Under Armour E39 Electronic Shirt Gets a Workout At The NFL Combine [Video]

The E39 from Under Armour contains a sensor pack called “a bug” that features a triaxial accelerometer, processor, and 2GB of storage along with heart rate and breathing monitors. It’s capable of analyzing movements and vital signs then beaming that information to smartphones, iPads and laptops for analysis.

Obviously, the intent is to gather data to help improve athletic performance—and it will be showcased at the NFL Combine this week on 10-30 prospective players. Under Armour plans to make the technology available to Under Armour contracted teams, schools and trainers then the general public—hopefully by 2012.

Check out the shirt in action after the break.

You can also see the shirt in use at the Combine on NFL.com.

(via Wired)


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