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Fit ‘n’ flare style dresses are awesome. They look flattering and most importantly for me, they’re comfortable. WeLoveFine has been expanding their offerings in this area (some of their dresses were even worn by a bridal party), and they’ve just added a Lumpy Space Princess dress to the line.

Though I’m sure the Adventure Time character would like to see more lumps, I think it looks awesome. The top fits like a t-shirt, and the bottom is all tulle and sparkle. It’s such a fun look and adding it to your wardrobe is great justification for purchasing purple shoes.

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Che Saunders of Auckland, New Zealand and her new husband Ford are both animators and they wanted a super low-key picnic wedding that was all about fun, family and geeking out.

One of the ways they accomplished it was by taking the strain out of the dress code and having each of their bridesmaids pick out their own Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors fit ‘n’ flare dresses from WeLoveFine.

That’s one way to make sure everyone has a dress they like (that they’ll wear again). Hats off to Che and Ford.

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BMO cosplay 1

We all know BMO from Adventure Time is about as cute as it gets. The character expresses a lot of emotion for being an inanimate object! Besides being precious, she (or he – BMO doesn’t have a specific gender) can also be sexy. Model Laurie Foster (who you may remember from this Catbug photoshoot) put together this adorable ensemble with WeLoveFine’s BMO sweater and leggings. Turquoise is a fun and flattering color, and this kind of outfit is a great way to cosplay the character.

Photos by Erek Foster.

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Artist Jacquelin de Leon has turned the characters from Adventure Time into a stylish but badass lady moped gang. B-MO, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Fionna, and Flame Princess look ready to cause all sorts of trouble should you get in their way. You can purchase this image as a print with the whole crew or individual characters.

Product Page (Prices Vary Matt Goldey via The Mary Sue)


I never thought I’d come across a situation where I’d say the Ice King from Adventure Time is beautiful, but this cosplay deserves the compliment. Cosplayer Kida-Takashi put together this gender-bending Ice King (or Ice Queen, I guess) outfit, and she looks like a much nicer version of the kidnapping villain. Everything looks spot on from her long, flowing hair to her blue makeup to her full, round skirt. I’d befriend this Ice Queen any day.

Photos by Kelevar.

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Ice Queen tee

While Elsa was climbing uphill and away from Arendelle, she accidentally wandered into the Land of Ooo. She received a fabulous Adventure Time makeover, made friends, and had adventures. Despite liking ice just as much as the Ice King, she still did not appreciate being captured by him and froze him into a crystal sculpture. At least, that’s the story this Frozen and Adventure Time mashup t-shirt design makes me imagine.

Product Page ($20 via Shirtoid)

adventure time tee 1

After great success with its first Adventure Time design contest, WeLoveFine just wrapped up round two! Oh my glob! They received over 1,400 designs but had to narrow it down to six prizes. I have no idea how they decided. The above design, “Star Adventure,” by Blanca Vidal won the grand prize. I love the epic feel of the design as well as the Star Wars inspiration. Truthfully though, I adore all the winning styles and would happily add any of these to my wardrobe.

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Here’s some beautiful Adventure Time cosplay captured by Sweet Sensation Photography. It features cosplayer Windaria as Fionna and Cupcake-Ruffflebutt as Princess Bubblegum.

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adventure time cake 1

Adventure Time‘s Fionna doesn’t need any help in the awesome department; she more than has it covered. That said, cosplayer Ashley Hay has managed to kick the character up a notch with her Warrior Fionna costume. She’s added some arm and shin bracers, a kick-butt chest mold piece, and just look at the little Cake on her skirt. She rules.

Photos by LJinto.

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deadpool cardigan

Though there are more geek chic items available than ever before, one hole was sweaters. T-shirts are fun, but they’re not ideal for cold winters and winter is coming (or, in some locations, already here). WeLoveFine has come up with a whole line of sweater designs featuring Adventure Time, comics, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and more. They’re just lovely. The above cardigan featuring Deadpool is my favorite because of the look and style. Cardigans are better than pullover sweaters in my book – it’s all about the layers. I like pullovers, too, just not as much – though these items might change my mind about that.

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