Gorgeous Custom Made Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Heels

exploding tardis heels

These Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Heels are custom made by Made By Bunny and you can have a pair for your very own.

Bunny’s business model is a bit different than you may have seen before. The customer is asked to send in their own shoes. As the description explains,”that way you have the option of choosing your preferred style, heel height, and size. Not carrying shoes in stock helps me keep my prices lower, gives my customers options, and avoids any sizing issues.”

It’s also a great option for people who may want custom painted heels but don’t have the ability to craft their own. In addition, Bunny even includes links to shoes that would work well for the design.

Check out more pictures after the break. They really are a work of art.

exploding tardis heels 2

exploding tardis heels 3

exploding tardis heels 4

Product Page ($150)


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