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Y’know how J.J. Abrams is helping raise money for UNICEF by working with Omaze to give away a role on Star Wars Episode VII as part of the Force For Change? Well, it looks like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert just got word as well.

Personally, I hope both of them get a role because they’re amazing and hilarious.

Plus. Jon Stewart as Leia. What more do you need in life?

Make sure you’re not drinking anything and check it out of the break.

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Iron Man charity

Redditor IWasSurprisedToo recently embraced every facet of the superhero persona when he donned his Iron Man armor. He appeared at an event for disabled children and children with Down’s Syndrome called the Teen Tastic Fishing Derby. The event is hosted by Gigi’s Playhouse of Fox River Valley, and this is the second year Iron Man has attended. He gave hugs, high-fives, and spread smiles to kids who need a boost. You rock, Iron Man.

See more images from the heartwarming event in the gallery after the break.

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spidey and wonder woman

Remember the guy who built an incredible Ultimate Spider-Man costume last year? Well, he’s been out and about doing some superhero-like things. No, he hasn’t been tackling bad guys, he’s been visiting hospitals to cheer up sick kids. Performing charitable acts is a big aspect of cosplay for some, and we’re pretty sure Wonder Woman and Spidey spread some cheer on Free Comic Book Day.

They partnered with a comic book shop, The Comic Bug, to take a little of the comics holiday to people who couldn’t get out and attend the events. The expressions on the faces of kids and adults in these photos says it all.

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doctor zipline

I don’t know what you did this weekend, but cosplayer Andrew Younger ziplined off the top of London’s Tyne Bridge as the Fourth Doctor to help raise money and awareness for Tiny Lives. It’s a charitable trust that helps to care for 700+ premature and sick newborn babies and their families each year.

While he had to trade Fourth’s hat for a safety helmet, Younger did make the leap in the full suit and signature scarf. You can see it flapping as he goes. It’s pretty awesome.

He even managed to shout out “Would you like a jelly baby?” on the way down. That’s commitment. I think he gets Doctor Who bonus points for not passing out. I know I would have.

Head after the break to see the video. It’ll make your day.

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star wars_Upload

The Empire Saber Guild is a not-for-profit, Lucasfilm recognized fan group along the lines of the 501st and Rebel Legions. They perform at all sorts of events and we’ve covered their work in the past, but recently they gave a very special performance for St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital.

St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital is one of only a handful of organizations around the country that is dedicated to providing intensive rehabilitation, specialized care, and education to children with special needs and life-limiting conditions. When Empire Saber Guild learned about the amazing work St. Mary’s was doing they reached out to help and perform for the kids.

Not only did they put on a great show for the kids, but they brought along a bunch of extra lightsabers and gave the kids a lesson.

Needless to say, it’s hard not to get choked up when watching the video. Check it out after the break…

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Nathan Fillion became the Dark Lord of the Sith to help raise funds for the 501st and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. He makes a stunning Darth Vader and you can purchase a print of Lord Fillion along with a very attractive Chewbacca to help support the cause. That’d be Make-a-Wish, not the Empire.

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tina fey marty mcfly

Tina Fey was one of the guests at the recent gala “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s” and, citing the inability to score a dress and get her hair done, dressed a lot like Marty McFly.

She was, as always, awesome and adorable.

Check out the video after the break.

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Horses go onto the field of battle with armor, so why shouldn’t your guinea pig be afforded the same courtesy? Lucky looks like he could take on an army of Orcs, but sadly he passed away recently. His owner has decided to auction off Lucky’s armor with the proceeds going to Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue in Virginia. You can get some incredible handmade armor for your guinea pig and be helping his furry friends at the same time.

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From the Press release:

Arkham, MA (March 15, 2013) – On view from April 1 through June 2013′s Full Moon, at Pickman Gallery, Arkham, MA: A Tremulous Song, the Miskatonic Valley Through a Child’s Eyes.

As part of a county-wide effort to promote and support Miskatonic Valley early education programs, the Pickman Gallery will be displaying artwork created by Hangman’s Brook Family Center student, Lilith Barrial.

A public reception with Pickman Gallery staff and the faculty and students of Hangman’s Brook Family Center will be held at Pickman Gallery on March 31, 2013, from midnight until 3am. No RSVP required. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches generously provided by the Arkham Asylum Rehabilitation and Reassimilation Project.

As part of the newest BPAL update, scents will be released based on the Tremulous Song series and proceeds will be donated to First Book, an organization that distributes books and educational resources to programs and schools serving children from low-income families throughout the United States and Canada.

Each of the scents is listed with the artwork that inspired it, the medium, the artist explanation and a scent description. For example, CYKRANOSH (photo above) is done in “Construction paper and glue, 2013″, is described as My Saturn has all the rings & a scent description of “Sour gummi bears, cherry cordial, and apricot preserves”.

Check out more artworks and associated scents after the break.

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Although most people see cosplayers as just people who like to dress up, many cosplayers use their incredible costumes to help raise money for charities. A great example is the 501st which is a worldwide costuming organization that doesn’t charge for appearances, but instead requests a donation be made to a charity in their name. If you’re a Star Wars fan, then having your local garrison of the 501st at your wedding will not only add some geeky flair to the event, but will let you start your married life off by helping those in need.

May the Force be with you on your wedding day!

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