Batman and Killer Croc battle it out on this awesome pair of hand painted hi-tops by Geektrooper. This particular pair is a custom job for a very special Batman fan, but he’s also made custom painted shoes for Star Wars Rebels, Vanessa Marshall and others.

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Black Milk has launched a line of football-style jerseys inspired by Harry Potter, Batman, Harley Quinn, The Killing Joke and more. The Touchdown jerseys are made polyester, and they’re unisex.

Wow, I’d love to see Hogwarts take on Gotham in some sort of football/Quidditch mashup game.

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Cosplayer Julian Checkley is pictured here in what may be the most incredible Batman cosplay ever. He decided to create the outfit in honor of the Batman video games, specifically Batman’s look in Arkham Orgins.

The armor is 3D printed and it includes a working fireball gauntlet, folding batarangs, and a wrist computer that displays sonar pings. The 3D printing was done by Kevin LeProp with photos by Kamil Krawczak.

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This version of Voltron will defend the nerd-verse against all evils. Vehicles from Doctor Who, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters and Back to the Future combine to become the ultimate nerd defender.

Product Page ($24.80)


You’re the hero your office deserves.

Entertainment Earth’s new Batman Classic Chair Cape is is 24-inches long, and includes an adjustable hook and loop belt that will fit most size chairs. The cape drapes down the back of the chair and there’s a great elastic band with the Batman symbol to hold it in place.

Hopefully EE will versions for other heroes down the line.

This exclusive is limited to 2,400 pieces and will first be sold at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 at the Entertainment Earth Booth #2343 but it’s available for pre-order for those of you who won’t be able to make the show.

Product Page ($24.99)


Protect yourself when you’re at the beach this summer with these 80/20 nylon/polyester rash guards. You can choose from Wonder Woman or Batman and each provides +50 UPF and ultraviolet protection. You’ll look like a hero while you’re safely soaking up the sun.

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If you’re like me you’re thinking that an officially licensed Batcat shirt is kinda weird. That thought is quickly followed by “I can’t live with out this”. I also took a second to wonder why the hell this shirt is only available in men’s sizes. Hopefully that will change soon.

Product Page ($19.99)


Embrace your nerdy side next time you need to get dressed up with these Star Trek: TNG and Batman-themed ties. The Star Trek: TNG ties are each 100% polyester and come in Command Red, Engineering/Ops Gold, or Science Blue. There are also two 100% silk Batman ties featuring either his cowl or his logo pictured after the break.

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Fashionably Geek readers Tesla Isley Cosplay and Atari Girl came up with a clever (and villainous) spin on Disney’s Frozen, as Atari dressed up as Harley Anna and Tesla transformed herself into Ivy Elsa.

They’re also working on a couple of songs–the appropriately titled “Let It Grow” and “Do You Want To kill The Batman?” that they plan on releasing soon. Also, if you look closely in one of the photos posted below, you’ll see that Tesla even made a meat-eating plant version of Olaf.

Photography: Viator Defessus

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Far from the Dark Knight we all know and love, this Bat Man Mask will literally turn you into a bat and human hybrid.

It is totally scaring the crap outta me. The dirty ears, hair, wrinkled nose, and soulless black eyes makes this mask perfect to terrify your friends. I’m pretty sure that Bruce Wayne would have ended up in Arkham had he encountered this thing as a child.

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