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Island Reunion Lost Tee Explains Everything!

Do I really need to tell you this “Island Reunion” Lost tee is amazing? 😉

The artist explains the design:

I wanted to make something that put a long con, practical joke spin on the mysterious events. All Jacob and the Man in Black needed was a smoke machine, a rubber John Locke mask and a lot of patience.

This design started out as a possible or alternate ending, but now I see it more as a revelation at the reunion party. Sun, Jin, Sayid and Jack are all miraculously alive, naturally. Ben is just off camera, fetching the theatrical knife that he pretended to stab Jacob with. See, it all makes perfect sense now.

I’m sure I’m supposed to type something here to make it look like I’m doing an actual story on this thing. But all I’m really doing is trying to fill a bit of space so that you get the feeling I’m putting more time into it so that you take me seriously when I say…

Go. Now! Before it sells out!

Product Page ($9/Today Only)


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