found his niche. Don made this costume of Emmet from The LEGO Movie, and he did an excellent job. He mentioned in an email that it was challenging for him to keep the proportions accurate while also making sure that the costume was practical to wear, but it looks like he succeeded. Right on, Don!

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fem cas

The first thing I saw was the wings and I started walking that way because, well, wings. But when I saw the hair and the trenchcoat and realized what this cosplay was about, I admit to running a bit because I just had to have a picture.

The coolest part of this cosplay? She had a hidden pulley system to extend the wings, so I was lucky and got them full out.

On an interesting side note, I was on my way to a Supernatural press event at SDCC when I saw this cosplay and then it started to rain almost immediately after I took this shot. Talk about supernatural.

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zombie cosplay

Or the left one as it were. We’re not sure how she can do that, but it definitely takes zombie cosplay to the next level. Also, it appears that this zombie still uses shampoo.

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I’m minding my own business heading from one side of SDCC to the other and all of a sudden I spy this cosplay rolling up to my right and I was being told to bow down.

I took a picture. Then I got out of there as soon as possible.

I love SDCC.

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Bathing carries a lot of cultural significance in Japan. In fact, it’s pretty common for families to take baths together. With that said, it makes sense that this dad wanted to make bath time a little more fun by doing a bit of cosplay. His pictures have been popping up on a number of Chinese websites, and it looks like they originated from a social networking site called Douban. The user, who goes by Chihiro and lives in Fukuoka, Japan, has posted a ton of goofy pictures online. Take a look at some of our favorites after the break…

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deadpool cupcakes

Recently a guy dressed as a Stormtrooper put a street on lockdown thanks to citizens that weren’t familiar with Star Wars. This time, commuters in Australia who are clearly not comic book fans called the cops on a Deadpool cosplayer named Reuben Rose who was on his way to a charity event.

Granted, he was openly carrying (plastic) swords, and firearms which was probably not the best idea in this day and age, but he was also carrying cupcakes—which is where this story gets amusing.

Thankfully, he was not charged with any crime and was soon on his way to work where he was trying to raise money for Bear Cottage at Manly, a hospice for children.

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I’ve never been much of a Magic fan, but after seeing cosplayer Cspranklerun’s remarkable Elspeth costume, I’m starting to think that a card series that features a tough, spear-wielding warrior lady must be worth checking out again.

Cosplayer: Cspranklerun

Photographer: Indiglue

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star pimps

We’re going to be on the floor of SDCC to bring you all of the awesome cosplay at the show, but if you’re attending and want to be featured on Fashionably Geek, send your cosplay pics and videos to!

That goes for cosplay outside of SDCC as well—or nerdy tattoo pics, nerdy fashion tips, pretty much anything nerdy.

SheRa Cosplay

She-Ra was always cooler to me than He-Man. She fought against the status quo of her world, her enemies were more competent (the fact that they ruled their planet means that they won more often than not), and her sword actually became things that weren’t swords. I’m also a fan of Heather1337 and she looks amazing in her She-Ra Cosplay here, contrasted by Jenifer Ann as her dark-clad reflection.

Cosplayers: Heather1337 and Jenifer Ann

Make Up Artist: Caitlin Birchett

Costume Design: Dustin at Props2Powerloaders

Photos: David Love Photography

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I think cosplayer Charles of Chaks Productions pulled off some of the most cheerful, and detailed, cosplay I’ve seen in a while. His sizable take on Emmet from The LEGO Movie is fantastic, and you’ve got to love how much detail and effort he put into it–I mean, come on, he totally nailed Emmet’s goofy grin!

Cosplayer: Chaks Productions

Photo Credit: Kristin Bomba

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