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And sloths. Terrifying monster sloths.

Lithuanian artist Saida Mickeviciute uses makeup to transform herself into creatures ranging from scary porcelain dolls to skinless monsters and everything in between.

The self-taught makeup master is currently a fashion and textiles student in the United Kingdom, and she noted during an interview with Bored Panda that she derives much of her inspiration from horror movies and Tim Burton’s work.

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finding dory makeup

And just like that, sleep will be elusive.

You have makeup artist Chrisspy to thank for your night terrors. Perhaps the best solution is to confront your fears and try this transformation for yourself. Chrisspy will show you how in the tutorial video below. [click to continue…]


Photographer and artist Adriano Rodrigues partnered with model Sarah Luke and makeup artist Breeanna Nichols for a photography class project titled “Neon Dream“. Nichols covered Luke’s upper body with black paint, and then added a dash of makeup that reacts to UV light. Once Rodrigues brought out a black light, Luke was basically transformed into a walking-and-talking portrait of the night sky—or maybe a glowing city as seen from above. Check out more pics after the break…


16-year-old makeup artist Lara Wirth, has a talent for being creepy–and I mean that as a total compliment. She’s entirely self-taught, and she enjoys using her makeup skills to transform herself into terrifying creatures. Check out more examples (and videos) below. [click to continue…]


It’s been a while since we had Kay Pike on the blog, but she’s back with a Dragon Ball Z Piccolo bodypaint that will blow your mind.

You should know, I wanted to make the “Over 9000” joke somewhere in here, but I didn’t. But I wanted to. This is though….over 9000. Just sayin’

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Sure, Kay Pike’s Poison Ivy body paint cosplay is impressive. Everything she does is impressive.

I can only imagine how much work and effort went into making this incredible cospaint. Oh wait, I can watch the time lapse video of the process below!

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Hogwarts Mermaids


Mermaids that are also wizards? A Hogwarts that’s under the sea? Why not? I mean, we’ve seen weirder mashups.

Four makeup artists armed with Espionage Cosmetics collaborated on the project, and you can check out all of the details on their individual looks in the Instagram posts below.

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Cospainter and cosplayer Kay Pike had a perfect project for the release of Deadpool—a Lady Deadpool cospaint! When Kay does a bodypaint session, she usually broadcasts on Twitch, but in this case, she also recorded the stream and released a time-lapse video.

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This woman really is super talented. I always look forward to her stuff. Check out more pics and the video below.

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ossa top


Makeup artist Andrea De La Ossa’s Instagram page is loaded with impressive body paint designs, and much of it is unsettling in the best possible way.

Check out some of our favorites below.

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ash clements

Makeup artist and body painter Ash Clements has a knack for transforming herself into some gorgeously hideous creatures. She shares many of these amazing creations on her Instagram page, usually a video accompanied by two still shots and details of the makeup used.

From evil Frosty to a rotting zombie, this girl can pull it all off.

Check out more examples of her work below.

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