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Not only is artist Kevin Wada is both incredibly talented and awesomely humble, but he manages to capture some of our favorite characters in moments that are unique. His recent Black Widow took my breath away.

My favorite part of his tweets are the numerous artists that pop up in the replies. It’s cool to see the admiration they all have for each other.

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papercraft fashion top

Architect and fashion illustrator Shamekh Bluwi has come up with a unique way to combine his two skills into one. He creates paper cutouts of his dress designs leaving large blank spaces. He then holds them up to the real world and lets the city of Amman, Jordan complete the design.

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iron man samurai

It takes a talented and creative mind to imagine this Iron Man Japanese Samurai Warrior armor. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to peer inside the mind of Hong Kong artist Jack Lee.

Lee shot a time-lapse video while he was creating this gorgeous art so we get to see both his skill and the influences that went into creating this stunning Iron Man Samurai. Hopefully, we’ll see it cosplayed at a convention one day.

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We’re going to go ahead and call this “mouth cosplay”. After all, what Laura Jenkinson does is more than just makeup. Her expressions really sell the characters.

We’ve featured her work in the past, but this round includes all sorts of new cartoon characters from The Simpsons to Rugrats and more.

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Layla is the daughter of redditor Gfgrubb and she has to wear an eyepatch due to a small cataract in her eye. Her dad decided to make the best of it by decorating the patch with all sorts of wonderful nerdery. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Minions, and even Yoda have made appearances.

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Some Chameleon species are known for their ability to change color and blend in with their surroundings. However, the image above is not a chameleon.

In a startling twist, it’s actually two women wearing cleverly applied body paint.

Indeed, artist Johannes Stötter has made it look like two women are a single chameleon crawling along a branch. It took him four hours to design the piece and another six to apply the paint with the help of an assistant. It’s hard to see their individual bodies at all until they slowly separate and break the illusion.

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Canadian photographer Daniela Majic transformed her attic for a gorgeous photo series that she calls “The Secret Garden.”

She notes that these sets are basically little art installations that start with a small wall that she completely covers with flowers. Then she adds paint, grass and additional flowers (typically hundreds of both silk and real flowers) as the themes change and progress. She also makes the costumes and utilizes a small team for hair and makeup.

Daniela has a gallery show coming up in June, and she’s planning to use the opportunity to collect donations for a charity called Because I Am A Girl. She also donates funds to charity from the sale of her prints.

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Most parents put their kid’s artwork on the fridge and may save a few pieces in a special folder, but few make this kind of commitment. Keith Anderson of Ontario has been getting a piece of his son Kai’s artwork done as a tattoo each year since the boy started kindergarten. Speaking with photographer Chance Faulkner he notes:

The first one was the daisy- I had it tattooed when he was in kindergarten,” Anderson told Chance Faulkner, a photographer who had an interview with him and took these pictures. “Then we went back and did his name and the house from when he was 4.”

“Recently, my son was there with me and he did some of the tattooing himself. He loves it. No one I know has ever heard of tattooing original kid art before, and it’s a lot of fun… People ask me what will happen if I run out of space; I guess I’ll just get him to draw smaller pictures.”

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More awesome stuff from ShoeFury today. This time, it’s this epic Rising Tide design by Matias Bergara. With Godzilla rising from the water on one shoe and a boat in jeopardy on the other, these high tops are a walking movie moment.

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90s wonder woman

Art by Jordan Gibson