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Review: The Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt From ThinkGeek

Interactive t-shirts are hot these days, and ThinkGeek makes enough of ’em to start your own band. Their lineup includes playable guitar, drum kit and, most recently, synthesizer versions.

Today we’re focusing on the latter of the three to see how these playable shirts really perform.

As you can see in our demo video above, the synthesizer shirt is actually a fairly sophisticated instrument—it can be played in five distinct sounds and it’s polytonal (up to 8 keys at once). On the other hand, hitting the keys correctly is a little awkward at first, but it is definitely something that can be overcome with practice.

The sound from the little belt-mounted amp was also impressive. You can get a decent amount of volume and the notes were crisp and clean. There’s even a knob on the amp to control tone.

Oh, and in case you actually care, it functions better than you might expect as an actual shirt. It’s comfortable enough to wear and the electronics can be removed easily for washing.

All-in-all I would say that if you want to start a band and you don’t have enough money for real instruments, these inexpensive shirts might fit the bill. Hell, if you and your t-shirt band work the streets playing for strangers you might actually turn a profit.

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