Christmas sweater season isn’t far off, and we have two early examples that will surely make you the envy of every nerdy, ugly sweater enthusiast in your circle of friends. First up is this delightful knitted Batman “Christmas Knight” number featuring a bold Bat symbol, Gotham skyline and even the Batmobile. It is currently available to pre-order in limited quantities.

The BB-8 sweater hasn’t been released yet, but that should change soon. In the past we’ve seen this sort of thing on YellowBulldog in the UK and Merchoid in the states, so stay tuned.

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Bat Eye Mask For Grimefighters


Wish Formula is selling a bat eye mask for grimefighters. Yes…yes they are. Here we see our hero armed with two hydration cannons, ready to moisturize dreaded dry skin and save the world from the scourge of wrinkles.

Wish Formula’s Bat Eye Mask is rich in vitamin C, adenosine, centella and fermented honey. This fantastic combination provides excellent anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing effects on the eye-zone as well as strong hydration and a soothing effect to brighten skin tone.

Bat Eye Mask (£2.20 or $2.86US)

(via Wish Formula)


Cats were so smug with their Viking hats. But now your pups can know the joys of crochet cosplay thanks to AegeanDrawn. She sells all kinds of crochet masks and accessories including the awesome Captain America, Batman, and Dinosaur/Dragon versions pictured here. As you can see from the image above, I’ve managed to accidentally create a two-headed dual superhero golden. They should make a movie based on this concept immediately.

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Cosplayer Dynamite Webber does the best Nightwing in the biz—his New 52 armor is testament to that. It’s so good, in fact, that it may have drawn the attention of the designers behind Batfleck’s new tactical armor. In that post we talked about some possible inspirations for the design, but this is definitely the most spot on. Check out the comparison below and decide for yourself. [click to continue…]


Director Zack Snyder slapped a photo of “the new Tactical Batsuit” onto his Twitter feed yesterday. In my opinion it looks like a weird hybrid of the Batman v Superman Batsuit and the suit worn by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, with a hint of the Keaton Batsuit in the cowl area.

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Maybe I’m biased, but it does seem like the British are better at some things than everyone else. We make better chocolate, great television, and nobody does Imperialist totalitarianism like we… well, we used to. Maybe we still do! Depends on how that Brexit thing shakes out.

So my chest swells with British pride as I share with you this Robin cosplay by fellow Brit Stevie Dee, who modeled his outfit on the one briefly seen displayed inside of a case in the Batcave during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Y’know, the one that the Joker had graffito-tagged.

The suit features recently-added leather accents and will soon have weathering and scuffing to age it, but the centerpiece of Dee’s suit is an amazing belt, sculpted by fellow cosplayer Lee Hurley. Hurley’s name might sound familiar to anyone who saw that amazing Groot cosplay from Dragon Con a couple of years ago. Check out more photos of the suit build below. [click to continue…]


I bloody love cosplayers. I especially love cosplayers who go above and beyond, like Julian Checkley. Not content with merely looking like Batman – specifically, Batman as seen in the Batman: Arkham series of games – he gave the costume working gadgets, too. A LOT of working gadgets.

There are a total of twenty-three fully functional gadgets on Checkley’s Batsuit, which so impressed the folks at Guinness World Records that they awarded him “Most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit” in their upcoming Gamer’s Edition for 2017. See the suit in action below, along with a list of all the gadgets. [click to continue…]


If you have the means, you could officially be a Batman TIE Pilot Wizard that just got accepted into Hogwarts.

Indeed, The UK-based Prop Store is auctioning off over 570 items from 160 different movies and television shows including Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Terminator, Gremlins, Jaws, Predator, Goonies, and more. Items like Christian Bale’s Batsuit, Tom Hardy’s Bane costume, Arnold’s Terminator shotgun and Harry Potter’s Hogwarts acceptance letter are just a few of the items available. Seriously, this is one of the most loaded auctions we have ever seen.

The auction will be held at the Odeon BFI Imax theater in London on September 27th and bids can be placed in person, online, or by phone. Check out more of the available items below. [click to continue…]

j.k. simmons ripped

I’m minding my own business yesterday just bopping around on Twitter and suddenly I see a picture of J.K. Simmons aka J. Jonah Jameson aka Emile Skoda (my Law & Order boyfriend) looking more ripped than Hugh Jackman. Dude is 61 years old!

Simmons has always been in good shape, but he bulked up for Whiplash and it appears that he’s getting bulkier and beardier than ever for his role as Commissioner James Gordon in Justice League. So now the question becomes, is he just working out to keep in shape or is that physique going to come into play for the film?

The New 52 did give way to a Jim Gordon Batman. Could we be seeing that in the new Justice League movie?

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I have no idea who this Batman baby belongs to so I don’t know which magical parents I have to thank for this image, but it’s just so glorious that I’ll just thank the collective universe for bringing it into the world.

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