Nike Infects Sneakers With A Crazy Ferrorfluid Parasite [Video]

ferrofluid shoe

Take a look at these crazy 3D printed Nike sneakers as magnetic ferrofluid rolls back and forth across the surface. I’m half expecting some sort of hideous monster to come bursting through.

Originally, ferrofluid was designed by NASA to draw fuel to the engine using magnetic fields rather than a pump for efficiency in a weightless environment.

As part of the advertising campaign for Nike’s new Kevin Durant line of sneakers, a design studio called Guild resurrected this medium for an impressive display. What looks like some weird alien creature climbing down the shoe is actually the inky ferrorfluid following magnetic waves.

If you can’t make it to the live display at the Niketown NYC location, then click below to watch the mesmerizing video after the break (UPDATE: Official video added). And bring on your best Terminator jokes.

(via 3D Print / Image via Gizmodo)


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