black widow tattoo

Original artwork by @elsasketch and tattoo/smoke addition by @emsloman.

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Captain Gotham [Cosplay]


Photo Credit: Robbins Studios

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corgi avengers 1

When you have access to a group of six corgis and Halloween is around the corner, the only natural course of action is to turn them into the Avengers. These cute pups dressed as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Black Widow. They had a Hawkeye too, but his owner wasn’t in the office on Halloween. I’d trust the safety of the world in these paws.

Credits: Twinkie as Hulk, Lucy (x) as Black Widow, Barley (sanderscorgis) as Iron Man, Omelette (omelettethecorgi) as Captain America, Bebop (bebopthecorgi) as Thor, and Omelette’s mom as Nick Fury.

Nick Fury and Corgi Avengers photo by Mylene Aslarona, all other photos by Omelette’s dad.

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dapper avengers 5

The U.S. Disney Parks host Dapper Days a few times a year. The idea is that guests attend in their finest attire – sort of like what the attendees wore on Disneyland’s opening day in 1955. There are dresses, pearls, suspenders, hats, and even some everyday cosplay. This Avengers group attended the recent Dapper Day Fall Soiree in Orlando, and they look utterly glamorous. They took photos all around Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and I bet anyone who recognized that they were dressed as Marvel characters flipped out.

Cosplayed by: moonstarmarauderjaqirabbitpoormrdarcydaniteabeekissmeimthequeen, and sabrea.

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Hail PiDra [T-Shirt]


Hydra not your thing? Love math? Then we’ve got the supervillain group for you! Join PiDra and get this cool Hail PiDra shirt. It’s not to be confused with PieDra, which is a pretty fantastic club in it’s own right. Eat one pie and two more will take it’s place.

Product Page ($15 via shirtoid)

avengers nail art 1

The Lacquer Legion group’s theme this month is Fandom, and The Nailasaurus decided to show her fandom stripes with Marvel nail art. She was inspired by all the news about The Avengers: Age of Ultron at Comic-Con over the weekend and translated the excitement to miniature art. Her nails feature nods to Thor, Iron Man, SHIELD, Captain America, and Black Widow.

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Black Widow Hoodie 1

Wear this Black Widow zip-up jacket while you hang out with your buddies and plan how you’re going to stop alien invasions. Widow’s Bite electro-weapons not included.

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This is probably the most clever Hail Hydra shirt ever created. With the lights on, it looks like you’re loyal to SHIELD. Turn the lights off and the symbol for Hydra glows eerily from your chest. This is just one of the new Marvel items that Her Universe has revealed. There’s also a Captain America cardigan, hooded tank, and adorable costume dress as well as jerseys, t-shirts, and even Avengers leggings.

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Avengermon! [T-Shirt]


Forget trying to catch ‘em all, it’s time to avenge ‘em all! What would happen in a world where the Avengers meet Pokémon? Mostly, there would be a lot of squealing over the adorable factor. Because seriously – just look how sweet Pikachu is as Thor (the hair!). I want to play the Marvel version of Pokémon immediately.

Product Page ($25.52 via Gamefreaks)


This group cosplay gives us beautiful gender swapped Avengers and then goes one step further by making their costumes ready for a burlesque show. The designs were inspired by the cosplayer who you see here as Hulk. The group includes, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and Loki in images captured by Hong-Hanh Phan. They all performed in a Danish con called Genki and even won a prize.

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