Sexist Marvel T-Shirts Tells Ladies They Need a Hero

superhero shirts

Oh, Marvel. Two of their new superhero t-shirts send very different messages. The one on the left tells boys to be a hero, and the one says girls need a hero. Why isn’t there a be a hero or be a heroine shirt for girls? Why isn’t there a shirt for dudes that says I need a heroine that has images of Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk? It should be fair but since those other shirts don’t exist (as far as I know), this is just a lame and stupid move. I’m surprised it got through the approval program which must be in place for t-shirt designs. Ugh.

This unfortunately isn’t a new problem. I went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando last year and noticed that the few shirts they had for ladies in the shops in that section we are all some iteration of the red shirt pictured above.

On that note, there’s a petition floating around to convince Disney to stop selling these t-shirts.

(missrep via HuffPo)


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