Adidas Recreated The Zissou Sneakers From ‘The Life Aquatic’

Fans of the cult classic Wes Anderson film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou have pestered Adidas to release official versions of the Rom Zissou sneakers featured in the film. Well, it appears that Adidas has relented—sort of.

A batch of 100 sneakers was released for the We Love Green music festival in Paris as a nod to festival performer Seu Jorge, whose music was featured heavily on the movie’s soundtrack.

We don’t know if Adidas is considering a wider release for the sneakers, but it does appear that 100 pairs has generated a disproportionately large buzz. Hopefully, it will inspire Adidas to make a larger run. In the meantime, an unofficial Wes Anderson fansite is selling hand-painted Zissou sneakers that appear to be decent substitutes for the real deal.

( via SneakerNews)


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