Hold Still, I’m Trying To Read The Book Printed On Your T-Shirt

Litographs began with taking the entire text from classic books and printing them on a single poster. It’s not just lines of words though; the negative space is a representative image of the book. It’s a fantastic idea, and the posters are eye-catching. However, they’ve recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to execute the same idea on t-shirts.

Sign me up.

The initial offering of book t-shirts include Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, On the Origin of Species, The Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, and one more to be determined by popular vote. They’ve already reached their Kickstarter goal, but you’ve got over 20 days to become a backer and pre-order tees. The shirts are estimated to arrive in January but hardly anyone says no to a belated Christmas present. Just saying.

Check out the other available designs after the break.

(Kickstarter via Mashable)


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