Russian company Nitrinos Motostudio has been making cat-themed motorcycle helmets since 2011, and have developed four distinct styles available in a number of colors ranging from single-color to full “aerography” design with cat patterns and faces printed on them.

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The cat ears aren’t just cool to look at, either – they’re functional, providing ventilation for your warm, sweaty head.

Check out a complete set of product photos below.

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deadpool castle corsetry

Castle Corsetry is celebrating the release of Deadpool with new corset and skater dress designs inspired by the Merc With a Mouth. Plus, they’re kicking things off with a huge sale in their Etsy store. Use code DEADPOOLVD through Saturday, February 13th to spread the Valentine’s Day love on everything in their store.

Check out the new designs below, along with some bonus pics of their Merc-inspired outfit from their recently released fitness wear line.

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PugmirePugsteady and Onyx Path Publishing have teamed up to create a fantasy tabletop game called ‘Pugmire’, and they’ve created a Kickstarter project to make it happen.

What is Pugmire? Well, creator Eddy Webb describes it as “Lord of the Rings meets Planet of the Apes, but with dogs”. I probably don’t need to go on because you’re already sold. I’m guessing a lot of people felt that way because the project funded almost instantly—and now they’ve started opening up all sorts of stretch goals.

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Tiny BB-8 In Tiny Hats

bb8 hats

I think that @BB8 is on to something here. Somebody needs to open an Etsy shop filled with stylish crochet hat options for your Sphero BB-8.

Check out another adorable example below.

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This My Little Pony Princess Warriors cosplay proves how beautifully ferocious Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, and the other ponies can be.

The photoset is from Katsucon 2015 with all photos by Mineralblu Photography.

Cosplayers: Becka Noel, Dhareza Cosplayza, PungoPungo, Livia Chu, Lyz Brickley, Joanna Mari Cosplay, Lua Suicide, Kirakira Cosplay, Jess Lee, & Hooked on Phoenix.

I think these ponies could have conquered just about anyone. Check out more pics below.

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doctor-who-coloring-bookRemember those really cool Harry Potter coloring books? We just learned that a Doctor Who version by the same publisher is about to be released and it’s just as cool.

There’s just one thing I want to know –– what are the consequences of coloring a Weeping Angel?

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jedi belle top

The last time cosplayer Elizabeth Rage was featured here, she was cosplaying Belle as Slave Leia. This time around, Belle has some Jedi training and a new Lumiere lightsaber made by @jedi_dude_jay and @ltoycreations.

Check out more pics below.

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When it comes to footwear, humanoid warrior turtles don’t have many options. Our favorite mutant chelonii needn’t worry, though – artists Hussain Almossawi and Quintin Williams have got them covered.

Despite the fact that the Ninja Turtles are, in fact, fictional, they’ve designed special sneakers for them. Designed for comfort, ergonomics, style and – importantly – for feet with two honkin’ great big toes on them, any self-respecting radioactive reptile should find these a rather comfortable option for their day-to-day ninja-ing.

They’re even color-coded for each turtle, which is a nice touch.

Check out some photos of the artists’ work below.

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So what does Lara Croft do when she’s down to her last arrow? Well, in this humorous short fan film from Fury Fingers and cosplayer Shiveeejam, she tries to blow up a barrel that the bad guys inexplicably placed in a strategically devastating location. As you’ll soon see, she’s very impatient and a little too slow with the bow.

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cleric-form-topIt’s getting harder and harder to see a good cleric these days. Perhaps it’s time to consider what coverage is right for you.

Imgur user vanellopecruz writes:

My friend came into our weekly session with a new cleric. When I asked him to heal me, he handed me this

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