SpnKiX Turn Your Sneakers Into Motorized Skates

Action Inc has created these battery-powered motorized SpnKiX which basically turns any pair of sneakers into wearable Segways. The device straps directly onto shoes and is hand-controlled by a wireless remote that straps to the user’s hand—controlling both feet at one time. The skates, which are recommended for ages 16 and up and those who weigh less than 180 pounds, can propel a user to speeds up to 10 mph, and also come with removable training wheels.

Unfortunately, the batteries will only allow for around two or three miles of travel with a three hour recharge time. Also, Segway users might bully you for wearing training wheels on your feet.

SpnKiX are slated for release in March, but can currently be pre-ordered online for $375. The future pricetag will be $649.

Check out a demo video after the break.

Product Page: (via Mashable)


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