This body paint is so good that it takes your brain a few seconds to grasp what it’s actually seeing. Believe it or not, this is a contortionist that’s bent over backward and painted to look like a tarantula. She also did a sea horse and giraffe design but the spider is by far the creepiest of the lot.

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This redesigned version of Gordon Freeman’s HEV suit looks amazing. It’s the work of artist Daryl Mandryk who has taken the original suit and beefed it up with tougher armor that looks like it could fend off whatever comes his way.

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disney proncesses reimagined

Comic by Gemma Correll.

(via Neatorama)


These fantastic shoes and helmets are the work of design firm Mathery Studio who created them for the National Gallery of Victoria. The idea was to encourage kids to be creative by letting them put on the helmets and shoes and create their own art on the floors, walls, and pretty much everywhere they could reach. Unfortunately, they’re not made in adult sizes and aren’t available for sale—but it’s a brilliant idea.

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slo mo tattoo

If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo or watched someone else get inked, you know how easy it is to get mesmerized by the needle and seeing the design it leaves behind.

When you take that already mesmerizing action and slow it down, it’s really fascinating to watch.

That’s exactly what GueT, a Paris-based tattoo artist, did with this video. It shows just how much artistry there really is in tattooing.

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mario zero suit

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. features Zero Suit Samus, and that means she’s donning a skin tight full-body jumpsuit. That’s already dumb enough, but to add insult to injury, they put the character in boots with tall heels. Yeah, that’s super practical for an action character. To prove how ridiculous it is, Tumblr user xyrafhoan put the outfit on Wario. Seeing how it looks on him definitely provides perspective.

(GamOvr via Kotaku)


These beautiful helmets are all being featured at a three-day show at the Robert Vargas gallery in Los Angeles in celebration of Star Wars Day on May 4th. The show is titled Legion and features stormtrooper helmets turned into entirely new sculptures through the talents of artists from throughout the Disney organization. This is just a sample of the incredible works you’ll be able to see with the full collection on display Friday, May 2nd through Sunday May 4th.

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DC Batman tattoo

Tattoo by Adam Miller.

(via FYeah Tattoos)


This mesmerizing stop-motion video features Elvis Schmoulianoff being turned into a human canvas by being gradually painted into a picture, one detail a time.

Painted is an experiment in stop motion face & body painting that plays with the idea of giving paint it’s own life and personality on a living canvas. The whole project was initially inspired by MUTO – the incredible stop motion graffiti video by BLU.

Although the video is just over four minutes long, it took ten days to complete the project. She did everything herself from filming to painting to editing with the finished product containing 1064 individual images.

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Monsters are supposed to hide under your bed and in your closet but these guys are cute enough to hug. Cotton Monsters are the work of Jennifer Strunge who makes them by hand from recycled clothes and linens. There are rabbits, cats, crabs and all manner of imagined monsters in the collection, and they’re all looking for a new owner.

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