Enter To Win a Gaming T-Shirt Prize Pack From CrazyDog!

Gamers—you have the chance to boost your wardrobe in just a few clicks thanks to CrazyDog T-Shirts!

Two winners will receive a prize pack containing four shirts: WoW: Evolution of War, Zelda: It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Oregon Trail: You Have Died of Dysentry and Mario Tanouki.

There are three ways to enter: become our Facebook fan and comment in the contest post, follow us on twitter and retweet this post or send an email to contests@fashionablygeek.com with “Shirts For Gamers Contest” in the subject line.

Make sure to include your preferred size when entering. And take note that Mario Tanouki is currently available in M and XL sizes only.

Winners will be chosen at random and the final day to enter will be Tuesday, January 25th. Good luck!


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