Last week we posted some of the Star Wars sleepwear at Target, and one of the things that caught my eye were the adult onesies. Knowing they existed for Star Wars I had to do another search. This time I found some amazing family sleep collections that even include costumes for the dog.

In addition to more of the Star Wars sleepwear , I also found collections for Captain America, TMNT, and Batman—which includes some of the cutest dog costumes ever.

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We’ve seen some pretty spectacular Suicide Squad Harley Quinn cosplay, but this version from Lunar Lanie might be the best. As you can see, it looks like she’s ready for a night on the town with the Joker (i.e. robbing a bank, stealing the Batmobile, hassling Commissioner Gordon, you know—the usual).

Photos by Martin Wong

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Etsy shop HardResols uses recycled computer circuit boards to create unique necklaces based on a variety of fandoms. Each pendant is cut, sanded, polished, and protected in resin by hand.

For computer geeks like me, this is the best way to combining everything I love into jewelry. In this collection, there are symbols from sci-fi and video games like Batman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Super Mario, Assassin’s Creed, and Zelda.

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Sorry to upset you with bad news, but a person like Lenny B. Robinson deserves to be recognized and remembered.

Lenny B. Robinson aka Route 29 Batman was one of the good guys. According to the Washington Post, he was killed in a highway crash along I-70 in Maryland last night when he pulled over with engine trouble.

If you are unfamiliar, Robinson was a wealthy 51-year old Maryland man who became well known for dressing like Batman and driving his black Lamborghini (and later a Batmobile replica) to local children’s hospitals where he would hand out toys and cheer kids up with a visit from the Caped Crusader. In fact, he was on duty right ’til the end:

Robinson had just stopped at a gas station, where he met a family whose children were interested in his custom-made car, Maryland state police in Hagerstown said. Robinson gave the kids some superhero paraphernalia before leaving about the same time as his new acquaintances. When they saw him pull over, they did the same and witnessed the 10:30 p.m. accident, state police said.


batman beyond cosplay

This Batman Beyond cosplay by French cosplayer NightCold Créations is something else. It’s hand crafted, an original design, and took a year and a half of work and planning. If this guy ever gets a 3D-printer, he could take over the world.

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Batman V Peacock

batman vs peacock

Batman can’t back down from a challenge, even when it’s a peacock plumage battle. Who will emerge as the alpha male?

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This Arkham Knight suit looks ready for bat-battle, and it was made on a 3D printer. Cosplayer Crimson Coscrafts teamed up with Graphix Monster for the incredible build and photographer Lucas Ambrosio brought life and lighting to the awesome suit.

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batman tattoo upgrade

It’s not quite as clever as this one, but it’s definitely a more dramatic upgrade.

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real life bat kid

We all know about BatKid Miles here in the states, but now there’s a new BatKid in the UK who’s a real life superhero.

Five-year-old Zavi Ahmed was in a Tesco parking lot with his mom and brother when One-year-old Iris Adamski accidentally got locked in her grandmother’s VW Beetle. Her grandmother was desperate for help and called the police. However, they were unable to fit inside the car after breaking a window.

Enter Zavi who was, awesomely enough, dressed as Batman for the day (his little brother had dressed as Superman. Extra cool points to their mom). Due to his small size, and heroic valor, Ravi was able to climb into the broken window and get the keys, thereby saving the day and the fair maiden.

When asked for comment on his heroic act, Ravi answered “I always feel like a superhero but that day was special.”

My hero.

(via The Daily Mirror)


French artist Christophe Guinet specializes in recreating familiar objects with flowers and other organic materials. His most recent project is a Batman cowl made with a foam mold covered in tree bark, vegetal moss, lichen and fungus. As you can see it’s actually wearable.

What are you?

I am Grootman.

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