cat purse 1

Fellow cat enthusiasts: prepare yourself, for you are about to learn of the most wonderful handbag of all time. Are you ready? It’s a purse made with a picture of a cat! Just look at it. Instructables user push_reset crafted the canvas bag with adjustable straps from the printed image of a reclining feline. You have to print the kitty on fabric and perform some intermediate level sewing to assemble the purse – if it’s beyond your skills, grab a friend to help because this bag is worth it.

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No matter how you look at the Schrödinger’s Cat experiment, these earrings have got you covered. One is happily alive while the other is very much dead, dead, dead. Just be prepared to explain to everyone why your mismatched earrings both match and don’t match.

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Max-Arthur is a cat that likes to ride around on a Roomba. Today, he’s doing it while dressed as a shark. He’s also entertaining a baby who is also dressed like a shark. Both of them look thoroughly amused in this adorable way to celebrate Shark Week.

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The cat version of Far Cry 3‘s Vaas looks even scarier, and possibly more insane. It’s the fault of Russian photographer and artist Nikol Lisova who posed her cat, Masaya, along with some poor stuffed animal buried up to its neck. Yup, with that mohawk and the gleam in its eye, the cat is definitely scarier than Vaas.

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cat armor 3

Want to make your cat the most feared and respected feline in the neighborhood? Then it’s time to suit up. Etsy seller schnabuble makes Cat Battle Armor, and the only word to describe it is “epic”. The leather armor is based on a harness so as long as your cat is used to one of those, you can make the switch to armor in no time.

The armor is the real deal; it’s not just made for looks. It comes with articulated plates, the scales all fit together seamlessly, and the leather is thick. My only concern is that putting it on one of my cats would encourage them to maul me.

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eye makeup cat

You’ve heard of cat eye makeup, but have you seen a literal interpretation of that? Makeup artist Tal Peleg came up with the look that features a ball of yarn, and it would be freaking perfect for Halloween. She’s created a variety of vivid looks featuring Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, Snow White, The Ugly Ducking, and so many more. I can’t imagine how to apply eye makeup like this without ending up looking like a drunk clown. Peleg’s work is simply stunning.

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cat vader t-shirt

The idea of cats wielding the Force is terrifying. Their moods change faster than Darth Vader’s, and they wouldn’t hesitate to take you out of the picture if you pet them the wrong way or don’t change their water enough. This shirt makes the idea look absolutely adorable though! Each one is made to order.

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This kitten is Sir Stuffington. He was attacked by a racoon as a baby and lost an eye and a tooth in the struggle. He and his brothers have recently been adopted and now Sir Stuffington likes to dress up like a pirate because he knows no one will deny him cat treats when he’s this darn cute. His owner’s even started a facebook page and is selling prints of Sir Stuffington to raise money for their local animal shelter to help him and other animals in need.

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cat dressed as vader

What’s that? Someone needs Force-clawed? Kitty Vader doesn’t care. Kitty Vader is comfortable in his meditation chamber and doesn’t want to be disturbed. I mean, seriously, could you imagine a cat with the power of Darth Vader? Sure it looks cute in the outfit but as soon as you turn your back, you’ll be sliced and diced and wishing you were on Alderaan when it was attacked.

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