Is This Our First Look At Nike’s ‘Back To The Future’ Power Lace Sneakers?


Earlier this year, Nike’s innovation chief, Tinker Hatfield confirmed that Nike Air Mags with power laces would happen in 2015. Could this be our first look at the final product?

In a tweet yesterday, Max Erdenberger, a former art director at advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, posted a photo of the BTTF sneaker with the statement “October 21, 2015.” Although there’s no official word from Nike (yet!) Wieden+Kennedy is the agency that made Nike famous, so that’s encouraging.

It’s also been quite a while since we heard anything about the shoes, but it seems as though the project is still on track for a Back To The Future Day release.

Check out the tweet after the break. This guy look serious about the (retro) future of footwear.

(via Gizmodo)


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