The Electronic Spy T-Shirt Isn’t Very Inconspicuous

So who’s the narc here that’s been taking pictures of all of our secret meetings? Could it be you, the guy that wears the “Tokyo With Love” shirt every single day featuring a spy holding a camera on it? Now that I look at the shirt close up, that camera seems a little strange—like it has a real lens on it. Well, that settles it. Frankie, go get the baseball bats and lets do this thing.

Indeed, behind that camera is an actual, working camera than can snap 150 pics at 640×480 resolution and upload them later to a computer via USB. The electronics are removable, so you are safe to wash the blood off it in a normal washing machine at your convenience. Check out the shirt in action after the break.

Product Page ($40 via ChipChick)


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