A Ballerina Who Dances On Pointe With Giant Knife Shoes, Seriously [Video]

knife ballet shoes

All too often, ballerinas don’t get enough credit for what they do. It takes incredible strength, precision, and grace to stand in pointe shoes – never mind moving and dancing in them. Amélie Ségarra, the performer starring in Javier Pérez’s “En Puntas”, takes it to a whole other level; she dances on knife points. Yeah, the ones pictured above. It’s mind blowing.

She stands atop a piano, dons the ballet shoes, fights to gain balance, and then she even spins and moves. She obviously struggles and moves slowly, and her cries reveal that it is no simple feat. I’m completely amazed and impressed by the determination on display.

Be amazed by the video performance after the break.

(Javier Pérez via Tumblr)


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