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body paint

We’ve seen a lot of body paint projects over the years, but it usually involves transforming into a character. Australian makeup artist Georgina Ryland, on the other hand, used her body as a canvas for a truly spectacular Hogwarts painting. You can see the work in progress in the time-lapse video below. [click to continue…]

We’ve seen Kay Pike do some extraordinary things with body paint, but her transformation into C-3PO might be the most complete. Watch her disappear into the character below. [click to continue…]


The Silver Surfer is probably not the silliest comic book character ever created (shout to Calendar Man, who is flat out ridonk), but when it comes to preposterous it doesn’t get much better than a man made of silver who flies through space on a surfboard. That is, unless you are a regular dude named Jesse Wellens of PrankvsPrank who got painted up to ride through the streets of NYC on an electric surfboard.

With body paint by the preposterously talented Alexys Fleming of MadeYewLook, Wellens looks the business – and the citizens of NYC certainly seem to agree! Check out a video of Wellens riding through town, along with some behind-the-scenes videos of the paint application and the video shoot, below. [click to continue…]

kay pike wonder woman

Cospaint master Kay Pike continues to amaze me. This time, she’s gone and turned herself into Wonder Woman.

See how she did in in the time lapse video below. [click to continue…]


With a bit of paint, clever lighting, photo-editing, and a little imagination, artist Lisha is able to transform her arms into trippy optical illusions.

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She noted on Bored Panda that she’s “fascinated by anything weird or unusual.”

Apparently, so are we.

Check out more of her work below. [click to continue…]

kay pike top

We haven’t featured cospaint master Kay Pike in a while. Let’s see what she’s been up to.

Holy crap! Look at this Power Girl, Shiklah and Widomaker!

Seriously, LOOK. You can check out the videos below. [click to continue…]


And sloths. Terrifying monster sloths.

Lithuanian artist Saida Mickeviciute uses makeup to transform herself into creatures ranging from scary porcelain dolls to skinless monsters and everything in between.

The self-taught makeup master is currently a fashion and textiles student in the United Kingdom, and she noted during an interview with Bored Panda that she derives much of her inspiration from horror movies and Tim Burton’s work.

Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]

finding dory makeup

And just like that, sleep will be elusive.

You have makeup artist Chrisspy to thank for your night terrors. Perhaps the best solution is to confront your fears and try this transformation for yourself. Chrisspy will show you how in the tutorial video below. [click to continue…]


Photographer and artist Adriano Rodrigues partnered with model Sarah Luke and makeup artist Breeanna Nichols for a photography class project titled “Neon Dream“. Nichols covered Luke’s upper body with black paint, and then added a dash of makeup that reacts to UV light. Once Rodrigues brought out a black light, Luke was basically transformed into a walking-and-talking portrait of the night sky—or maybe a glowing city as seen from above. Check out more pics after the break…


16-year-old makeup artist Lara Wirth, has a talent for being creepy–and I mean that as a total compliment. She’s entirely self-taught, and she enjoys using her makeup skills to transform herself into terrifying creatures. Check out more examples (and videos) below. [click to continue…]