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bmo bubblegum boots

We’ve seen Finn, Jake, and Marceline and now we have new additions to the Adventure Time Dr. Marten’s collection—BMO and Princess Bubblegum!

So cute.

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With Fin and Jake boots having already made their appearance, these new Adventure Time Marceline Dr. Martens boots are bloody fantastic. Each boot captures a different expression of Marceline’s vampy face and would look killer with a dress or some leggings.

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You’ll have six different Adventure Time characters to choose from in this earrings pack. Choose from Jake, Finn, BMO, Lumpy Space Princess, The Earl of Lemongrab, or Tree Trunks –– or mix and match. I think it would be cool to wear one Finn and one Jake, or to wear the LSP ones to be the center of attention.

Product Page ($10.50)


Fashionably Geek has been given the exclusive reveal of WeLoveFine’s new Adventure Time apparel collection! Kudos go to Catherine Elhoffer for these amazing designs. There are items for both men and women (and we want them all).

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It might be hot now, but the weather will be cool again before you know it. Nothing beats a good hoodie when it comes to comfort in chilly weather—especially when there’s an element of cosplay thrown in. Enter the BMO Adventure Time hoodie. It’s a 60/40 cotton/polyester blend and even has a little BMO zipper pull!

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unnamed (8)

Amy Allison is definitely one of those parents I’d put in the “doing it right” category. Amy recently sent us pictures of her girls cosplaying that fantastic Mad Max/Adventure Time crossover by artist City Of Pyramids and I’m so thrilled to share them.

May I present, the Allison sisters (Echo and Yoko) as Princess Bubblegum Furiosa and Flame Princess Capable (with the War Rig).

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A little cosplay and cuteness in backpacks today.

First up is a Kingdom Hearts Sora Cosplay backpack which is a black canvas bag with faux leather details. I love the pockets. Then there’s the Adventure Time BMO backpack. BMO has a lenticular face design so he’ll have some major mood swings as you bop along.

BMO happy! BMO angry! BMO happy! BMO angry!

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I’ve decided there’s a grand conspiracy out there to bury us all in adorable purses, bags, and totes, but I don’t even care right now because this Lumpy Space Princess felt purse is too frickin’ cute for words.

It’s made by krukrustudion on Etsy and it’s just one of many awesome bags they make.

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adventure max

Over on our sister site Nerd Approved we recently featured a series of fantastic Adventure Time / Mad Max mashups by artist Ryan May.

If you dug those you’ll be happy to know that we’ve added the entire series to our Nerd Approved T-Shirt Store! And the best part is that all of the designs are on sale for just $14 for a limited time.

Grab ’em while you can!


Redditor miasundance looks fantastic in her original Warrior Fionna design from Adventure Time. She made the armor herself using Worbla and eva foam. Her inspiration came partly from the Fionna princess dress which was based off of Princess Serenity’s dress from Sailor Moon.

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