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This official Ramona Flowers bag from Scott Pilgrim is set to make its debut at SDCC. It is being made available by Oni Press and will initially be sold only at the convention.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry. The bag will be for sale in their webstore once SDCC has come and gone.

pixel sunglasses

Have people throwing disapproving glances at you every day? Slide on these snazzy sunglasses and tell them to just “deal with it”. In fact, “deal with it” is a good answer to almost any question. I love when memes turn into practical products.

Product Page (22.90€ or $31)

bee and puppy cat cosplay

Cosplayer Amanda Dawn really knows how to cosplay with accessories to full effect. The last time we saw her, she was cosplaying Daenerys with her very own full sized Drogon.

Now? She’s brought the crotch ice out for her Bee and Puppycat cosplay. See what we mean after the break…

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This series of images comes to us from artist Sasha Mutch who has given the characters from Sailor Moon a fantasy RPG makeover. Jupiter looks particularly badass as a hammer-wielding warrior.

See larger images after the break.

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Batman is celebrating his 75th birthday this year and this infographic shows just how much the Bat Symbol has changed over all those years. It even breaks it down by comic variants and those seen in the films. This look back comes just in time for “Batman Day” on July 23rd.

However, we went a step further and added a second infographic that focuses solely on Batman’s cowls. It covers all the cowl’s changes from huge pointy ears to no ears and everywhere in between.

See both infographics after the break.

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garrett cosplay 1

Every cosplayer has to start somewhere, and Ewenae Cosplay began with making a femme version of Garrett’s outfit. The character is the protagonist of Thief and talented at being stealthy. He’s sort of like a ninja.

Ewenae has gone on to cosplay several other characters, but it’s clear she started off on the right foot.

Photos by Aurélien Chevalier – Photographe.

More of the series after the break.

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save dobby

(via Pleated Jeans)


Dick Grayson is charming as Robin, but he’s amazing as Nightwing. The hero is fierce, sure, but he also has a much cooler costume. Cosplayer OkumuraFin captures the blues and blacks of Nightwing’s ensemble perfectly. He looks like he belongs in the pages of a comic.

Photos by UselessDevice.

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batman wolverine

The Stagmer Brothers take center stage in Man at Arms: Reforged. They don’t just recreate weapons from fiction, they mash-up the best of the best. In their latest episode, they put together two of the coolest superhero weapons: Batman’s Batarangs and Wolverine’s claws. The result is pretty much epic.

Watch how the combo is made in the video after the break.

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Cosplay by Illyne Cosplay.

Photo by Thibault Demorat.

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