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One of the most popular collectibles at San Diego Comic-Con is yours as soon as you pick up your badge. You’ll receive a giant bag emblazoned with a Warner Bros. television series or franchise upon arrival. The trickiest part is trading with other con attendees to get the bag you want. The line-up this year features lots of tempting franchises: Arrow, Supernatural, Batman, Gotham, Teen Titans Go!, and many more.

How fast do you think one of these bags will be turned into a dress? I’m pretty sure that some attendees spend Wednesday night in their hotel room turning the bags into wearables.

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Who couldn’t use a few extra hugs, especially when they come from an adorable plush octopus backpack? Tumblr user Jen made this backpack but, sadly, it is not for sale. So you’ll just have to love him from afar and be jealous of all the octopus hugs she’s getting.

(Pipedream Dragon via Boing Boing)


You’ve got your choice of three different styles with these Attack on Titan messenger bags. There’s either Levi, Trainees Squad or Garrison Regiment and they’re all available for preorder with delivery expected next month. There’s even an Attack on Titan lunchbag, also on preorder for April delivery, so you can put that inside your messenger bag and get all kinds of meta.

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Here’s the perfect bag for holding all that Halloween candy you plan on collecting this year. It’s a molded latex bag shaped just like a bat with beady red eyes. The inside is lined in wine red and it features adjustable straps, a zipper closure, and a strong foam interior shell.

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We’ve seen a Boba Fett backpack and R2-D2 and X-Wing Pilot backpacks, but now it’s the Empire’s turn. Make your loyalties clear with this Stormtrooper face backpack. It’s 19″ tall with two large interior pockets, one of which is felt-backed to protect your laptop or tablet. It’s also got little Imperial logos on all the zipper pulls.

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This handmade Robin sling backpack is a beautiful melding of Robin’s crest and the bat symbol. The whole design is custom made by muz, including the fabric, so you aren’t going to see anything like this elsewhere. It measures 21.5″ x 9.5″ x .5″ and has lots of interior pockets to hold all your stuff.

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goonies pirate

Actually, Goonies fans can score this design in t-shirts, hoodies and bags. Better hurry though, the sale prices are good for today only!

Product Page ($12-$25)


This Boba Fett backpack is what all the Mandalorians are using these days. It measures 19″ x 16″ and has two large pockets. There is also a sleeve on one side and a mesh side sleeve on the other. The whole thing is weathered to look just like Boba Fett’s armor. Just remember, no disintegrations!

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comic con bag jacket

One of many of my favorite parts about San Diego Comic-Con is seeing what talented cosplayers and creative folk do with the gigantic swag bags that come out each year. I’ve seen them turned into dresses, pants, capes, and now a jacket! I love the styling on this swag bag jacket, and I particularly appreciate the fact that the wearer decided to pair it with a bow tie and a sonic screwdriver.

(via Crazy4ComicCon)

Every year, I look forward to the Warner Bros. SDCC bags, and this year is no disappointment.

The bags are emblazoned with artwork for shows like Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, The Following, Revolution, Supernatural, Teen Titans Go! (with Beware the Batman cape!), The Vampire Diaries and more.

They’ve produced 130,000 of the bags which have capes and can be turned into a backpack. The cape detaches and it, along with the backpack, can be worn separately.

I’ll say it right now—I need to get the Supernatural bag or I’m gonna lose my mind.

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