The capital of Japan has a quarterly steampunk festival called “Steam Garden”, and the first event of 2015 will be held in Harajuku next month. The event is organized by the Tokyo Inventors Society–a group of diehard steampunk enthusiasts–and the Steam Garden FAQ notes that the event’s entertainment, music and booths are all carefully curated, and feature everything from “rodeo girls at a ‘Wild Wild West’ fashion show to Katana-wielding samurai and live Japanese traditional music for ‘Meiji Steam.’”

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Japanese steampunk is deeply influenced by the “Meiji period” (an era in Japanese history that covers the late 1800s up until the early 1900s–roughly the same time as the Victorian era), and the founders of the Tokyo Inventors Society note that Japanese steampunk features some unique variations from its Western counterparts. Luke, one of the founders, told Rocket News:

“Aesthetically, Steam Garden really pioneered what we sometimes call the ‘wild east’ style of Steampunk, a more intense version of the Wa-yo-setyuu style of fusing East and West, and this seems to be inspiring a lot of the younger steampunks now to be proud of Japanese steampunk style, rather than copying a Victorian or American look.”

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The Best “Cosplay”

hydrant cosplay

(via Reddit)


This Daria cosplay captures both the look and the attitude of the character from the show. It features cosplayer adventurine808 of Dasha & Dallas Cosplay who has nailed the look perfectly, right down to the chunky black boots.

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This fantastic Mad Max-inspired cosplay was perfectly captured by photographer Crysco Photography. It features Scarlett Reign as V, Paul Heinrich Speicher as GearJammer, Kelsey Scott as Firestone, and Aileth Bran as Oona as part of an original concept called Badlands.

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boston yeti

God bless whoever it is that decided to dress up as a yeti and wander the streets of Somerville, Mass. Monday night because, not only do they have a freakin’ yeti costume, but they live tweeted the whole thing as @BostonYeti2015.

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The only thing that could have made this better would have been someone cosplaying Luke Skywalker.

Still, its pretty epic. Check out the tweets after the break.

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This fantastic Doctor Doom with a killer assault weapon is the work of cosplayer Thomas Hasenoehrl. Sure, he doesn’t usually have a weapon like that, but if he did, he’d be even more trouble for the Fantastic Four.

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(Cosplay Boom via Kotaku)

tactical fett armor

Ryan Flowers is his name. Making badass Tactical Fett armor his his game. But the best part? He’s taking pre-orders for this armor in a limited run. Get in on it while you can.

(via The Dented Helmet)


It can be a challenge for cosplayers to keep their carefully applied makeup looking fresh through a photoshoot, so Japanese company CosCos has created Liberta. They say that not only will it provide the perfect finish on camera, but that it won’t need to be constantly reapplied or touched-up.

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It includes foundations, powders, lip concealer, and cleansing water. They’ve even developed the line with feedback from cosplayers, so this makeup could be just the thing for your next convention…if you live in Japan that is.

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This cosplayer managed to create a beautiful costume that worked with her talents as a ballerina. Indeed, she was a ballerina Pocahontas at Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2014.

Photo by RyC – Behind The Lens.

(Uproxx via Neatorama)


Well, I know someone who’s excited about the upcoming release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Luke Lawson of Pure Metal Gear Cosplay is a cosplayer from Brisbane, Australia, and he passed along some pics of his excellent Skull Face cosplay along with Quiet cosplayed by Alithia Gaming.

Photos by Richard Bartlett (Alt TV)

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