Pantone Colors Make Hella Sexy Heels

pantone heels 1

If you want to add some bold colors to your feet, look no further than these stylin’ Pantone chip heel designs by Christian Goldemann. He wants to work with Christian Louboutin and Pantone Universe to make them real. Yes, the Pumptone line is just a concept for now, but I don’t see how Pantone could resist this hot design. They are a no-brainer anyone that likes colorful heels, and one would hope that they would be successful enough for the line could be extended to include flat ballet type shoes and maybe sneakers. I’m dreaming big.

See the heels in all their glorious color after the break.

pantone heels 2

pantone heels 3

pantone heels 4

pantone heels 5

pantone heels 6

pantone heels 7

pantone heels 8

(IIHIH via 1DPD)


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