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This Wreck-It-Ralph Sergeant Calhoun Cosplay Is On Target

Sgt Calhoun Cosplay

Redditor ThatDisneyKid nails it with this Wreck-It-Ralph Sergeant Calhoun cosplay.

As she explains:

Myself as Sergent Tamora Jean Calhoun, from Disney’s Wreck-it-Ralph! By far the most extensive cosplay I’ve done, craft wise! Built and painted entirely from scratch, my main materials were Wonderflex plastic, thick craft foam, spraypaint, and converting materials I could find at thrift stores, such as football shoulder pads, guns, belts, etc. Bonus appearances from my friends Ralph, Felix, Vanellope, and Taffyta!

I’m sure The Sarge would be real proud.

Check out a slew of pics after the break.

Sgt Calhoun Cosplay 2

Sgt Calhoun Cosplay 3

Sgt Calhoun Cosplay 4

Sgt Calhoun Cosplay 5

Sgt Calhoun Cosplay 6

Sgt Calhoun Cosplay 7

Sgt Calhoun Cosplay 9

Sgt Calhoun Cosplay 010

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