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avt hoodie top

Oh my glob, this is too cute. This new Adventure Time Finn hoodie from Hot Topic is reversible, so you can show off your favorite characters on the front, or go with the cosplay look.

It’s available in sizes S – 3x and it’s in stock now.

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jungle princess cosplay 1

So many princesses show up in Adventure Time that I can’t keep track of them all. The Jungle Princess appears in a few episodes, and cosplayer Laurie Foster turned the character’s cartoony and cute design into something fierce. She crafted the costume, headdress, and applied all the body paint, and she looks absolutely amazing.

Photos by Fotolo.

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adventure time cosplay tattoo

Dad Chris Daly sent us the picture of his Adventure Time Jake and Finn tattoo because it has a really cool story.

Two years ago, Chris and his son dressed up as the most adorable Jake and Finn ever. Everyone liked the picture so much that he decided to turn that cosplay moment into a tattoo.

Chris’ comment on the original pictures was that, while they may not be “serious cosplayers”, dad and son can have fun, too.

Well Chris, you may not be a serious cosplayer, but you’re a seriously cool dad and that is an awesome tattoo.

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Link shoes

Need a wicked pair of handpainted sneakers? Europe based Bobsmade treats white Chucks as a canvas for whatever your heart desires. They have a whole gallery of past custom designs featuring Legend of Zelda, Assassin’s Creed, Adventure Time, and many more. The art on the shoes is bright and detailed. Prices (without shipping) start at $132.

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jake sparrow

Cosplay by Stoic-Ambiance. Photo by Estrada Photography.

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Adventure Time group cosplay 1

Hijinks are bound to ensue when you pull together a group of Adventure Time cosplayers, and it looks like it happened with this bunch. The fantastic group features the versions of Jake, Bubblegum, and Marceline we see in the series but also their gender swapped counterparts. Everyone did a wonderful job with the costumes, and the photographer chose an ideal and colorful setting for the shoot.

Photos by Pugoffka.

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flame princess

We love getting tips from our readers about their cosplays and we think this Flame Princess cosplay by Sinclaire Cosplay is awesome.

Can you ever really go wrong with Adventure Time cosplay?

Photos by Umesh Unnikrishnan.

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galactus battle

Photo by megathor4242.

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neverending story adventure time mash-up

What if Jake the dog became a luckdragon, and Finn turned in Atreyu? This t-shirt imagines a world where Adventure Time and The Neverending Story collide, and it looks positively magical. Finn and Jake have had plenty of adventures in the Land of Ooo, and it would be fun to watch them explore and fight bad guys in Fantastica.

Product Page ($19.95)


If you’re in a part of the world where temps are rising, it’s time to put away your sweaters and get out your summer clothing. Don’t worry if you don’t have any cute shorts because WeLoveFine has a line of geeky denim shorts that will keep you feeling and looking cool. The short designs feature a Stormtrooper, Catbug, BMO, and Puppycat. These are cute enough to make me consider wearing shorts again.

See Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, and Bee and Puppycat styles after the break.

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