Meet kitten Captain Levi, the newest and most adorable member of Survey Corps from Attack on Titan. Cosplayers gathered for the live-action movie premiere in Taiwan, but no one expected to see this sweet, fuzzy kitten in costume. Naturally, he stole the show.

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If you read a story about some woman in L.A. who tried to run out of a Hot Topic with all the purses she could carry, that’ll be me. I’m already prone to a purse and bag addiction, and then HT has to go and offer this Doctor Who Union Jack TARDIS Canvas Crossbody Bag.

A bag that encompasses Rose Tyler, The Doctor, The TARDIS, and their adventures in one style? Yes, please.

Product Page ($24.50)


This cozy fleece octo-hat keeps your head warm while the curly tentacles can be wrapped around your neck just like a scarf. Etsy shop TPF Faerie Wear makes each hat to order, and with over 30 different colors to choose from, your octo-hat with be totally unique.

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At first glance, I thought this Star Wars Jedi Cowl Dress by WeLoveFine was cool, but it wasn’t until a took a closer look that I realized just how amazing it really is.

First off, any dress with a hood gets extra points from me, because I love that look. But the fact that this dress is a true cowl style means you have multiple options when it comes to style.

Wear the cowl up, as more of a scarf, or down on your shoulders depending on your mood. Throw in a pair of black leggings and boots and you’re set for a comfortable cosplay.

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black cat bathing suit

Hey, summer isn’t over yet and this retro one piece black cat bathing suit is ridiculously cute. I mean, it has ears!

Both the lining and exterior are made from 80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex and it’s available in a wide range of sizes. It even comes with removable straps.

Product Page ($133)


Fashionably Geek has been given the exclusive reveal of WeLoveFine’s new Adventure Time apparel collection! Kudos go to Catherine Elhoffer for these amazing designs. There are items for both men and women (and we want them all).

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leeloo cat

Here’s exhibit A from Comicbookgirl19. But did Khufu Beans the cat wear Leeloo better than this dog?

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221B Bag End Bag

Two iconic roles, one adorable tote bag.

Product Page ($18.77)

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darth funk

We’ve all been taught that it’s the power of the Dark Side that lures Jedi, but what if it’s just the power of some really sick beats?

This video by Infectious Designer imagines a galaxy far, far away where the Darth Punk team of Vader and Fett wear sweet costumes and recruit new members through lights, sounds, lightcycles and the mad jams of “DJ Gonk”.

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hand art

Using pen and markers, artist Natalie Nakles did a real number on herself, making it look like she spent some time with Hannibal Lecter eating ladyfingers.

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