Running wasn’t the only thing happening at the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend—there was also shopping for some really cool merchandise.

Dooney & Bourke was on hand with new limited edition Star Wars bags in their satchel, letter carrier/crossbody, and pouchette styles. They’re white leather with pink, green and orange symbols and a matching pink lining.

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No word on if they’ll be available at other Disney events or locations in the future, but if you’re dying to have one, eBay has you covered.

Check out more pics below.

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As far as I’m concerned, Dooney & Bourke bags are the Louis Vuitton of the geek world. I finally understand why people pay loads of money for a purse.

These new Star Wars: The Force Awakens bags and wallet are stylish, geeky, and beautifully made. I’m getting them all—right after I win that big Powerball jackpot.

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lightning vuitton

We all know that geek culture has already cracked the couture glass ceiling. We’ve seen designers turn out high-end fashions for Star Wars and Marvel. We’ve even seen folks from those universes modeling it. But what about a designer that takes those next steps into the fantasy world…literally?

That’s precisely what happened when Louis Vuitton announced their new Spring/Summer 16 model: Lightning from the Final Fantasy game series.

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Every day companies are finding new and fantastic ways to put 3D printing technology in the hands of consumers. Reaching for a next level in tech and customization is Italian company XYZ Bag, which has begun offering sleek, custom 3D printed handbags.

XYZ Bag’s brand philosophy is simple:

The best handbag you can use is the one that wears your sign and soul. We want to transfer your intimate self-expression into a handbag, an everyday product that represents you. You’ll find your style in your emotion. A fashion statement of yourself.

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This is a leather purse that’s handmade by krukrustudio and inspired by The Neverending Story. You can’t read it, but you can tote your stuff in it.

Awesome right?

Plus, it’s the perfect place to store your spellbook wallet. The question is, what would happen to the universe if you put them both in the book backpack?

Check out a felt Harry Potter version below along with additional pics.

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Why use any boring old luggage when you can travel like a Sailor Scout?

Each suitcase, tote bag, and passport holder in this Sailor Moon travel accessories line comes in six character designs and contains special details that are super kawaii. The carry on totes also fit snugly on top of the suitcase, so it’s easy to get around.

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azkaban bag

I’ve seen the inside of my wife’s purse. A mess like that is enough to make anyone mad. I’ll admit that I’m afraid to go in for a stick of gum because Dementors might get me.

Product Page ($29.50 $20.65)

Pokemon Eevee Plush Backpack

eevee plush backpack

This Eevee won’t be able to evolve into something big enough to hold your laptop, but it’s definitely a super cute way to tote around your smaller stuff.

Product Page ($22.50 $15.75)

The Olde Book Backpack


It’s a book backpack that holds your books! Don’t you dare put a Kindle into this thing. A fake book with a hollow for a smaller book might be funny though.

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It’s not a purse! It’s a knapsack…or maybe a satchel. Whatever you call it, this bag has Star-Lord’s seal of approval.

In an interview with GQ, Alexandra Byrne, the costume designer for Guardians of the Galaxy characterized Star-Lord’s aesthetic simply, stating “What I loved about Peter Quill was that he had swagger without vanity.”

That’s what this bag conveys. It’s practical. It lets you carry a reasonable amount of gear. It gives you an air of confidence, because you know you have your stuff with you and that you’re toting it in an epic bag. A bag worthy of someone who calls himself Star-Lord. Better yet, yours hasn’t seen the dark underbelly of the universe yet, so it’s pristine and fresh. No blacklight required.

Product Page ($49.99)