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These Giant Robot Slippers Include Sound Effects When You Walk


Now you can wear a pair of bootie-style slippers that make your feet look and sound like you’re a robot. This ThinkGeek Exclusive creation makes a step-reactive vrrrrrr-clank noise but comes with an on/off switch in case you need it to be quiet.

These are one-size fits most adult humans. The interior space for your foot is 8″ wide x 13″ long. We intended them to fit up to a U.S. Men’s size 12 (Ladies’ 14), but they might even fit a bit bigger. How they work, the leg is made to hug your calf, so even if your foot is much smaller than a men’s size 12, they should hang on. (Not kids. But adults. We put our tiniest Merchant Assistant into a pair, and she stomped around just fine. And sounded HUGE.) That also means that the circumference of your calf is likely to be the limiting factor. Measure 10″ above the sole of your foot. If it’s more than 15″ around, these are probably not going to fit. If there’s a spot lower on your leg that fits the parameters, you might be able to get away with scrunching them down. But we can’t promise.

Want to know how they sound? There’s a very serious, highly educational video after the break.

Product Page ($29.99)


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