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r2 belly

Tony Giordano and his wife Stefaney are expecting. They’re big Star Wars fans so, naturally, they got R2-D2 to help keep things running smoothly until the big day.

Artist Nick Wolfe painted her belly and Daniel Deutsch supplied the life-size droid (and the pictures).

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silver surfer body paint 1

This picture of the Silver Surfer looks like it came out of the pages of a comic book, but it’s actually body paint by Cris Alex. The talented makeup effects artist wanted to re-create the cover of Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #20 by Ron Lim, and she used body paint for the project. I’m going to say she succeeded in her effort. I can’t believe this isn’t a flat illustration. My mind is blown.

Alex used “PPI Skin Illustrator and board and rock created with foam core and acrylic paints” for the effort. She shot the photos with a strong light in order to make the body paint appear flatter and more comic book-y (that’s totally a word).

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These incredible images are the work of New Zealand artist Lara Hawker who has used paint to turn herself into otherworldly creatures. The top image shows her hands, carefully painted, so that when she holds them up to her face she becomes part Tiger. Her other work is downright scary with a a zombie, a monster, and a Titan.

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This body paint is so good that it takes your brain a few seconds to grasp what it’s actually seeing. Believe it or not, this is a contortionist that’s bent over backward and painted to look like a tarantula. She also did a sea horse and giraffe design but the spider is by far the creepiest of the lot.

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It takes a lifetime of training to become a true sword-wielding warrior, but it only takes roughly three hours of body paint work to sort of look like one. Case in point: Mr. Nagata from the Japanese comedy site Omocoro enlisted the aid of artist Hikaru Cho to paint him a sculpted, King Leonidas-style ripped chest. After several hours, quite a bit of body paint (and a haircut?) and the addition of some last minute props, Nagata was magically transformed into a hardened Spartan warrior.

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corpse bride

This Corpse Bride cosplayed by Louise Briggs and photographed by Beki Doig really is stunning. Louise made the costume and did the body paint. Beki added a little retouching to recreate the look of the last scene of the film.

Loiuse doesn’t currently have a cosplay page, but if she keeps making cosplays like this, I hope she will soon.

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This very sexy Lady Deadpool body paint cosplay features Shelle-chi as photographed by ArtistiCurves. She’s a big Deadpool fan and was excited about the challenge of trying to get an accurate bodysuit with body paint, and the end result is stunning.

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This is an amazing mashup of My Little Pony and Transformers in some very sexy body paint. It’s the work of RoustanBodypaint who made the shoes by using hot glue to attach pieces of foam core that were then sculpted into the right shape with a knife. It took about 10 hours to make the costume and then 2.5 hours more hours to apply the body paint for the stunning finished product.

(via reddit)

body paint lanterns 3

Members of the Lantern Corps represent several colors of the emotional spectrum, and a new project shows them all off with artfully applied body paint. Photographer Wilfred Miranda and makeup artist Krystal Umi have been working on the project for a few months now, and it’s easy to see why it took time. Between makeup sessions, scheduling shoots with the models, and editing the photos to add some flair, this is quite the impressive undertaking.

Photos by W. Miranda Photography, makeup by Krysal Umi.
Models: Loki / Laya Eht Rellik Queen / Krystal Umi / Pam Kat / Lunnaris / Annette / Nikki Red / Alice Pandora / Midnight Blossom

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make up 1

There’s applying makeup to add some color and to cover up pimples, and then there’s applying makeup to transform yourself into someone or something else. Elsa Rhae took stage makeup as an elective and has been playing around with application for less than a year. In that time she’s taken face painting to a whole new level. She’s made herself look like a White Walker, Master Chief, and the Joker among others. She’s got some serious talent.

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