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The Geological Layers Of Minecraft

Minecraft has many layers, some of which contain Rube Goldberg machines and 1:1 scale Enterprise models.

Check out ThinkGeek’s The Nine Circles of Minecraft * after the break.

First circle
In limbo are those who have not yet played the game. They are doomed to an eternity of listening to their friends rant about how awesome it is.

Second circle
The second circle contains the night sky and moon. It is full of hostile mobs, and those who live here are fated to repeat the 7 minute cycle for eternity.

Third circle
Players relegated to the third circle always know where north is but can’t ever get there. On the plus side, at least the view is nice if you gotta spend eternity there.

Fourth circle
The fourth circle has a crunchy outer shell and an inner ring. Those in the outer ring are constantly cold; those in the inner ring are plagued by the constant smell of bacon and a companionable pig but no way to transform it into pork.

Fifth circle
Players in the fifth circle are elated to find diamond ore but are quickly overcome by assorted aggressive mobs. Their spawn point is in view of the diamond ore. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Sixth circle
This is the ring of fire. It contains lava and a Ghast and houses those who kill other players on non-PK-dedicated servers. Players will find a bucket in their inventory with no water.
* Circles seven – nine are not available in beta.

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