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We’ve seen Lady Cassandra cosplays before, but I’m fairly sure this is the first time someone’s cosplayed her faithful Moisturizers. Redditor Zoradia and her friend were a huge hit and, from the comments, a number of fans asked to be moisturized during the day. Naturally.

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peggy carter

If you were wondering exactly what nail polish color you needed to match Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter, we have it straight from Hayley herself thanks to a recent tweet.

Peggy’s nail color is Cinnamon Sweet from OPI’s Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 Collection.

I want to know what color other Marvel and DC ladies wear now that I think about it!

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jayne austin book club

Send your cosplay pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com.

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There was lots of fantastic cosplay at London Film and Comic Con, and this video is packed with highlights. You’ll see an adorable little Captain America, Wonder Woman, the Doctor and even the cast of Firefly. The best moment, though, comes when Katee Sackhoff inspects the troops and then breaks her best dance moves while everyone stands at attention.

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reddit halloween

We spotted this awesome Goonies cosplay featuring redditor Uncle Angry and his daughter and were curious as to why they were celebrating Halloween so early. It turns out that this family lives in West Jordan, Utah and the reason why is both super sweet and feels inducing.

Four-year old resident Ethan van Leuven has leukemia and, sadly, he’s losing the fight. He’s been given just weeks to live.

His family and neighbors are doing everything they can to fill Ethan’s last days with love and joy, so they’ve decided to make it a week of holidays. He’s already ridden a fire truck with Santa. They just celebrated Halloween and they’re also celebrating Christmas early.

There’s a great story about everything the family and the town of West Jordan are doing by KSL and we have a video about Ethan from KFOR.

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We’ve already seen one compilation of NYCC cosplay, but this video sent to us by Beat Down Boogie has over seven minutes of cosplay eye candy from the show.

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Star Trek TNG uniform hoodies were a huge hit, so ThinkGeek announced back in July that the original series would get its own officially licensed versions. We just didn’t know when they would drop.

Well, the wait is over.

You can choose between Command Yellow, Sciences Blue, or Engineering Red in sizes that range from small to 3X. See the hoodies being worn after the break…

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costumes copy

Halloween can be really rough for costume-wearing dogs. Maymo the Lemon Beagle and his sister Penny went trick-or-treating this year, and their humans made them wear a whole mess of different costumes. But all the wardrobe changes were worth it in the end thanks to some tasty doggie treats.

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Cosplayer Fox, who we featured previously dressed up as Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2, decided to dress up again as another character from Borderlands. Except this time she went… uh, well, she decided to do something a little different.

Spoilers follow.

In the game, your main nemesis is a baddie named Handsome Jack, and throughout the game he chats about this diamond horse he picked up named Buttstallion (yep). In a DLC, you actually get the opportunity to save a queen who ends up being, you guessed it, Buttstallion.

If you’re still not up to speed on Buttstallion’s backstory, here’s her Wikia entry, and you can also watch a short intro video from the DLC after the break…

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