This incredible makeup is the work of Laura Jenkinson who is a London-based makeup artist. She used her talents to turn her mouth into different cartoon characters. It’s surreal and amazing because the characters are so well-done, and look more than a little freaky when you take them in with the rest of her face.

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Oh, Spider-Man. Well, at least he never has to buy his own waxing kit.

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Sam and Moro

Neat San and Moro from Princess Mononoke tattoo by Thayne at Universal Ink in Broadbeach Australia.

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Cartoon Scientists Tattoo

Cartoon Scientists Tattoo

Awesome tattoo featuring cartoon scientists. Done by Andy Von at Trophy Life Tattoo in Ayer, MA.

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This mash-up takes the cute of Dexter’s Laboratory and mashes it up with the very not cute world of Breaking Bad. The result is a Walter who, even with his angry face, is absolutely adorable.

Product Page ($20 via shirtoid)

If you’ve always envied the flat, inked look of  cartoon characters’ handbags, you’re in luck. These “Jump From Paper” bags provide the 2D style you crave along with “bright and cheerful” colors and plenty of storage space for personal belongings and even a laptop. Three styles are available, each offering different dimensions and color combinations.

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Since Spongebob is a wealthy Nickelodeon character, he doesn’t have to subject himself to the horrors of kitchen work. Not what I can say for the four scrubbing sponges I have on duty to clean grease and burned cow off my Foreman grill.

Product Page: ($9 via The Awesomer)

Use your imagination and pretend this is supposed to look anything like a TMNT character instead of an excuse to see a woman wearing a revealing costume. Take away the sai and the tiny shell on the back and you’ll have something that looks more like “Santa’s Sexy Elf” sporting four freak abs and giant breast muscles.

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war pigs t-shirtThis is how the three little pigs protect their property in the unauthorized version of  the story. Needless to say, it ends with the wolf being handed his own ass.

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It’s hard to maintain a badass image when you have a soft spot for Disney characters; unless of course, that character happens to be a skeleton. In any case, you’ll have an interesting ring made of 100% silver, as well as tangible proof that Minnie’s eyelashes are actually part of her skull. Not a bad deal.

Product Page: (£140, or about $229.81)