This $3000 python skin replica of Darth Vader’s helmet by ELEMNT involves choking on several different levels.

Originally produced by Disney based on the mold used to cast the actually movies costume. This is a collectors edition, there is only 1200 of these helmets made in the entire world. The helmet number is 235, box is numbered and kept in original condition. ELEMNT will only commission one sale of Python edition Darth Vader. Handmade in New York, solid 24K gold branding on the rear of the helmet. This item is wearable, the mask and helmet detach.

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thor pranks spiderman

Thor isn’t in Captain America: Civil War, but it appears that he did get in on the action by messing with Spider-Man in petty but hilarious ways.

Check out more of his pranks in the video below.

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Damn LARPers


Alex of Alexandria Photography has experienced the nightmare of every professional photographer.

The dreaded LARPbomb.

Look at that awesome dog though—ready for battle!

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gnar cosplay top

Cosplayer Alice-Maree Joy make look gorgeous in this League of Legends Gnar cosplay—just don’t piss her off. Mega Gnar ain’t nearly as pretty.

Top Photo by Beethy.

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deadshot cosplay top

The Deadshot cosplay by Jourdan (aka Blerd Vision) is pretty dead on. There’s a lot of fun stuff going on here and I can see why he has so many followers. He’s kinda awesome.

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mccalls belle

McCall’s has teamed up exclusively with Fashionably Geek to premiere the third wave of patterns in the Cosplay By McCall’s collection.

Two new patterns BELLE ROGUE and BELLE NOIR were developed in partnership with Ichigo Black, a designer known for her Japanese fashion inspired line of handmade clothing. Like all of her pieces, these new McCall’s patterns draw their inspiration from gothic, lolita and steampunk styles.

But wait until you check out the pics below. The patterns pop even more thanks to custom pieces from Extasia Jewelry, wigs from Arda Wigs, and some gorgeous DIY bridal bouquets (tutorials for the bouquets will be available soon).

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Don’t quote us on any actual world records, but Assist Wig claims that this is the cosplay industry’s longest wig. At over 5-feet in length, I’m inclined to believe them.

Available in ten colors (white silver, black, yellow sun, honey blond, rose pink, red orange, purple ash, blackberry, aquamarine, and dark blue) the wig is made of straight fiber locks, and is just long enough for that Sephiroth wig you want to make.

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black panther cosplay top

Cosplayer Chase Calloway thinks his current Black Panther cosplay is okay but not great, and he says that he’s planning to make another one. Meanwhile, I’m looking at his cosplay and thinking “Damn, that looks great”.

Top photo by tonnoy_kay.

You be the judge. Check out more photos below.

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Robert Downey, Jr. continues to prove he’s an awesome human being. This time he took a little side trip to The Great Ormond Hospital before the London premiere of Captain America: Civil War.

While he was there, he took pictures with some of the kids, including 7-year-old Ethan Miller who, based on the costume, is definitely Team Iron Man. Needless to say, Chris Evans needs to follow up for Team Cap.

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Cosplayer Michael Wilson aka Knightmage has put together an Afro Samurai cosplay that makes me think we need a lot more Afro Samurai cosplay in our lives.

I love the hair and I’m kind of fascinated with the headband. I wish I could walk around looking like the wind was constantly blowing around me.

Photos by Gwendolyn Graham and Black Apple Studios.

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