Put Your Neighbor Totoro On Your Feet With These Cute Flip Flops

totoro flipflops 1

Totoro is one of those characters who is so cute that you just want to carry around a plushie version of him all day long. Unfortunately, that’s not an acceptable option for every situation. When you can’t have Totoro by your side, you can keep him under your feet with these painted flip flops by Etsy seller Anime Spice Store.

The shop has a variety of sizes, and each pair of gray flip flops are painted by hand to resemble Totoro. They’re glossed and sealed to keep the cute little creature safe from water and your sweaty feet.

See more pics of these snazzy sandals after the break.

totoro flipflops 2

totoro flipflops 3

Product Page ($14.99 via BuzzFeed)


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