stay puft dog

Luke Skywalker (yes!) the Great Dane just saw his first ghost, and he is not a fan. Luke’s owner dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (well, woman) from Ghostbusters for Halloween, and when Luke sees her in costume, he heads the opposite direction. He does everything he can to be as far away from the puffy costume as possible, and I can’t say I blame him for being afraid of ghosts.

Watch the pup react to Stay Puft in the video after the break.

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jules verne

If you’re planning to get Dad a tie this holiday, hold up. Binary Winter has designs that are interesting, a little bit nerdy, and artistic at the same time.

The designs are created and illustrated by Cody and Shea, who silk screen every item by hand and who are committed to keeping it vegan and eco-friendly.

You also don’t pay a lot for that extra homemade love. The ties run $24 and are just some of the things you can find at their Etsy shop.

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You should be warned, particularly if you have kids, that the feels in this video are off the charts.

Mike Wilson’s 5-year-old son, Jayden, has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. The little guy is only expected to live a year, so Dad gave him the surprise of his life with a visit from Spider-Man for his birthday. It’s short and sweet, and simply beautiful.

The family has also set up GoFundMe and Facebook pages for those wishing to lend their support.

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renaissance batman

Photographer Sacha Goldberger recently took part in a photo exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris. He created positively stunning portraits of comic book superheroes and villains, Star Wars, and Disney characters as they would appear in 16th century art. He spent two years creating his Super Flemish series (inspired by Flemish paintings) and worked with a team of twelve people to get the makeup, hair, and special effects just right. Five costume designers made the outfits for the characters in the series including: Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Hulk, and many more.

The photos have been retouched, but even without that, this series is absolutely magical. The art looks like paintings rather than photographs. Plus, the likenesses to actors like Christopher Reeve and Lynda Carter (an effect created with makeup and lighting) is uncanny at times.

Check out more of Goldberger’s amazing images after the break.

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These officially-licensed 10th Doctor pajamas will let you lounge like a Time Lord. It’s all one piece and designed to look just like his signature costume with a brown coat and blue suit. There’s even a sonic screwdriver in the pocket in case you run into trouble.

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Tinker Bell is one tough fairy, and in this cosplay she looks like she could take on Captain Hook, Smee, and the whole crew without any trouble. It features cosplayer Sandra Disney in pictures by Meian Photography.

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Thor and Loki don’t really work well together, but they do look great together on this pair of leggings. They’re 100% polyester with Thor printed on one leg and Loki on the other to bring a little villain and superhero style to your day.

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Scarecrow cosplay main

This Batman Arkham Knight Scarecrow cosplay blew me away. The photography is by Rich Johnson and the mask was created by Matt Sprunger at Stage 1 Studios in Winter Park, FL with assistance from LuAndra Whitehurst and Robert Tuscani.

I’m still trying to track down the cosplayer under the mask, so if you know who it is, please drop it in the comments.

Update: I’ve discovered that the man behind the mask is the man who made the mask. So, double kudos to Matt Sprunger.

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New York School of Visual Arts MFA student Eden Lew wants to turn you into a pod person. She’s designed a fabric pod called the Nutshell which wraps the top half of your body to provide privacy and a break from the outside world (naps!). It all came about when a professor tasked her with redesigning the first piece of trash she threw out. She told BuzzFeed:

“I threw out a sandwich wrapper and began to think about topics related to food, lunch and time. A fellow classmate introduced me to the Slow Food movement, which I started to interpret a little differently. As a student I’m always looking for the quickest meal to avoid stopping my workflow. I decided that if I’m going to spend five minutes or less eating a lunch, then I might as well use that five minutes to take a mental break. Thus the Nutshell was created to block out distractions and to focus on eating and thinking.”

Her fellow classmates have been very receptive to the idea, even asking for a version that would help block out smells when someone wants to eat a “fragrant” lunch during class. Lew is also expanding on the concept by proposing well-being workshops for companies, all in the name of making us happier and more relaxed. You can’t buy a Nutshell yet, but chances are good you’ll be able to buy one and hide from your coworkers in the near future.

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optical illusion tattoo

The best tattoos are conversation starters, and I bet everyone stares at this optical illusion tattoo and asks questions about it. Inked by Paul O’Rourke at Allstar Ink in Ireland, this striking piece with black stripes is mesmerizing and mindbending. It also might make your eyes cross if you look at it too long.

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