The weather is going to get cold soon and this hat will keep your kids warm and have them looking fantastic. It’s a Batman laplander with wings on the sides and when you squeeze the left tassel it activates a pump that makes the wings flap! There’s also one with Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with swinging nunchuks.

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dc oh noes

Female geek friendly apparel has come such a long way that it almost hurts my neck from whiplash when I see something this…bad.

The Superman version first came to my attention thanks to a tweet by fellow Fashionably Geek contributor Alan Kistler (thank you Alan!) which cut pretty much to the heart of why they were so…icky. Apparently,  Wonder Woman is a thing to win and girls can only grow up to be Batman’s wife. Amazingly, someone at DC approved these designs.

It’s a bummer because there are a lot of licensed tees out there that empower women to BE the superhero instead of belonging to one.

In this day and age, it’s too bad that these these regressions still happen. However, I content myself with the knowledge that, overall, things are better than they used to be and that we’re making strides all the time.

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Keep your feet warm in these Batmobile slippers based on the 1989 Batman film. They’re available in a range of sizes with a soft inner lining with no-slip grip soles so you won’t fall while you’re busy fighting crime, or heading off to bed.

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batman 75th necklace 1

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the creation of Batman. The Dark Knight is a beloved comic book character, and Guild Jewellery Design has made a gorgeous Bat-symbol necklace for the occasion. Batman’s face is carved into the center of the sterling silver symbol, and it hangs on a sterling silver chain. The necklaces are limited to 75 pieces worldwide and will be available at Oz Comic-Con in Australia and other locations to be determined.

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batman west

This Western Batman cosplay Johnny Hybrid of Hybrid Cosplay is already pretty kick ass, but when you add in Yami Let‘s western gal Robin and photography by MineralBLU, you get something really special.

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batman renfaire

When Redditor AltReaper was invited to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, he didn’t just pull out some peasant attire and call it a day. No, he went all out. He became the hero the renaissance festival deserves. He spent a week building a sword and shield for his Batman cosplay and called himself Sir Bruce. He explains:

I kept in character as Sir Bruce “The Dark Knight” of Gotham to anyone that was willing to roleplay with me. The Queen accepted me into their ranks as a Knight. Good times were had by all!

You, sir, rule.

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Oh, Harley Quinn–the apple of Mr.J’s eye. Sure, she’s a little on the twisted side, but she’s also one of DC’s most beloved comic book villains, and her character is truly one-of-a-kind. So, if you have a thing for Harley, then you might just want to pick up this Harley Quinn Jester Hoodie. It’s perfect if you’re planning on cosplaying as Harley, or if you’re going to jump out of a cake and take on some cape-wearing vigilante. If you’re planning on doing the latter, you might want to wear the detachable mask which comes with this hoodie. It’s essential if you’re planning on misbehaving in Gotham!

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A man dressed as Batman was spotted on a Batcycle in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture recently and caught the attention of the media worldwide. It’s Chibatman, and he’s been donning the cowl and riding the cycle for three years (he dresses like a Stormtrooper sometimes, too). The 41-year-old recently spoke with BBC News, and while he didn’t reveal his secret Bruce Wayne identity and speaks in a husky voice, he said he’s a welder by day. He told BBC why he wears the costume:

“As for my reasons, during the great earthquake [the 2011 Fukushima one], people forgot how to smile. I wanted to help bring the smile back, and that’s why I started.”

So far he’s poured over $5,000 into the effort, and even constructed his Batcycle himself. I think it’s incredible.

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Just imagine looking out the window while you’re driving down the highway and seeing Batman. On his Batcycle. That’s what happened to Ryuuchan this weekend in Chiba Prefecture. He snapped these pictures of Batman speeding down the highway, apparently on his way to fight crime somewhere.

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