Can You Believe That These Shoes Are Made From Ocean Trash?


In case you haven’t heard, our oceans are full of plastic and other garbage. Thankfully, scientists around the world have started to map out all the heavy pockets of ocean-borne trash so, eventually, we can work on cleaning it up. Plus, we can turn that plastic into cool new products through the magic of recycling.

Case in point: Adidas and Parley for they Oceans recently partnered up to create a design concept for a running shoe that’s sourced from oceanic trash. Fibers, filaments and yarn are pulled together from illegal deep-sea gillnets—which is noticeable in that distinctive blue netting pattern.

Most of the trash was picked up off the West African coastline during a lengthy, 110-day expedition. The shoe is still in the design phase, but the two companies are planning on releasing similar consumer products later this year.

(via Gizmodo)


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