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alice top

If you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland, and especially of the game Alice: Madness Returns, then these looks inspired by the game are going to blow your mind. They’re all done by Madeyewlook who is a self-taught makeup artist and body painter. She’s done everything from Rayman to Rob Zombie to Ursula, but these Alice looks are just incredible. She’s not only come up with these designs, but she’s got video tutorials so you can see how she did it and try to replicate the looks on your own.

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woman in moth

We loved the woman body painted and posed to look like a parrot and now we have another awesome optical illusion with this body paint by artist Paul Roustan. There’s a woman painted and hidden within this illustration he also did of a Pandora Sphinx moth.

I could say something here about transformations and the intent behind the art, but I’ll let you make your own conclusions when you hit the jump and see how cool this is.

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This nightmare inducing image is the work of Alexander Khokhlov who has turned a regular human into a freaky real version of Marge Simpson. There’s no Photoshop trickery here. He’s used only makeup and accessories to create Marge’s face and her iconic mountain of blue hair.

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venture body paint 1

Characters in Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros. have striking costumes, and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch’s outfit may be the most eye-catching. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination and is ideal for body paint since there isn’t a lot of costume to paint!

Model Smurfasur SG wears the art well and sitting for the painting process is probably easier than trying to say “Dr. Mrs. The Monarch” ten times fast.

Body paint by Allyson Averell, photos by Joey D.

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I’m not the biggest Transformers fan, but I have to say that I”m pretty impressed with Rosie Mae’s cosplay. Body painter Allyson Averell really did a terrific job too.

Photographs by Joey D.

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iron man 1

I know Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor keeps him safe, but it sure does look uncomfortable. What if he could get it painted on? The process would be slightly longer and it wouldn’t protect him from super villains, but it would be more lightweight.

Okay, maybe the trade-off isn’t ideal for Tony Stark, but it’s fine for a cosplayer! Talented makeup artist Allyson Averell managed to paint the armor on along with accessories like glowing arc reactors and hand repulsors. It might not be suited for fighting, but it’s perfect for striking photos.

Photos by Joey D, modelled by Mariah the Model.

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sally body paint 3

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas has a distinctive look that’s hard to copy. I always admire people who can get her stitches and blue skin just right, but makeup artist Allyson Averell blows that away. She painted Sally’s entire outfit onto a model, and the result is jaw-droppingly good. She nailed all the patterns on the ragdoll-like dress, and I don’t even want to think about how long this took to apply. Both the artist and model have patience I can’t even imagine.

Photos by Joey D.

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tron body paint 5

This Tron: Legacy body paint cosplay is the product of a talented trio.

The body paint was done by Allyson Averell and is cosplayed by Farrah DeFulio. The photography is by Joey D.

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cortana body paint

I have to figure that, when you’re cosplaying a hologram, you have to give some consideration to the idea that you’re cosplaying an image rather than a physical being. Which is why I think the Cortana body paint cosplay works. It captures the idea of an image brought to life.

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spider woman cosplay

It’s kind of amazing what some body paint, a little imagination, and some serious curves can create — as evidenced by this Spider-Woman bodypaint cosplay.

Cosplayed by Sonia. Photography by Jose Manchado.

It’s an eye-popping photo shoot. Check out more images after the break.

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