Amy Mebberson’s adorable comic about Disney princesses called Pocket Princesses comes to life in this wonderful group cosplay. Perth’s Allied Costumers, who frequent hospitals and charity events in costume, decided that this comic would be a fun project, and we couldn’t agree more. They totally capture the essence of the comics.

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Keep the sun at bay with these Doctor Who-themed floppy hats by Geeky U. You can choose from the TARDIS with a lovely bow tie accent at the back or an uncharacteristically cheerful Dalek version. Both are handmade and one size fits most.

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jurassic heels

Jurassic World features lots of dinosaurs and some stupid humans fleeing from them, like Claire Dearing who wears high heels the whole time. This insane parody gives everyone in the Jurassic Park series high heels, making it way more stylish in the process. Even the dinosaurs get a little something special to wear as they hunt the hapless humans.

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Kaylee never had much opportunity to dress up, but this adorable dress from Darling Army would have been a perfect choice on her days off. Her mechanic’s jumpsuit has been reimagined into a vibrant green dress with the teddy bear, flower, and heart. It’s not as fancy as her shindig dress, but it is cuter.

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These images look, at first glance, like paintings of 12 astrological symbols done on canvas. Take a closer look and you’ll see they are actually the painted bodies of 60 different strategically posed models. Astrological Symbols took a year for artist Trina Merry and her team to complete with work happening in New York City and San Francisco.

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Using the wonderful art of pyrography (hot engraving), Etsy shop Chibi Pyro Fable decorates wooden hairbrushes with charming (and nerdy) designs. After the delicate scene has been created, the brush is sealed in wax to protect the artwork.

Her shop has tons of your favorite characters inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service, Totoro, Spirited Away, Sailor Moon, Doctor Who and more.

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A certain Doctor has already established that bow ties are cool. These aluminum variants have to be up there as the coolest. Damico has created a range of 11 aluminum bow ties that are currently fully funded on Kickstarter. Still, there is a little time left to get one for shipment in September.

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We recently showcased this amazing Phoenix Dress by Fairytas and now she’s back with this gorgeous Valkyrie Rider Costume.

The skirt is 10 meters of golden silk, while the chest piece is attached to a semi leather corset for comfort and has special absorbent fabric under the chest plate and scale sleeves since it’s being worn for a horse show and needs freedom of movement.

Horse show? Picture how awesome this is going to look.

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We’ve already seen Batman and Bizarro Superman Chair Capes, but now it’s time for the ladies to take charge.

The capes are now available in Wonder Woman and Batgirl versions that secure to the back of your desk chair so you can feel heroic whether your closing that big account or watching cat videos until the clock says it’s quittin’ time.

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Extreme adorableness alert! You have to check out these handmade Animal Cling rings by Japanese artist Jiro Miura. Miura also makes a variety of other jewelry, including the most adorable hedgehog earrings, but I’m going to focus on the rings for now or we’ll be here all day.

All of these rings are hand carved and painted. From what I can tell, they retail for roughly 1300 yen or around $13. That seems crazy to me for this much detail!

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