Ghostbusters Slimed Costume T-Shirt Lets You Become the First Female Ghostbuster

Ghostbusters Juniors Slimed Costume T-Shirt

It’s unfortunate that the only Ghostbusters on TV are guys. That could change with the third movie (if it ever comes out) but, either way, that shouldn’t change the fact that you can potentially become the first female Ghostbuster in your neighborhood. You’d have to build your own gear and all, but the uniform department is well taken care of with this Ghostbusters Juniors Slimed Costume T-Shirt.

This 50% cotton, 50% polyester shirt has a printed-on collar in front and a proton pack at the back. It’s also got green, slimy goo splattered all over. Hit the break to check out what the back of the shirt looks like.

Ghostbusters Juniors Slimed Costume T-Shirt Back

Product Page ($22.99)


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