If you’ve been reading our sister site Nerd Approved, you know we’ve been geeking out anything to do with Neill Blomkamp’s Alien concept art.

Hollywood effects artist David Woodruff took this dream of ours a bit further with the help of his father, Tom Woodruff Jr. who worked on both the Alien and Terminator franchises.

The photos were shot using part of the set from Alien: Resurrection and Michael Biehn’s actual armor. Woodruff said the make up took approximately 2 1/2 hours to apply. I’m thinking Biehn wouldn’t mind the chance to bring Hicks back to life.

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More good stuff out of ShoeFury. This design by Orlando Aracena is titled “Alien Rage”. You may have seen it in this Alien 35th Anniversary poster round up. It definitely looks cool in this new iteration.

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The queen in Aliens 2 is absolutely terrifying, but this one is simply beautiful. It was made by animation director Ashley J. Long and features a headpiece made from 50-60 pieces of cardstock that were carefully arranged and glued together over the course of two months. Jewels were added for a little creepy sparkle and the whole thing sits atop a bike helmet that secures it to her head.

There’s also a paper mache egg and a spine made from aluminum. Add a very elegant black dress and you have a seriously stunning outfit.

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Sometimes a mask is all you need for a great Halloween costume. This alien mind control mask from The Horror Dome definitely fits the bill. It’s filled with foam so it’s lightweight but will still retain its shape as you go to parties and hand out candy. Add blood and a dirty costume to make it even more frightening.

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adam savage alien

Adam Savage has made it a habit to walk around conventions in costumes that disguise his identity while being totally awesome. This year he went big and dressed in an exact replica of a space suit from Alien. Savage told Tested he’s been working on the ensemble for ten years, and it’s a lot of fun to watch him talk about the project because he’s clearly excited about it.

Get a look at the costume in the video after the break.

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The Xenomorph from Alien is unquestionably scary, but do you know how it could be scarier? Two words: mechanized Xenomorph. I’m shaking in my space boots as we speak.

Professional cosplayer Peter Kokis created what he calls the “Brooklyn Alien.” It’s basically a mecha-like Xenomorph suit that he made from everyday objects. For example, he ended up using a variety of household items like knife sharpeners, toilet plungers and drain mats, and it took him 16 months to gather up everything he needed. The suit itself took about 400 hours to assemble, and it weighs about 120 pounds.

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alien onesie

Baby showers often feature activities that are less than exciting. The silly games are evolving onwards and upwards though, and at many of these parties you can design a onesie for the newborn. I can support that. Mike Dougherty, co-writer of movies such as X-Men 2 and Superman Returns, recently created this awesome Alien chestburster design at his first baby shower. I think it’s best to expose kids to the horror and science fiction genres as early as possible.

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If your love of sci-fi has evolved into a fetish, you’ll definitely be into DeviantARTist LatexKittie’s latex stormtrooper and Alien (as in everyone’s favorite acidy xenomorph) suits. These suits really do redefine the whole “hardcore sci-fi nerd.” At least they look they’re pretty well made.

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Wearing this bronze pendant necklace will make it look like there’s an Alien Chestburster breaking out of your chest. The little guy measures 2d x 1.5h x 1.25w and is sure to have small children running in terror when they see you in the grocery store.

Product Page ($50 via Neatorama)

You’d think these two wouldn’t really get along, but it turns out they’re the very best of friends. Cosplayers Abi T Xeno and Pedro T Predator decided to stage a little photo shoot to show that great friendships come from the most unexpected places. The two go for walks, get piercings, play video games, hang out with stormtroopers, and turn into Thor. Yeah, that last one has me a little confused, but see for yourself.

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