Why Do Adidas’ New Star Wars Sneakers Only Come In Kids’ Sizes?

adidas star wars sneakers

Adults get plenty of rad Star Wars merchandise, but I can’t help but envy the options made available to kids. For example, Adidas is launching a new Star Wars Originals collection on January 8th and it’s only for children. The line includes two pairs of sneakers: one with Darth Vader and one with Yoda. Both shoes feature glow in the dark detailing. Yeah, I want them too.

If your kid needs a track suit to go with the shoes, Adidas will have them available in matching Vader and Yoda styles.

See the Yoda shoes and the track suits after the break.

adidas star wars sneakers 2

adidas star wars sneakers 3

adidas star wars sneakers 4




Product Page (via High Snobiety and Gizmodo)


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