Forget dressing like 007 – everyone does that. It’s much cooler to go as the awesome N64 game cartridge version of Goldeneye. Anyone who spent an insane amount of hours playing this game will appreciate the epic-ness of this costume. You, sir, are a genius!

(Reddit via Gamefreaks)


If you have a special place in your heart for the third installment of the Super Mario Bros franchise, this necklace will serve as a reminder of all the good times you shared. Plus, it is way more discreet than the actual cartridge you have dangling from your neck Flavor Flav-style.

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Super Mario Cartridge Shirt

Throw all the pictures of video game action that you want onto a t-shirt, but making yourself look a giant Nintendo game cartridge is one up on all of them. anyone of a certain age group will immediately have flashbacks just seeing this thing.

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