We’ve seen backpack costumes before, but this Steven Universe Steven cosplay backpack is still pretty clever.

Consider wearing this in front and the Steven Universe cheeseburger backpack on your back. Or maybe put them back to back and put a wig on top?

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bulbasaur hoodie and backpack

How completely adorable is this Pokemon Bulbasaur hoodie and backpack combo?

Etsy shop CholyKnight hand sews each bulb backpack from super soft polar fleece with foam lining to keep the round shape. You can customize the bag with your choice of pattern or solid fabric for the inner lining.

As noted, you can get the backpack bundled with the hoodie or purchase it separately. It all looks so cozy I just want to hibernate in this ensemble through the winter.

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Stitched from suede and leather, Etsy shop Made of Leather makes each of these fantasy-themed bags by hand. At 15″ tall, this bag can hold a good amount of your earthly belongings and even comes with an zippered pocket on the inside.

The shop welcomes custom ideas as well. Check out more of their fantasy-style backpack designs after the break.

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Backpacks are great, but a major design flaw is revealed every time you need to take the whole thing off just to get a protein bar in the front pocket.

Thankfully, Paul Vierthaler has developed Paxis—a backpack that makes it easy to access your essentials.

The backpack comes with two main sections: the upper portion is a standard compartment that’s meant for items you don’t need to have constant access too. The bottom portion, on the other hand, is perfect for important items like snacks, water or basic camping gear since it’s attached to an articulated arm that can swing around to the user’s front.

The bag comes in two sizes, 22-liter and 18-liter, and it’s also available in a number of different colors. The price ranges from $240 to $275, so it’s a little steep–but I can see a bag like this being huge with photographers and outdoorsy types.

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It’s almost back to school time, and if that school happens to be Hogwarts this Rucksack of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be ideal for carrying your books, robes, wand and more. I solemnly swear that this bag is everything a wizard (or muggle) could possibly want.

Product Page: ($49.99)


While some people are totally cool with a generic backpack, others go out of their way to find that one bag that’s beautifully unique and well crafted. This handmade and hand painted leather backpack from CityRomance definitely falls into that second category.

This dark blue leather bag features two outer zippered pockets, a leather cord and a flap with an acrylic painting of the Cheshire Cat. The inside is cotton lined with a zip pocket and two slip pockets. It also has adjustable straps.

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Another day, another bag I covet. I swear, I have a problem when it comes to my love for all things purse and bag like. This time around, it’s this Disney The Little Mermaid Tattoo Print slouch backpack which combines Disney and tattoos. Pretty much an instant win as far as I’m concerned.

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My Backpack Totoro


We’ve seen plenty of plush Totoro backpacks, but Etsy seller DIKAdesigns makes these high end versions from heavy weight vinyl. It unzips into one large pocket with several inside pockets and has a black polyester lining.

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Some days you’re the hero. Other days, you feel like the villain. Well, now you can have a backpack that fits booth your moods. This Star Wars reversible backpack goes mercenary with a Boba Fett design on one side and a Star Wars photo panel on the other.

Now I just wish it came with a jetpack.

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This adorable plush backpack is covered with fur just like Chewbacca and even has a bandolier. The best part is the little fur hood that pulls up over your head to turn you into a Wookiee! Features include:

-Double zip top closure with fabric pulls
-Furry plush front and removable hood
-Faux leather artillery belt appliqué with metallic accents
-Top carry handle
-Adjustable padded shoulder straps
-Padded back with Rebel Alliance icon embroidery
-Accessory loop
-Faux suede side pocket with self-stick closure flap
-Interior ID label (mark with permanent ink pen, not included

It measures 15″ tall x 12″ wide and 5″ deep. It’s what all the cool kids will be wearing at school this fall.

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