Here’s what you absolutely don’t want to wear this year unless you’re looking to scare all the kids and possibly get arrested. It’s a skin-tight, spandex Santa suit complete with belt and hat. And you thought the Santa at the mall was scary!

Product Page ($50 David Wahl via Laughing Squid)


This is both horrifying and fascinating at once. The Nicolas Cage as Everyone morph suit features the actor’s face over your face, but the rest of the suit is covered with images of his face morphed with other famous characters. There’s even a Nic Cage as Jean-Luc Picard on the thigh. I just can’t stop staring at this thing!

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If you thought this Totoro bodysuit was disturbing, then we’ve got more fodder for your nightmares. I don’t get the lure of the body suit, but apparently enough of you do that there are a whole bunch of them out there from Mario to Pikachu to Power Rangers. To each his spandex-clad own, I suppose.

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Knitted Bodysuit

Somebody’s Grandma has been working overtime.

(via 9GAG)

Lazy Grow Leisure Suit

…Then you obviously haven’t seen these Lazy Grow Leisure Suits yet. They’re basically glorified pajamas that merge roomy tracksuit bottoms with a loose and oversized hoody to give you what is touted as the world’s most comfortable piece of clothing.

The bodysuit is 65% cotton and 35% polyester and comes in pink, green, gray, and navy blue.

Product Page ($114)