This movie accurate jacket is based on Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn outfit from the upcoming Suicide Squad. It features two outside pockets, a zip closure, and ‘Property of the Joker’ on the back.

It will definitely save you time on your next Harley Quinn cosplay.

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Cosplayer Narga-Lifestream, who we recently featured in an exceptional Alexstrasza cosplay, also does a mind blowing Tyrande Whisperwind.

She notes that she made the costume in about three and a half months using PVC and foam for the armor. She hopes to do additional Tyrande costumes in the future (and we can’t wait to see them).

Photo Credits: Pugoffka-sama

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disney vans top

Starting on October 9th, there will be Vans, Vans and more Vans for Disney fans.

The collection dubbed “Young At Heart” will include designs based on Alice In Wonderland, The Jungle Book and 101 Dalmatians in both classic and hi-top styles.

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Wizards and muggles alike have begun leaving socks in front of a Dobby statue that’s part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London in an attempt to “free” him from his glass prison. They’re also posting to Twitter under the tag #freedomfordobby. It’s an adorable way to pay tribute to the most loyal creature of the wizarding world.

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WO #19063_TheStrain

Fashionably Geek has partnered with Fifth Sun to offer readers the chance to win one of five The Strain shirts signed by Guillermo del Toro himself. This includes three men’s tees and two women’s racerback tanks.

But that’s not all! Fifth Sun is also offering $5 dollars off any purchase for Fashionably Geek readers that enter code “THESTRAIN” at checkout.

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This Darth Vader pattern works as a Victorian Gothic-style dress, but it would also make for a pretty badass looking wallpaper.

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I really don’t know much more to say about this Dishonored cosplay by Russian cosplayers Ryazik, Vik and Mikami than “Wow”. I just…wow.

They’ve captured the look and feel of the game art so completely that I’m having a hard time believing they’re not rendered directly from the game.

Photography by Alexial-Kun.

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These new Full Metal Alchemist pumps from Japanese anime fashion label Super Groupies are inspired by Edward Elric and Roy Mustang in their signature red and blue. I find myself hoping we’ll get a steel colored pair for Alphonse Elric sometimes in the future.

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Chanel Catwoman

chanel catwoman

Chanel Catwoman sketch by Kevin Wada.

alexstraza edit

The first time I leveled a character in World Of Warcraft and met Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, Queen of the Dragons, I was honestly spellbound. There was something about her that just….captivated me. I had the exact same feeling when I saw this Alexstrasza cosplay by Narga-Lifestream. The costume, the attitude, the photography—it all comes together in a way that makes the Queen Of Dragons come to life.

Photography by CXAlena Fantasy Photography and By Green.

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