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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tara Strong, the voice of Harley Quinn in the Batman: Arkham video game series, cosplays as Harley too. And as you can tell from her Instagram pictures, she’s got the Harley cosplay down pretty well. What do you think?

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harley hot topic

Hot Topic is giving Harley Quinn all sorts of fashion love with their new Harleen collection.

The new additions consist of two new Harley Quinn tank tops, a Harley themed cardigan, and a really cute pair of Harley Quinn red and black garter leggings. Everything looks like it’s made to work together or separately and it’s all in stock now.

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You just never can predict what will happen when you head out in your carefully crafted costume, which this Batman cosplayer learned the hard way. During a photoshoot, The Geek Generation lost his cape. Rather than cancel everything, they let Catwoman, Ryuu Lavitz Cosplay, have a little fun. You can just imagine this happening one day in Gotham.

Photography: Pattianne Stone Photography

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we kill the pacman

The Reddit comments on this t-shirt are an interesting mix of “this is awesome” and “Gee, this is stupid”. Me? I like it. A little Batman, 8 bit, PacMan goodness is good for the soul and mashed up pop culture references are kind of my thing. Your mileage may vary.

Product Page: (£14.99 / Variant available in the US for $24.89)


This DC Comics Harley Quinn Heart Best Friends Necklace Set totally takes me back to grade school, except that we never had best friends necklaces this cool when I was a kid.

Of course, there’s nothing from stopping me from getting one as an adult and sending half to my friend. That’s one way being an adult is way cooler than being a kid. Plus, it’s a great price and a fun way to tell your best friend you love them madly.

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batdog and robin

I thought corgis were the kings in the category of pet cosplay, but I was wrong. Miniature dachshunds could steal the crown. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund (he actually has a blog) and his brother Oakley donned Batman and Robin costumes and became heroes. They managed to leap into action and defeat a scary burglar without breaking a sweat.

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qUy8Sdl copy

Catman has only one question that he needs answered: Where’s the cat nip going? Tell him meow!

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3D batsuit 3

As 3D-printing technology becomes more accessible and affordable, the variety of cosplay applications grows exponentially – as you can see by this 3D-printed Batsuit by Stevie Dee of Crimson Coscrafts.

Dee worked with Tundra Designs and Gauntlet FX to create this cosplay based on the ‘Dark Knight’ skin from Batman: Arkham Origins.

I will say that I think he maaaay want to add some type of codpiece, because I’m fairly sure Batman wants to keep the family jewels safe.

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everything is gotham

This t-shirt design is liable to give you an earworm the second you look at it, but it really is just too awesome not to share.

Some part of me thinks that this is the way LEGO Batman would sing the song anyway, y’know?

Product Page: ($20)


I think what I like most about this scarf is the way you get a mix of both Batman and Harley, but one doesn’t overpower the other. The design just…works. I could see this being used for numerous outfits (especially with these earrings).

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